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The Adventure Begins

Chris and Martin are having fun playing basketball outside until they lose the ball inside the tortuga causing trouble for the girls. The bros see how plum loco Aviva has gotten with her work and she seems to be stressing out about every little flaw. Chris was able to find Jimmy Z hiding inside a secret compartment behind the fridge, a little place to hide when things got crazy. Martin notices how tense she is and decides to just take the ball and quietly step as Aviva soon starts to doze off for a nap. The bros see that they all needed something more exciting with their lives than building inventions and exploring animals. Later, Martin soon found an old atlas of popular vacation spots and had great idea. The next morning, the team saw that Martin's "idea" had left a mess over night. Chris was soon looking through the wreckage to find some evidence of where his brother could have possibly been. Aviva soon finds what looks to be some kind of recording that read "Play Me". Eventually, the team saw that Martin made some kind of commercial for the team to watch and he even gave them an address of where to find him. They followed the address and all they could find was some kind of vacation shack. Once inside, Martin greeted them while wearing what looked like the suit of cruise ship captain. He mentioned that he made the commercial to surprise everyone with a special vacation around the world. The team was very pleased and started packing for a trip around the world in who knows how many days.

The Big Busy Apple

The team saw that their global tour was starting off in new york city, Chris didn't seemed too happy about this, he thought that it would be some kind of natural tourist zone. The team eventually searched for their tour guide, Wild Kratts kids Tony and his brother Jermaine. They had got a message saying to meet them at the viewing point for the statue of liberty. They saw them passing a basketball around and they soon started their tour and Chris saw the amazement of this big green lady. He thought that urban cities might not be so bad if he saw the human and animal parts of the world. They soon rid a subway and climbed the stairs of the empire state building, which made Mount Everest look like a tiny hill. Near the top, they were able to see Fluff the falcon and his parents had moved to a new building away from Zach. They soon got set up in Tony and Jermaine's home sweet apartment. They soon went off into the city and got tickets to a basketball game, Chris saw Jermaine amazed at the game. After the game, Chris let Jermaine try his kangaroo creature power suit and he had never made such amazing jumps. He soon made slam dunks like there was no tomorrow, until the new york knicks came walking in for practice. Jermaine soon played 1-on-1 with everyone and they invited him to join their team and he gladly accepted. Chris asked Aviva for an extra power suit for Jermaine when he goes off for his 1st official game. She got to work on it and soon gave Jermaine his kangaroo power suit, and he saw that he was ready. The next day, Tony saw Jermaine playing official basketball on TV and saw him move with kangaroo powers. He had won the game and the team went to congratulate him, he thanked Chris for the suit, but Chris said that it wash't the suit that won, but him. They soon left New York and Jermaine was able to deliver a souvenir: a miniature statue of liberty raising a basketball in her torch hand.

To Rio Like An Eagle

The team were now going to meet Carmen in Rio de Janeiro. Once there, they saw that they had arrived for Carnivale, the biggest party on the planet. They soon got settled into Carmen's home in the local forest, they also met her grandmother, grandfather and her brother, Diego. Her mother and father were off in the Amazon on a business trip. She said her mother was a veterinarian and her father was a ecologist, they were in the amazon to find any endangered animals who needed help. They invited their grandparents to watch after the kids and get them prepared for Carnivale. Martin saw that Diego was going dressed as a jaguar sun god, and Carmen was a parrot sky god. The team decided to dress like them for the festival, everyone dressed as a different god which matched their colours. They soon went down to the streets as the parade went on and started dancing with the music. Martin noticed how graceful Aviva was and decided to join her in this dance of the gods, so did Koki and Chris. Jimmy Z went dancing with Carmen and Diego and everyone was having such fun, even some of the animals around them were dancing. After the festival was over, the team was ready to continue their adventure around the globe. Before they left, Carmen and Diego gave them a souvenir: a statue of a toucan on a soccer ball.

