While exploring the Arctic Tundra, Chris and Martin are really excited to find their favorite arctic animals. The Arctic Wolf for Chris and the Musk Ox for Martin but the only problem is they don't know which one to explore first. They met Kid Musky the Musk Ox calf and Baby Tooth the Arctic Wolf pup. They defend Kid Musky against Baby Tooth's pack.




  • Bighorn sheep
  • Sable antelope

Live Action

Key Facts and Creature Moments

Key Facts

  • Musk oxen look like oxen and cows, but their close relatives are really sheep and goats because they act a lot more like sheep.
  • Baby musk oxen are sometimes called "calves" even though they really not even in the cow family. Since they're closer to the sheep and goat family, a baby musk ox should really be called a "lamb" or a "kid".
  • There can be up to 20 arctic wolves in a pack.
  • Arctic wolves are different than grey wolves, but they're super close relatives.
    • The main differences are only its thick white fur, smaller size, shorter ears and legs to deal with cold weather, and larger carnassial teeth.

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