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Christopher Frederick James "Chris" Kratt (born July 19, 1969) is an American educational nature show host. A grandson of musical-instrument manufacturer William Kratt, he and his older brother Martin grew up in Warren Township, New Jersey, and together created children's television series Kratts' Creatures, Zoboomafoo, and Be the Creature (which aired on the National Geographic Channel and Knowledge Network), as well as Wild Kratts (which airs on PBS Kids and TVOKids). He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Carleton College. Chris co-hosts all of his educational childhood programs with his older brother Martin Kratt.


In 1990, he served as an intern at Conservation International in Washington, D.C. A year later, he started the Carleton Organization for Biodiversity. His ecology studies have been funded by the Explorers Club and the National Science Foundation. He was also the recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.

From June 13, 2008, to August 3, 2008, Chris appeared along with his brother Martin in Creature Adventures, a TV series at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They also appear as themselves in the Odd Squad episode "Night Shift".

Personal life

Chris and his brother Martin are now living in Ottawa, where they opened their animation studio, where they film and animate their TV series Wild Kratts, and the two brothers have children of their own. Chris has two sons, Aidan and Nolan, with his wife Tania. Chris's older son, Aidan Kratt, played himself (although unrelated to Chris and Martin canonically) in "Build It Beaver" in Wild Kratts. Nolan's character made a brief cameo as a Wild Kratt's kid. Nolan's character makes appearances later on in the series as the little brother of Aidan.

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