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♪♪ Wild Kratts ♪♪
Episode begins with a live action segment. The Kratt brothers feed an aardvark some mealworms.
Martin Kratt Hey, we're the Kratt brothers. I'm Martin.
Chris Kratt And I'm Chris, and lunch is ready. There you go, Martin.
Martin What? I'm not going to eat this. (sniffing and coughing) Who would eat this?
Chris It's not lunch for us. It's lunch for him. This is an aardvark. One of the most mysterious and secretive of all African creatures.
Martin And this is who loves this food. He just sticks his face in and then laps it up with his tongue.
Chris Aardvark's are insectivores. They love to eat ants and termites, and this has a lot of bug protein packed right in. It's my famous aardvark breakfast sludge.
Martin I got to have another look at his guy. Look at him. Is that a cool-looking creature or what? Are you full? Oh, he's done.
Chris I love those ears. Look at that. They're like rabbit ears.
Martin Oh yeah.
Chris He's always looking. Always looking for something.
Martin Look at this nose. This nose is always working. Sniffing and touching everything. And when it smells something it likes, then the claws come out and they start digging.
Chris They are huge, and believe it or not, a lot of African animals depend on those claws.
Martin Imagine if we could dig right into the world of an aardvark.
Chris Then we'd be able to understand exactly why aardvarks are so important to so many creatures.
Chris and Martin What if?
The show transitions into the cartoon segment.
(theme song)
Episode begins with a cartoon segment.
Martin Kratt Four-wheeling on the African savannah.
Chris Kratt Huh?
Martin Oh, yeah.
Chris What? Whoa!
Martin Woo-hoo!
Chris We're not going to clear the landing, Martin.
Martin Sure we are.
Chris Now we are.
Martin Oh, come on, dude. We could have made it.
Chris Ha! No time for getting stuck in mud wallows today. How are we going to find any creature burrows if we have to dig ourselves out of that?
Chris and Martin (grunting)
Martin Uh-oh. Do we have time to fix a tire?
Chris Well, at least you found our first burrow. Way to go, bro.
Martin No problem. So who's living in this one?
Chris Hang on. If we're going to make the ultimate map of the hole-living creatures out here, I've got to put this home on the map. Okay, let's see. Nice spot. River view, shade trees. Seems like one of the best locations in town.
Martin Let's meet whoever's living here. Hello? Anybody home?
Chris Gritty.
Martin Sandy.
Chris and Martin Who's that digger? An aardvark.
Martin And her baby. Oh, wow, he's funny-looking cute. (sniffing) Aw, isn't that sweet?
Chris Amazing. What a way to start our mission. The mysterious, nobody ever-gets-a-chance-to-see-them, secretive-beyond-belief, aardvark. Let's go. Whoa, nice claws. They're like mini shovels on the end of each finger. Ha. Thanks, pal.
Martin's creaturepod beeps.
Martin Hot diggity digger! Got it! We use the front claws to scoop, the back feet to clear the earth away, and the tail to scrabble the dirt flat.
Chris She's the best natural digging machine in the world. Tortuga, come in.
Aviva Corcovado Any luck with the burrows, guys?
Chris Great luck. We've just come across an aardvark and her baby. In fact, we've got a new home being built right now. Uploading its location for the master map.
Aviva We've got it, Chris.
Jimmy Z Huh?
Koki Okay, so this is a hard what?
Chris Ha! Aardvark. It's an aardvark.
Koki Got it. Aardvark. Never heard of it.
Chris Even though they're nicknamed earth pigs, aardvarks are actually more closely related to elephants.
Martin Yeah, but they're really one-of-a-kind, with claws as strong as a pickax.
Jimmy I never knew fingernails could build a house.
Aviva She's got beautiful fingernails. And so thick they don't break. Guys, get ready to have the most gorgeous fingernails around.
Martin Gorgeous nails? Don't you mean digging power?
Aviva Yup, that's what I said. Gorgeous nails. I'm getting to work adding that power digger to the Creature Power Suits. Zap out.
Aviva zaps out on Chris' creaturepod.
Hyenas (cackling)
Chris and Martin (gasping)
Chris Uh-oh. Did you hear that laughing sound?
Martin Yeah. I like laughing, but not that kind.
Chris Nope, nothing funny about that.
Spotted hyena (growling)
Chris Spotted hyena! Uh-oh. Hyenas are serious predators for lots of creatures out here. Including aardvarks.
Martin She can't get back to her burrow.
Chris So it's Plan B: Dig an escape hole. Aardvarks can do that in 5 minutes flat.
Martin Oh, yeah. Good thing she had a head start.
Chris Oh, no! It's not deep enough yet! She's got to buy herself time.
Spotted hyena (growling)
Chris and Martin Yikes!
