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Stories written by wikia users-

Written by snowflake1814

Summary: Martin and Chris are up late one night and they run across some websites called FanFiction and DeviantART... What Hurts

Written by snowflake1814 & Wild Kratts Super Fan 1

Summary: /kratts as kids/ Chris has been bullied at school for 2 weeks now, but this time help is right around the corner. Brotherly two-shot. Wild Kratts Super Fan 1 owns Part 2!

Best stories on fanfiction-

Chris's Fate

Summary: "First, you'll watch me eat your precious little platy-cat egg amulet. Then, I'll take care of you." Zach cackled. This takes place at the episode of: Platypus Cafe. What would happen if Zach Vermatech got through with his threat? Read to find out more.

What the Future Holds

Summary: Chris is sent to the future, and finds nothing is the way he left it. Please R&R! Martin/Kitty-Laura & Aviva/Chris.


Summary: The only thing stronger than the Kratt Brothers' desire to protect the their desire to protect each other.


Summary: /Kratts as kids/ Sometimes it's hard for people and animals to live together.


Summary: No supplies...No food...No water. All he has is the determaination to see his brother and friends again. He must learn to survive not just to be united, but to live and see another day.

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