Clingon is a baby ring-tailed lemur who loves to play with Martin, and is mostly spends her time on her mother's back like other baby ring-tailed lemurs. She also seems to like Martin. When Martin activates Ring-Tailed Lemur Power Clingon has her first playtime with him. Later Martin tells Clingon the reason he's with her troop, to find out why her troop was fighting with another troop that morning. And when Clingon jumps on Martin again, they lose the troop, but find them again soon. When Koki calls Martin, he tells her why Ring-Tailed Lemurs are territorial, to protect an area big enough to keep everyone feed. Clingon and Martin are later seen watching two lemurs stink-fight. During the fight, Clingon gets thrown off her mother's back, and so Martin activates adult ring tail. The fight was because Donita and Dabio stole the lemur's scent marks. And Chris and Martin restore the natural order and the lemurs stop fighting. Clingon is last seen watching Chris and Martin stink-fight. She later appears in A Creature Christmas.