Martin Those claws are good for something other than digging.
Chris The slash defense.
Martin The hyena didn't like that one bit.
Chris Yes! She did it.
Spotted hyena (chittering)
Martin Now I know why holes are so important out here.
Chris and Martin Safety!
Chris Whoa! This backpack's a lot heavier when I'm running from a hyena. (grunting and panting)
Martin Whew. That was a close one.
Chris Yeah, especially since my backpack almost knocked me over. Did you slip some of your stuff in there when I wasn't looking?
Martin No.
Chris Then why did it feel like it was full of bricks? You didn't put your fossil collection in there, did you?
Martin Uh-uh, I don't even have a fossil collection. You do.
Chris Martin, I think there's a snake on my face.
Martin Oh, yeah. There sure is. Hmm, now which pink snakes do I know? Blind pink snakes. No, they're from Madagascar, so it can't be one of those.
Chris Yeah, while we're talking, you think you can get it off me?
Martin (laughing) It's you. Oh, that is one long, slurpy tongue. I'm going to call you Slurpy.
Chris Hey, Slurpy. How'd he get into my backpack?
Martin Must've gotten confused during that hyena attack and thought it was a hole.
Chris We've got to get him back to where he belongs. Got to get him home.
Zach Varmitech Oh, hurry up! I'm boiling out here. You call that digging? I told you, if I'm going to survive this heat, I need that pool dug by midday. Ugh, I despise being out in nature on these animal collection trips. But how else am I going to find new animals to turn into robots? (snickering)
Chris Hold up, Martin.
Zach Hmm. Sounds like those animal-loving wild Kratts.
Chris The best digger in the world's hole should be right around here somewhere.
Zach Best digger? That's the kind of animal I need working for me. All right, Zachbots, stay close. Ah! Not that close.
Martin Zach, what are you doing here? Spying on us again?
Zach No. I'm just... I took a wrong turn in my jet. I was just leaving.
Martin Well, okay, then. Oh, hey, look at the time. Got a head popping out-- I mean, got to head out. (chuckling)
Chris Yeah, have a good trip back.
Zach Okay, you heard them. Holes. That's where I can get a varmint that'll dig my pool for me. Check some holes. No, not ear holes. Holes in the ground. Bring me some diggers.
Chris Ha-ha, well, thanks to my map, I know exactly where Slurpy's home is. Right here.
Martin That's it, all right.
Chris Hello?
Martin Knock, knock. Hey, you'll never guess what happened. Slurpy accidentally got in Chris's backpack and-- Ow! Warthog!
Chris Martin, what--? Whoa! Excuse me. Warthog? What? A warthog lives here? But that doesn't make any sense. (sniffing) Oh, no.
Chris and Martin Then, where's Slurpy's Mom?
Chris This doesn't make any sense. I'm sure I marked it down right.
Martin Well, you must have made some kind of mistake, because this definitely isn't Slurpy's mom. Unless she grew tusks and a bunch of warts recently.
Chris Look. Piglets. Aw, they're so cute. (whimpering) Don't worry, Slurpy. We'll find your mom. We'll scour the neighborhood. Go burrow to burrow until we find her.
Martin Yeah, Slurpy. We'll get you home.
Chris Okay, I'm re-marking this hole as warthog. And from now on, no mistakes.
Warthog (snorting)
Martin Whoa, look at that. She's holding her tail straight up in the air.
Chris It's like a flag, telling her piglets to follow.
Chris and Martin Oh!
Martin (sighing) Oh! Oh, they usually only do that when danger's around.
Chris Yeah, there must be...
Lion (roaring)
Chris and Martin A lion!
Martin To the underground!
Chris Aviva, are those hole-digging suits done yet?
Aviva Not yet, Chris. You guys will have to find a hole that's already dug.
Lion (growling)
Zach Ugh! Where are my Zachbots? I'm hot and I wanted to swim in my pool. Oh, finally.
Zach's pool toy squeaks.
Zach What varmint did you bring me?
Warthog (snorting)
Zach Ew. Well, you don't have to be pretty; you just have to dig me a pool. Now, get to it. What's wrong with you? (sniffing) Come on, you live in holes, don't you? So dig. Dig, warty thing!
Zach's pool toy air wheezes.
Zach That's not what I had in mind.
Martin Whew. Lion's gone.
Chris Hm. Claw scrapes. And they look about aardvark size. It's a match. An aardvark dug this hole.
Martin Alright, Slurpy. We just found your mom. Ha! What luck. I'll head down the back door. I don't believe it.
Chris What? We found her?
Martin Only if she has a beak and goes--
Duck (quacks)
Chris Huh? A duck? A South African shelduck. Living underground?