Living in a Land Down Under

The team was off to visit Kim in Sydney, Australia. They saw that she was waiting for them at the airport zone and with a ride from her older brother Nigel. They soon traveled throughout the city of Sydney and could even hear the Sydney Opera House form only 2-3 miles away. They soon made it too Kim's home closer to the Australian outback. The team soon heard a strange deep sound, Kim said that it was only her father calling them home for dinner. She said that in America, its a triangle that calls people in for food, but in Australia, it was the traditional didgeridoo which she practiced some times. They were offered some local meat pie with shrimps on a shtick, well roasted on the barbie. After dinner, Kim helped settle everyone in the guest room, and the girls noticed strange lights in the sunset sky. Kim called them twilight stars bugs, because they look like fireflies and are said to be where dreams are held. The next morning, The team woke up seeing that Martin had vanished again. This time he left a note saying that he was heading down to the beaches with the best waves to try his surf skills he had saved since high school. They traveled down after breakfast and soon saw him doing so well after so many years off the board. Chris decided to join him and have a personal surfing contest with his brother. The bros soon did all kinds of tricks and were soon joined by their friends Whistle and Click the bottle nosed dolphins. Kim joined in and soon kissed Whistle and Click on the nose and they helped motor her across the waves of the Australian coast. They sooner decided to dry off with a drive through the outback, where they soon met another old friend, Hopster the red kangaroo who was now much older and more red since their last encounter. They soon saw that his family were now farmed for something called a pouch race, a human race to find the fastest jumper in the desert. They soon watched the race and it seemed that Roo Boss was declared the winner. They were ready to head off to their next country, but before they left, Hopster came in and gave them a souvenir from Kim: a koala with a boomerang.

Techno Tokyo

The travel to the far east to visit Harumi in Tokyo, Japan. Jimmy and Koki were really happy about heading to the capital of all technology. Jimmy has gotten games from here since he was young and Koki got all of the computer programs from just 3 companies here. The team got a message from Harumi asking them to meet her at the statue of someone called Hachiko. The team searched for him only to find that he wasn't a man, but a dog instead. Koki found out that Hachiko would wait for his master everyday at the train station, one day his master died and Hachiko spent the rest of his life waiting for him. Eventually, he died as well and was there for called the most noble dog in history and was declared a legend. The team found Harumi and she gave them a tour of all the best spots in Tokyo. They traveled in the J910 subway train, enjoyed a sushi lunch, watched a sumo match, and even got a tour of Tohomiko toys and electronics building. She mentioned this was her family business and she could get any friend free pass. They met Mr. Tohomiko working on a new video game all about the wild kratts. The team saw that in order to play, you would have to be transported into cyber space, pass 10 levels and collect creature coins. They soon went to Harumi's apartment which was loaded with all kinds of old tested toys. They soon traveled across the city and soon saw that people were still respecting the ways of old in this land of tomorrow. They soon saw plenty in this plug in city and were ready to see the wonders of the next city. Before leaving, Harumi gave Koki a souvenir present: a geisha crane that did a robot-like dance.


The team ship off to the grand south of florida where they meet Miami wild kratt kid Nick. He shows them some of the most beautiful beaches this side of the USA. Aviva was able to create the most fortified sand castle anyone has ever seen, making her queen of the Florida beaches. The bros decide to sneak off and meet up with florida's national animal: manatees while the rest of the gang have fun getting sand in their pants. They soon meet up with old friends like Slip grip the osprey, while making a new friend: Seaweed the manatee. The team soon find the bros playing marco polo with Seaweed and they soon head off for more Miami fun. Nick brings them to the biggest orange grove in this state and they help him pick some to send over to his family. On his family boathouse, Nick introduces the team to his parents and sister Tasha who welcome the team into their happy floating home. The next day, the team see that Whistle and Click the bottle nosed dolphins had come to meet them and surprisingly, they had also come because they were the mascots of the famed Miami Dolphins football team. The gang brought Nick and Tasha over to the game to see that Whistle and Click had the job of knocking out the balls when they landed in their pools: a perfect to play football on a hot tropical day. After the game, the team helped return Whistle and Click to the ocean and were soon heading off to their next location to their vacation. Before heading off Nick and Tasha gave the bros a souvenir: a flamingo riding on the backs of dolphins with a volleyball on his beak.

