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Aardvark Power is a Creature Power featured in the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts. It is created in the Season One episode Aardvark Town.

DNA Source



  • Long, sticky tongue
  • Digging


None known


Season One
  • In Aardvark Town, Aviva started programming Aardvark Powers after the Kratt brothers found a mother aardvark and her cub (later named Slurpy by Martin). Later, Martin used Aardvark Power to break into a termite mound so Slurpy could get some termites to eat. Although Martin deactivated his Power Suit shortly afterward, both Kratt brothers used Aardvark Powers later in the episode to fight off Zachbots and rescue Slurpy's mom from Zach Varmitech. At the end of the episode, Chris and Martin used their Aardvark Powers to dig Slurpy and his mom a burrow to live in.
Season Two
  • In Termites versus Tongues, Martin used Aardvark Power to rescue Chris, Aviva, and Koki from a termite mound. By using his long, sticky tongue, Martin was able to fish his termite-sized friends out of the mound before Slurpy and his mom could eat them.
Season Four
  • In Cheetah Adopted, Martin activated Aardvark Power when he, Chris, and their cheetah friends Blur and Spotswat were trapped in a deep chasm. Martin then dug a tunnel leading out of the chasm, allowing everyone to get out.


  • In the Aviva's Powersuit Maker game on the Wild Kratts website, one of the available Power Suit parts is an aardvark tail; however, the Aardvark Power Suit does not have a tail in the show.


Aardvark Town

Termites versus Tongues

Only tongue visible

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