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Creature information
Species Cheetah
Habitat(s) African savanna
Character information
Gender Female[1]
Family members Spot Swat (cub)
Named by Martin Kratt
First appearance Cheetah Racer
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List of species seen in Wild Kratts

Blur is the name of a cheetah who makes her first appearance in the episode "Cheetah Racer", then made her second appearance in "The Food Chain Game", her third appearance in "Creature Power Challenge", and later made her fourth appearance in "Mimic" with her newborn cub, Spot Swat.

In the series

Aviva and Zach try to make a vehicle as fast as a cheetah. Zach then captures her and makes her run his machine but she was later rescued by Chris and Martin. She makes her second appearance in the episode "Mimic", where it is shown that she has a cub named Spot Swat.

In "Mimic", she was captured by Donita and was put in suspended animation. However, she was later rescued by the Kratt brothers. She makes her third appearance in the episode "Creature Power Challange". She loves chasing Chris when he is using Gazelle Powers.


  1. Gave birth to a cub
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