Aviva Mexico

Aviva was very happy to hear that the next stop in their trip was her happy home country of Mexico. The team was prepared for spice foods and all night fiestas. They had landed in a mexican village where they met up with Rosa. She let them into her casa where she casa is es su casa. They settled and were invited to dinner with the family. There was more burritos, tacos, enchiladas and Mexican chow then any one man could chew on. The bros and Jimmy started eating to see who could stuff themselves up first and Jimmy was the last man standing, it was no real contest. Eventually, it was time for the siesta de la niche (the nap of the night). The next morning, the team woke up smelling fresh breakfast on the stove and Jimmy was still hungry. After breakfast and a morning cleanup, Rosa showed the team around her town and they saw everyone getting ready for Fiesta de los dioses (the party of the gods). The team dressed and later that night, they saw everyone dancing their sombreros off. Eventually, tango music was being played making Martin and Aviva take off to the dance floor. Everyone saw how fantastic the two danced and that made them the king and queen of the fiesta dance. Jimmy became the chilli king after eating several gallons of ghost pepper chilli which caused him to drink the town dry (almost). The day after, Rosa brought the team to the Mayan pyramids and they soon met up with some Mexican gila monsters, southern relatives of Lockjaw, they sooner activated gila monster powers and started climbing the pyramids. After the pyramid climb, the team was heading off and Rosa gave Aviva a gift for her amazing tango with Martin, it was a chilli pepper that danced with Mexican music.

I Think I Canada

The team travel north to Vancouver to enjoy the fresh northern air. They meet up with wild kratts kid Olivia who is an expert on everything Canadian. She helped the crew to her log cabin where they met her mother who was helping an injured moose. Olivia's brother, Louise was playing hockey in the backyard since he had a big game during the weekend. The bros decided to help him practice at the local ice rink with the help of otter powers and beaver powers. The brothers saw how well Louise could dash across the ice. They soon came back to see a nice warm meal was set for them and that the team was trying out salmon fishing with Olivia's father, but Jimmy wasn't too good at it. Eventually, it was time for bed, and everyone soon saw that they would have to find space in Olivia's room for the injured moose. The next morning, there was the scent of fresh flapjacks in the air making Chris and Martin stampede into the kitchen. They soon headed to a field where Olivia needed help practising for the national summer sport of Canada: lacrosse. The team had fun until a skunk came in and everyone ran for the hills. They soon got rid of the skunk scent that was still on them with the skunk spray cure Aviva made in the sonoran desert. They were soon ready to travel off and Olivia gave them a present for the practice help: a mountie beaver in front of a giant maple leaf.

French Fried

The team travel to the city of lights, Paris France. They meet up with wild kratts kid Coco, and gives them a tour of one of the greatest spots on earth. The team tries some french pastries and Martin catches a great photo of the Eiffel tower using peregrine falcon powers. They settle in to the best hotel in France and enjoy some fine cuisine at Gusteau's, one of the greatest restaurants ever. Chris and Martin soon notice that Aviva can speak French as well as Spanish. Coco soon asks if the team can help her. She has always wanted to perform a great art, but she isn't to good at any. Koki said that she could coach her and the team could help her first thing tomorrow. The next morning, Coco met up with the team under the Eiffel tower where they were ready with the arts of Paris. Coco tried painting, but she could only make a mess on the ground instead of a picture on the canvas. Next, she went with dancing, only to wind up flopping on the ground and bumping into people. Music was up next, but the team discovered the only song she could do was nails on the chalkboard by Kat Clause. There was no art Coco could do right, until Martin heard her sing a sad song in the corner and it was smoother than anything he had heard before. He recorded it and gave it to the team who thought it was like heaven's choir. Coco said that she wrote that song and only sang it whenever she was feeling sad, but she never thought she had art in her lungs. The crew gave Coco a speaker and microphone for all others to hear, but she was too scared to even speak. Eventually, she swallowed her fear whole and sang her song know as "The Monster in Paris". Everyone came to hear this beautiful tune and Coco was able to sing other songs for hours on end. The team decided to head to another country, but Coco wanted to give them a gift to say thank you. It was a souvenir of the Eiffel tower for their collection.

