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This page is the transcript for the episode "Bad Hair Day."
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SCENE: Out in the African Savannah, the crew is watching a pack of lions.

Martin: Ahh! Got to love it! Just lion-around in Africa.
Chris: Uh oh. Here come the lion-puns.
Martin: Your not lion! (All laughs) Oh, hey! Now that is what I call a big heap of sleep. (The lions snoring) Lions are the king of the cat naps.
Jimmy: Good one Martin! I like lions. (Jimmy Snoring)
Chris: Yah, lions sleep even more than Jimmy. A lion sleeps up to 18 hours a day, but when a lion's up, it's the top predator of Africa, the King of Beasts. (The male lion snoring)
Koki: When is one of them going to wake up?
Aviva: Look! The Prince of Beasts has arisen! (A young cub wakes up)
Koki: He's so cute! But a little nuts. (The young cub jumping around) He's not thinking of waking the boss lion, is he?
Martin: That's his dad.
Koki: (The cub waking up his dad) Still, the cub would fit in his mouth.
Martin: Aw, lion dads are real protective of their cubs.
Koki: But nobody likes to woken up.
Koki: (The male lion wakes up) Uh oh, now he's done it.
Martin: (Laughs) See, I told you, a lion dad takes good care of his cubs.
Aviva: Whoa, that's got to be nature's biggest hairdo!
Martin: Yah, it's a magnificent mane, but there are few animals who have even longer hair on their heads.
Chris: Musk Ox and Yak are tied for third longest!
Martin: Horses are second! The longest horse mane was measured at 18 feet long!
Chris: And you know who, of all animals, has the longest hair on their head? (Aviva and Koki thinking)
Martin and Chris: You do!
Chris: When a human lets her hair keep growing, a human has the longest hair on their head in the creature world! The longest hair on any human was 18 feet, 5 inches long!

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