Dragonfly Power is a Creature Power that gives its user the abilities of a dragonfly. It was first used in the Wild Kratts episode "Mom of a Croc".

Main Powers

  • Flight
  • Speed of flying


In "Mom of a Croc", Dragonfly Discs were used when the Kratt brothers were trying to help some crocodile hatchlings catch bugs to eat.

Martin used the Dragonfly Suit again in "Osprey" to fly real close to an osprey to observe it. Chris, on the other hand, used the Hummingbird Suit.

In "Search for the Florida Panther", Chris and Martin used the Dragonfly Suits to capture mosquitoes to scan the blood the mosquitoes have sucked to find panther DNA.

In "Back in Creature Time Day of the Dodo", Martin and Chris used Dragonfly Powers to pull dodos to shore.

In "Mosquito Dragon" Martin had dragonfly powers to catch the mosquito-bots that were trying to steal data from the Tortuga HQ.

In "Box Turtled In" Chris and Martin use dragonfly powers to get back to the miniuturizer.


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