Don't Break the China

The Wild Kratts met up with Sun in Beijing, China. He greeted them with respect and showed them some of the great things of this city. They got some lunch at the most popular restaurant in the east, and were able to see some street performers while walking down the road. Sun joined the performers along with Chris and Martin until the brothers got smoked by a fire breather. They continued their tour until they reached Sun's home on the outside of town. They saw many ancient treasures that Sun's father brought back from his journeys all over the world. There was even a Chinese zodiac which let the bros see what animals they were born on. It said that Martin was a slithering snake and Chris was a crowing rooster. They soon got to have dinner with Sun's family and headed to bed once done. The next morning, Jimmy saw that Sun had gotten up early to practice his martial arts skills. The team joined him after breakfast and he said that he did this to practice for the kung fu tournament. They helped build his skills with something the bros called "BEAST FU": a martial art fighting skill based mainly on animals. Sun had never performed such powerful moves and he felt ready enough to start the tournament. The crew brought Sun to his tournament in the createrra and decided to explore the competition. There was Kerry Kilpatrick, a deadly double fisted dynamo from Ireland, Sapphire Sonja, a kickboxing beauty from France, and Mad Dog Mashimoto, a vicious beast from Japan who needs to stay in his doghouse. The tournament had started and it was a free-for-all, last man standing won the tournament and it went on for hours. Sun twisted and turned, kicked and punched, jumped and slid through his opponents and nothing could stop him. Until, the last fighter, a masked warrior known as Rath, was the only thing standing between him and victory. Sun was thought the way of the beasts and could use every animal on the planet to over throw this Rath character. Sun soon stood victorious and was declared the king of kung fu. Sun and the Wild Kratts brought home the trophy and the crew started packing up. Before leaving, Sun gave a gift of thanks for the new fighting skills. It was a kung fu fighting Chinese dragon atop a Chinese zodiac.

Russia Hour

The team head far north to meet Alex (Alexandra) in Moscow, Russia. Aviva isn't very keen about this idea since she's more use to warm weather. But when she saw that city of Moscow with its colourful castle-like buildings, she thought it might be not so bad. They met Alex in near the outer reaches of town and she seemed to be looking for something. They landed and she greeted them with a Russian bear hug, which is more painful than it is loving. She told them that she was looking for woolly mammoths like she has for the past few years since she read the papers about a mammoth in Russia. The bros thought that it was crazy at first until she showed them photos of mammoth tracks. It was real enough to convince them And they would help her only if they got a tour of Moscow first. After the tour came dinner, and on the dinner table was Alex's favourite meal and a Russian tradition: Borscht, a beet soup containing cabbage, carrots and potatoes. It wasn't very tasty at first, but after 2-3 bowls some of the crew got use to it. The team got to watch an ice hockey game on TV before heading to bed. The next morning, Alex got up early to start thinking about where to look for mammoths and the bros got up to help. Once everyone was up with bright eyes and bushy tails, Alex lead them to what could be the perfect spot for finding a mammoth. She leads them to a river that goes to a lake that stays ice free all the time. They split up, Alex and the bros take north side and the crew take the south and first one to find something would scream like they saw a monster. Martin heads inside a cave and sees a trail that looks mammoth-sized. It leads him to one of the greatest discoveries in zoological history. He soon brings the team over and shows them his amazing find. What they saw was close to what Alex was hunting: a woolly mammoth trapped in suspended animation and sealed in ice for thousands of years in time. Alex took a photo and showed others in town. Martin let Alex have the credit, but she let all of them take the blame for fame since they helped her out. Eventually, it was time to go, but Alex gave them a gift for helping achieve her goal: it was a Russian doll that looked like a bear and the biggest one even played some Russian music.

I Hollywood If I Holly-Could

The team was happy to hear that the next stop on their vacation was the famous town of films: Hollywood, Los Angeles. They found Wild Kratt Kid Wayne who was happy to show them the parts of this amazing city with swimming pools and movie stars. They seemed to look the part, being celebrity heroes and all, they got to sign autographs, take pictures with fans. Martin and Chris soon stood in the fame hands and feet of famed celebs at the Chinese theatre. Wayne hoped they he could get his hands and feet alongside these celebs once his new movie was screened tomorrow night. The team relieved they would have to stay close since in this part of the USA, not everything is as it seems. They got settled in to the finest hotel in Los Angeles and could see so many sights as far as the eye could see. The next morning, Wayne got the team great tables at the finest breakfast restaurant in Hollywood. The boys stuffed themselves for a fine walk around town that could last all day. They soon found a poster for Wayne's movie and it looked amazing, it was called Go West Young Kratt. It was a classic western movie with cowboy showdowns, wild stallion rodeos, even a bank and train robbery in it. They got tickets for the first film tonight and were given VIP passes since they were global heroes and Wayne was the maker of the film. The movie was about to start and everything was ready for the team and Wayne. There was an XXXXXXL popcorn and soda, super comfy seats and even Real D 3D glasses to make it feel more real than it was. The film was fantastic and it almost felt as if the team were in the wild west at least 200 years ago. They were able to give Wayne a few other movie ideas and he promised that he would give a Blu-Ray CD once they were out. The team was ready to move on, but Wayne delivered a souvenir to them: a movie clapper for them to make their own blockbuster films.