Martin Amazing. I never knew shelducks laid their eggs underground.
Chris Wait a second. But there's no way she could have dug this hole, not with those webbed feet.
Martin Yeah, and warthogs can't dig either, not with those little bitty piggy hooves they have.
Chris So who's digging holes for them?
Martin (laughing) Aardvarks.
Chris That's it. The aardvarks dig the holes, and then when they leave--
Martin Other non-digging creatures move in and make it home.
Chris So let's keep checking aardvark holes.
Martin Slurpy's mom has to be in one of them.
Cut to Tortuga HQ inside.
Koki Built by aardvark. Home of duck.
Chris Ah! Python lives in this one.
Koki Built by aardvark. Home of python.
Martin Ow! African crested porcupine over here.
Koki Built by aardvark. Home of porcupine.
Chris Ow! Spotted hyenas. Even the aardvark's worst enemy move into aardvark dens to have their cubs.
Martin Oh, no, not again!
Chris Huh? Whoa!
Spotted hyena (squealing)
Koki Built by aardvark. Home of spotted hyena. Unbelievable.
Aviva Aardvarks are so cool. They're the burrow builders of Africa. Who knew so many creatures depended on them?
Jimmy Uh, Aviva, I know a couple a guys who are depending on us.
Martin We could really use that aardvark digging power out here, Aviva! Whoa!
Aviva Oops. Sorry, guys. Got to get back to those Power Suit discs.
Zach Let me get this straight: You brought me another creature that lives in a hole, right?
A Zachbot beeps.
Zach So a creature that lives in holes must be able to dig, right?
A Zachbot beeps again.
Zach Then why won't it dig?
A robot duck quacks.
Zach Ah! Oh, what? Do you need a shovel? Search more holes. Find me a varmint that digs.
A robot duck quacks again.
Zach (gasping)
Martin Twenty-three aardvark holes, and we still haven't found Slurpy's mom.
Chris We just got to find her. Ow! Whoo-hoo!
Martin Oh, don't beat yourself up about it, Chris. Ow!
Chris and Martin Termites.
Chris Whoa. These little guys can make mounds that are taller than us?
Martin Yeah. And sometimes as tall as a one-story house. She's hungry. Slurpy hasn't eaten hardly anything all day.
Chris And ants and termites are the aardvark's favorite food.
Martin We got to help her get into this giant termite mound. (grunting) Whoa, it's hard as concrete.
Chris We need aardvark claws to get through this fortress.
Aviva Did someone say aardvark claws? I sure did. One aardvark power disc good to go.
Jimmy Teleporter ready.
Aviva Can you dig it for what?
Jimmy It's out of here.
Chris Got it. Too slow, bro. Whoa, whoa, whoa! (grunting) Oh.
Martin Thanks, Chris. Don't mind if I do. Activate Creature Power Suit.
Martin activates his Aardvark Creature Power Suit.
Martin Whoa. Nice one, Aviva.
Aviva Thanks. Guys while you're feeding Slurpy, Koki and I will head out and check more holes.
Martin Okay. Now here's digging with aardvark power. Whoa! There you go, Slurpy.
Chris Whoa, look at that tongue go. 12" long and super sticky, it can grab 100 termites in one slurp.
Martin Stand back, Chris. I'm giving the tongue feature a whirl. Ah! Whoops. Ha-ha.
Chris Well, you definitely gave it a whirl. (laughing)
Martin Whoa! Aviva put some extra power in that aardvark tongue! Ah!
Chris The termites are already rebuilding the fortress. They pack together pieces of dirt, and add their special saliva to make it harden like concrete.
Martin A powerful fortress to guard against a powerful digger.
Chris Martin, look. An aardwolf.
Martin A relative of the spotted hyena, but much different.
Chris Yeah, she's not a hunter. She's an ant-and-termite eater too.
Martin And without big claws, aardwolves can't bust into termite mounds. That's why they like to follow aardvarks around.
Chris Seems like the aardvark helps everyone out. Does anyone help aardvarks?
Aviva Guys, we've got a big problem. We've just rechecked some of the holes on our master map, and you won't believe what we found.
Koki They're all empty.
Aviva Warthogs, ducks, porcupines. Everybody. Gone. Aardvark Town is deserted.
Chris and Martin Oh, no.
Martin Look.
Aardwolf (sniffing)
Martin What's she following?
Chris I don't know, but let's hope it's the aardvark. That's who aardwolves like to follow, right?
Zach Okay, now all of you creatures live in holes around here. So I know that one of you must be able to dig. Who is it? Fess up.
Hyena (sniffing)
Zach (gasping) You're the digger. Put a robotic vest on that piggy thingy. I'll be floating in my pool in no time. Now dig.
Chris Zach. Thanks, aardwolf.
