Archerfish School” is the 20th episode of the fourth season of Wild Kratts, originally airing on PBS Kids on April 10, 2017. Overall it is the 112th episode of the series.


One day, while the Wild Kratts are in an Asian mangrove swamp, Chris is practicing archery. However, since his aim isn't very good, he and Martin decide to check out the greatest archer in the creature world: the archerfish. The Kratt brothers learn about the archerfish's creature powers that allow it to hit small prey with jets of water. Aviva programs Archerfish Powers for Chris and Martin, and just in time too-Donita Donata is capturing animals for her new line of fashion, and the Kratt brothers will need to use the Creature Powers of the archerfish to stop the fashion designer.





  • In the live action scene, the scenes with the seahorse and the boxfish were reused from Blowfish Blowout.
  • Donita's statement about the Draco lizard looking familiar is a reference to the first episode she appeared in: "Flight of the Draco".

Watch Episode

WILD KRATTS Archerfish School26:26

WILD KRATTS Archerfish School


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