This gives the kratt bros the power of a cheetah.Template:Infobox power


  • Cheetah

Main Powers:

  • 70 mph running
  • long distance vision


  • In Mimic, martin used it when he was babysitting Spot Swap.   
  • In Caracal-Minton, the Kratts used the suit to race back to the tortuga.   
  • It was used again in Bad Hair Day by Martin to once again race back to the Tortuga, only to find chris was already there in the middle of a lion fight.    
  • It was Koki's choice creature power for the running race in Amazing Creature Race, were at the start she quickly outran Chris and his Pronghorn Powers. But not long after she ran out of energy from the intense cheetah speed and stopped in the middle of the race. Later after recovering, she got back to cheetah speed, but was exhausted by the end of the first leg of the race.


  • In its first appearance, spots flew around the suit as it activated, giving Martin the name idea, Spot-Swat, the spots then attached to the suit after it was done activating.
  • For a moment the suit became uncontrollable for martin when he was startled by a honey badger.
  • This is the first creature power suit used by Koki.


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