Martin Whoa, whoa, now, Zach. Come on, let that aardvark go.
Zach Uh, yeah, we're busy.
Martin You're not doing anything. You're making her dig your pool.
Zach And your point is?
Chris She belongs in the wild. Animals depend on her. None of these animals would have a safe hole to live in and raise their young if it weren't for the aardvark.
Zach Oh, home schmome. She works for me now.
Chris and Martin Whoa! (grunting)
Zach (laughing) Enjoy the deep end. I'll just move my pool over a little bit. Now let's get back to work.
Chris Oh, no. Slurpy.
Martin I hope he's okay.
Chris and Martin Slurpy!
Chris Nice digging.
Aviva I knew he could do it. And look, the second disc is done. Special delivery.
Chris and Martin Activate Creature Power Suit.
Chris and Martin activate their Aardvark Creature Power suit.
Chris To the Creature Rescue, aardvark-style.
Chris and Martin Saving the planet with Creature Power.
Aviva Now that's some of my best work yet. Hang on, guys. I'm on my way.
Zach At this rate, I'll be swimming by noon. Yeah! (laughing)
Chris Not so fast, Zach.
Zach What?
Chris Set these animals free. They've got to get back to Aardvark Town.
Zach I'm never giving up my new digging bot. Zachbots, get him.
Chris Uh-oh.
Martin Ah! Whoa. Now let me try this again. Oh, yeah! Ha-ha! I got it down!
Chris Nice move, Martin. Coming at you. Yeah!
Martin Whoo-hoo!
Chris Oh, yeah!
Zach (coughing) Now where'd they go?
Chris (rumbling) Hand over the remote, Zach.
Zach No.
Martin Thanks.
Chris Living free and in the wild.
Aviva Okay, are you creatures ready to go home?
Warthog (snorting)
Duck (quacking)
Aviva Alright. All the creatures from Aardvark Town are free.
Lion (roaring)
Chris Everyone find a hole.
Zach Ah!
Zach's pool toy pops.
Zach (screaming)
Chris Ooh. I don't think that's the kind of pool Zach was looking for.
Martin Yeah, that's for sure.
Zach Oh, you can keep your underground varmints. I'm leaving.
Chris Whew, Zach's gone and everyone's safely in a hole.
Martin Yeah.
Lion (roaring)
Martin Except us.
Chris And the shelduck lives at this one.
Martin Well, that's the last of them.
Aviva Everyone's back home, and the burrow-living neighborhood is back to normal.
Chris Except there's just one more thing to do.
Koki What?
Chris We figure the aardvarks are always doing things for other creatures.
Martin So it's time for us to do the aardvarks a favor for a change.
Chris Sit back you two. We're going to build you a deluxe burrow, custom built.
Chris and Martin Aardvark-style!
Jimmy It'll be the best burrow in Aardvark Town.
Chris, Martin, Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy (laughing)
The show transitions into the ending live action segment. The Kratt brothers hide meal worms in the dirt for the aardvark to find.
Martin Alright. The aardvark. One of the greatest diggers in the creature world.
Chris Let's see if we can get him to show us his digging power up close.
Martin Okay, well he smelled something over here, because he is digging in. Those claws are so long, they're strong and they cut through the earth like butter.
Chris Okay, I'm going to hide some of these meal worms here in the earth. Let's see if he can find them. Okay, buddy. What do you think is around here? Can you smell anything? He's getting close. He found them. Wow! Now that is nose sniffing power for you. Hey, I got an idea. Come here. You've heard of an Easter egg hunt, right?
Martin Well, now it's time for an aardvark meal worm treasure hunt.
Chris Okay, I'll hide one here.
Martin Shh. I'll hide some here. Okay, one more.
Chris All right, aardvark. All set. Oh, yeah. Warmer, warmer. You're hot. You're boiling up. He found one. Good job. Keep going. Oh, yeah! He found another one. Two! Ha-ha! Yes! He got them!
Martin Nicely done. You've got the nose, buddy.
Chris Oh, all right, buddy. I think you found them all. Good job.
Martin Well, under logs. That's always a great place to find something to eat because insects, worms, they like the cool earth underneath the log, so the aardvark knows where to go. That nose never stops working. Alright. Let's get our camp set up. You got the tent? No, I thought you had the tent.
Chris No, I thought you were bringing the tent. Oh, no!
Martin Hey, let's do it aardvark-style. Dig a burrow and move in!
Chris Here you go.
Martin Lots of roots here. We need your help. We need those aardvark claws.
Chris There's no way we could do this alone.
Martin There you go. Thanks for showing up, buddy. How long does it take to dig an aardvark burrow, anyway?
Chris We'll see you on the Creature Trail.
Martin Keep on creature adventuring.
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