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This is Aviva.
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" Ooh, I want a string of mummified parasites!"



Aviva is the female mechanics of the crew. She has bushy brown hair that she always ties back in a ponytail, with a strand tucked behind her ear. Her eyes are a dark shade of gray (though sometimes she is shown with green eyes), and she wears a yellow jacket with a blue stripe running down the sleeves over a blue t-shirt. A black belt with a bolt on it is worn crookedly around her waist. She also wears blue jeans all the time, over blue and white converse shoes.


Aviva is a kind, fashionable, minor protagonist who is well on her way to becoming the most accomplished inventor. Preferring to blaze around her secret lab on in-line skates, there is always something special in everything Aviva does. Teaming up with the Kratt brothers to help save and explore the creature world, it is often Aviva’s inventions that make the team successful. To help her turn science fiction into science reality, Aviva has brought together a sharp inventive team all with a knack for everything high-tech. 
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She is the only one who can make the creature power disks and suits. She can also make many mechanical machines such as submarines and boats. She is some-what like an engineer. She can speak Spanish. She can also fly the tortuga if nessecary, as shown in the episode, "Walk on the Wetside". Aviva also can program computers. However, she can't dance as shown in "Birds of the Feather", but later learns to dance with the help of Chris.


Works with Koki & Jimmy Z.

Makes inventions for Chris Kratt & Martin Kratt.

Enemies of Zach, Donita, & Gourmand.


Aviva: I'll never doubt a platypus again.

Martin: Or a Kratt brother?

Aviva: Don't push it.

-Platypus Cafe

"Boo-yay! Or...whatever..."

"Ooh, I want a string of mummified parasitses!"



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