Living In De Nile

The Wild Kratts World Tour had them traveling to the famed desert land of Egypt. They had landed near the north flowing nile river which was less river than nile. Wild Kratt Kid Princess Jasmine who was busy working with her brother Omar on restoring one of the greatest treasure of Egypt: The great Sphinx. She had found a sacred ankh necklace that belonged to the most powerful woman ever: Cleopatra. The oblongs showed them the sacred tomb located beneath the sphinx when suddenly there were bikes and copters everywhere. It was Dr. Amelia von Butch, grand archeologist and infamous treasure hunter. Jasmine and Omar tried to convince her about staying out but she didn't listen. Aviva had an idea that would scare here out. She took an egyptology class once and was able to read the hieroglyphics on the wall. It said: "Halt, let it be warned to those who disturb the resting grounds of the pharaohs, the river shall fall and the desert shall rise, the army of the undead will awaken and any who dare to enter will be trapped in stone." The bros remember seeing how dry the river was when they got here. They were still puzzled about what the desert shall rises means and Jimmy hoped the army of the undead had a snooze button. Amelia had blown a hole through the wall revealing a tunnel and releasing windy spirits. A sandstorm had come outside and that must be what the desert shall rise meant. The team and siblings decided to travel deeper and see if the dozens of deadly traps would get rid of Amelia von Butch. They dodged several traps and even an encounter with a few soldiers of the army of the undead. They soon reached a part of cavern where the gold a treasure was found and Dr. von Butch was only interested in the golden crown of Isis. Once taken the tomb started to crumble and water from the nile came gushing in. They got onto a boat and stormed through into the barren dry bed of the nile and bounced all the way back to the sphinx. Once they landed, Dr von Butch fell face first into the sand with the crown of Isis falling on Jasmine's head. That night, the restored sphinx was unveiled and its riches were return to the people thanks to the wild kratts. Jimmy was able to get a firework for the pharaohs only to have explode in the sphinx's face. The nose broke off, but Omar and Jasmine thought that it looked much better that way. The team packed up and headed for their next vacation spot, hopefully some place more wet than this. Before shipping off, Jasmine gave them a gift: a sacred scarab atop a giza pyramid.

London and Done

The team travel to UK England for their world tour. They meet Jamie who is proud to show them around, but the bros aren't very pleased with such a grey town. Suddenly, they meet Big Ben and the bell chimes shaking Chris and Martin. They soon see the similarities and opposites of the UK with US and the brothers start seeing themselves as british men. They soon settle in to Jamie's home which is very classy. They soon get used to the other fancy manners of England. But the brothers aren't the fanciest poodles in the dog show and need some serious training. The girls teach them about human manners and they soon get suits since they were invited to a tea party with queen Elizabeth. The brothers were looking well in their suits along with Jimmy and the girls in their dresses. Jamie lead them to their seats and soon saw the queen at the centre table protected with security at every corner. Suddenly, the crown was rising and flew away, the brothers chased after it to find Donita Donata who wanted the crown for herself. They soon used some local falcons, chased after the royal pains in the tail feathers and returned the crown to the queen. She had never before seen men turn into animals and use this power to great goodness. In honour of this grand action of honour, she had knighted the brothers turning them into Sir Martin Kratt and Sir Chris Kratt. The brothers soon went to a soda pub in celebration of becoming English knights. At the end of there trip, they packed up and were ready to go, but before leaving, the queen gave them a souvenir: a big ben grandfather clock.

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