The Episodes Season One Mom of a Croc Whale of a Squid Aardvark Town Flight of the Draco Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy more... Season Two Bad Hair Day Race for the Hippo Disc Creature Power Challenge Termites Versus Tongues Happy Turkey Day more... Season Three The Hermit Crab Shell Exchange When Fish Fly Slider: The Otter Mosquito Dragon Under Frozen Pond more... Season Four Liturgusa Krattorum Panda Power Up! Snowy Owl Invasion Pangolin Rescue A Creature Christmas more... Season Five Mystery of the North Pole Penguins? Temple of the Tigers Hero's Journey Part 1 Hero's Journey Part 2 more... The Characters Main Characters Martin Kratt Chris Kratt Aviva Corcovado Koki Jimmy Z The Cast Main Cast Martin Kratt Chris Kratt Athena Karkanis Heather Bambrick Jonathan Malen About Us Admins Mal Bertha Logo8th Pholidota Help FAQs What to Do Policies Features Featured Articles Featured Quotes Featured Videos Features Users Homepage Poll

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