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Arthur Ikusaba
Affiliation Ikusaba Clan
Wild Kratts
Gender Male
Nationality Caucasian
Profession Yakuza (formerly)
Hair color Pale Reddish-Brown
Eye color Hazel
Signature color Red

Arthur Ikusaba the sixth member of the Wild Kratts. He takes on the role of Guard to the team, keeping the Tortuga and its members safe from animals and enemies. He was adopted from America by a Japanese yakuza family, who were not happy when he left for the Wild Kratts. He is Aviva’s love interest and eventual boyfriend. His signature color is red and he has his own Creature Power Suit.


Arthur is a tall, muscular man with tanned skin. He has wavy pale reddish-brown colored hair swept to the left and sharp, hazel eyes. There is a beauty mark under his left eye's corner. He wears khaki long pants, a red plaid, flannel shirt and grey sneakers.


Arthur is a sarcastic, cynical, and violent man who is easily made angry or upset. His yakuza family has made him act this way. He is not afraid to speak his mind and is often bad-mouthed because of his somewhat rude attitude toward people and lack of social skills. Despite his tendency to be aggressive, he is actually a kind person and can become very attached to those who treat him kindly but also stand up to him, such as Aviva, which eventually leads to a crush. He is extremely loyal, too, as he is willing to fight to protect his loved ones. Because he is often misunderstood and judged, people don't see his kind and loyal personality. After joining the team, he becomes less aggressive and more open to others. He apologizes to his friends if he accidentally snaps at them.


Adopted by a yakuza clan, Arthur is quite skilled with his bamboo blade. He appears to be very proficient with a katana and exhibits evidence of having had advanced training in kendou. He can easily take on Zachbots, Dabio and Gourmand with ease, causing the Wild Kratt’s enemies to fear him. After joining the Wild Kratts, Arthur found himself on the defensive. He has learned to only use violence when he has to protect those he cares about. He comes to act as sort of a mentor to the Kratt brothers in teaching them new athletics.


Aviva Corcovado

Arthur is close to all his friends, but the most important person that he loves more than anyone is his best friend Aviva .Arthur’s attraction to Aviva mostly stems from her being kind and patient with him when they first met, but not tolerating his rudeness and aggression, calling him out on it, surprising him. The more they spend time together, the more things they undergo together. Aviva acknowledges the fact that Arthur would definitely help her in a time of need, and Arthur comes to realize that Aviva has always been there for him. The other members tease them on their feelings, causing the two to snap at not just them but also each other. The team stops when they see this is only stopping the two from getting together. Aviva and Arthur start getting along more as things progress with the relationships between the characters and eventually confess their true feelings of love towards each other.

Martin Kratt

After Martin insulted the Ikusaba family, not knowing Arthur was a member, Arthur attacked Martin and, even after cooling down, still held a grudge. After believing the Ikusaba family had something to do with Zach’s kidnapping of a Japanese Macaque, Frosty, Arthur angrily decided to help the Wild Kratts rescue him to prove he was innocent. During the mission, Arthur’s athletic feats impressed the Wild Kratts and grew closer to Martin, eventually forgiving him. When Arthur defended Martin from and army of Zachbots, he joined the team as its ‘Guard’. After that, while Martin often annoys Arthur, he is, next to Aviva, Arthur’s closest friend. He joins the Kratt brothers on missions often.

Chris Kratt

Arthur did not take such a liking to Chris once he became part of the team, due to his grudge on Martin. It was the same for Chris, due to Arthur’s temper. He never truly understood Arthur, and so he did not connect with him very well. Chris attempted to connect with Arthur more, but Arthur shot his down. After some encouragement from Martin and a few adventures, they come to respect each other and sometimes hang outside of missions.


Arthur and Koki share a similar seriousness and temper, and are close friends. The two bonded from the very beginning. Arthur confides in Koki the most, such as his feelings about his family.

Jimmy Z

It's obvious that Jimmy’s laid-back and laziness and Robin's serious demeanor and temper sometimes clash. Arthur often bosses around Jimmy and Jimmy is often afraid of Arthur.Despite their differences, they are close friends with a mildly competitive relationship.

Sam and Selena Skye

When they first met, Sam and Selena feared Arthur for his appearance, upbringing and temper. They decided to be as nice as possible to him while avoiding him. Arthur caught on but, while hurt, didn’t say anything. They eventually become genuinely nice to each other and friends. Arthur rarely gets mad at them.

The Ikusaba Family

At first, Arthur had a very close relationship with his adopted family. They were protective of him as he was to them. After he left to join the Wild Kratts, they were obviously unhappy and refuses to talk to him, ignoring his letters and calls and refusing to send their own. This weighed heavily on Arthur and he eventually gave up.


  • The kanji for "Ikusaba" (戦刃) mean ‘war blade’ or, sometimes, ‘battlefield’.
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