El Cutisimo is a lion cub named by Aviva. When her brother Screen Saver wakes up their father, He Who Breathes Fire, she soon wakes up and plays with her sister, Lil' Cubby. El Cutisimo huddles with her siblings once all of the cubs spot two twin intruder male lions. The cubs are soon brought into the safety of the Createrra and driven back to the Tortuga with the twins following. And the rest of the cubs get their names from doing specific things around the Tortuga. When Screen Saver accidentally opens the sunroof, they attempt to hide in the Hippo Sub. But Aviva drops the remote and the twins are able to open it! Just as the lions are about to jump in and kill El Cutisimo and her siblings, He Who Breaths Fire arrives with Chris and Martin. He Who Breaths Fire is able to drive off the twins, and the cubs are safe!

El cutisimo JPG