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Martin Chris Octopus Wildkratticus We just discovered Fanon: Wild Kratts: Raiders of the Stolen Controllers.
Although Fanon: Wild Kratts: Raiders of the Stolen Controllers may refer to the actual Wild Kratts series, it is entirely made by fans of Wild Kratts, and should be treated as so.
Wk raiders of the stolen controllers by taismo 89-d6dlchl

Logo of the story

Wild Kratts: Raiders of the Stolen Controllers is a story written by Yara Altro and Isabela Rodrigues, starring the Wild Kratts. It takes place before Season 3.

The story is mostly focused on Koki and Jimmy Z, and brings within it refences to movies and TV shows, like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Stand by Me.


While the Wild Kratts visit Bite-Size in the North American forest after a storm, and meet his mate, Bittersweet (named by Martin and Koki), Jimmy Z’s controllers (all of them) are stolen by Darwin Y, heir of the Y's (rivals of Jimmy's family) family business.

Join the Wild Kratts as they pursue the thief in an adventure full of friendship, dangers, secrets and, of course, CREATURE POWER!


  • Martin - Martin Kratt
  • Chris - Chris Kratt
  • Aviva - Athena Karkanis
  • Koki - Heather Bambrick
  • Jimmy Z - Jonathan Malen
  • Joey Bambrick - Khary Payton
  • Darwin Y - Mikey Kelley
  • Jeb - Darren Dunstan

Animal Names

Bite-Size, Bittersweet

New Characters

Bittersweet: Bite-Size's mate. Her teeth are a little bigger than Bite-Size's. She's named by Martin and Koki (he says that she looks like a bitter, and she said she's really sweet). It is revealed that she's pregnant.

Joey Bambrick (voiced by Khary Payton): Koki's troublemaker older brother.

Jeb (voiced by Darren Dunstan): Previous janitor from Koki's school, was fired for his eccentric ways and forced to live in a camping in the park, with his dog Honker. He tries to alert the team about the "animal ghosts" around the park.

Darwin Y (voiced by Mikey Kelley): Heir of the y's family business. His family is the Z's major rival in business.



Years ago …

In an apartment in Toronto, a little red-haired boy played with a toy car.

Suddenly, someone came into the house.

"Hello, Jimmy."

It was Harry Z, videogames and controller inventor.

He was bringing a package to the kid. “Happy birthday.”

Jimmy was turning two years old. He opened the package. It was a controller. "Thanks, Uncle Harry!" He hugged his uncle and grabbed the controller.

"Harry, what a wonderful controller."

"I know, Gina. You know it’s a hobby of mine making controllers. And I think Jimmy could end up into the family business when he grew up."

"Brother, even if he doesn’t, he sure loves old things." Gina, Jimmy’s mother, spoke.

"You’re my new best friend!" Jimmy Z said.

"Smile!" Gina said, holding a camera.

Opening: Slideshow with pictures of Jimmy Z’s birthdays, each photo with a different controller. The last one is a picture of the Wild Kratts with Jimmy and his actual controller.

Bite-Size’s return

Years later…

In the Tortuga, Jimmy Z polished his X-2000 controller.

"There you go, buddy."

Koki walked around every corner of the room. She seemed a little worried.

Jimmy Z just kept observing her with his buddy on his hands. Aviva tapped her fingers on the desk, still without answers for her questions, like “Why Koki insisted to stop in the North American forest?”.

The Kratt bros were outside on their Bat Power Suits. This was also requested by Koki.

"Geez…Koki seems really worried. But why?" Martin asked.

"Oh, that reminds me…It’s getting dark!" Chris warned Koki. She looked up and nodded, thanking him.

"I think i know what’s wrong with her. And my suspect is confirmed by the following facts.

First, she made the Tortuga stop here in the North American forest…after a storm.

Second, look at what’s close to her zucchini plant.”

"Oh…" Martin understood what was going on, once he saw…the bat box. "That also explains why she asked us to…"

Suddenly, they heard a familiar sound. A chirp! Koki heard it too and opened a smile.

"It’s him! Open all windows!" She ran to open the windows, almost running over Jimmy Z. He and Aviva stood up.

"Who she’s waiting?" Jimmy finally asked. "Hey, calm down. I just polished my controller!"

"Come on, Koki! Tell us who, or what are you…wait a second!" Aviva finally understood once she saw the bat box.

"Finally you got it!" Koki answered.

"Bite-Size!" Martin and Chris said. The little bat met them in the Tortuga’s shell and flied down to the window, entering the HQ. Koki opened a smile and extended her hand so Bite-Size could land.

"It’s great to see you again, fella." Suddenly, they heard another chirp.

"Hey…you brought a friend?" Aviva asked.

"Yup." Martin entered the HQ. "A GIRL friend." Another bat followed him.

“Incrible!" Aviva said, as Bite-Size and his girlfriend flied together around the HQ. They landed in a dish on the table.

"We so gotta give her a name." Martin told Koki.

"Maybe Chompella." Koki suggested.

"No-no-no-no-no. There’s already a Chompella. And she’s a crocodile."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot. It’s just that I don’t have this "photographic memory" of yours."

"Yikes! Mosquito!" Jimmy Z shouted as he saw a bug close to him. Bite-Size’s mate flied close to Jimmy and got the bug in one bite.

"Phew! Thanks, buddy." She landed in Koki’s hand.

"Wow. Look at her teeth." Martin said. "She looks like a bitter."

"Yeah. She’s really sweet."



"Bittersweet!" Both said.

"*giggle* Bittersweet. I like it! And looks like she like it too." Aviva pointed out.

Now named Bittersweet, the bat flied  to the dish again, but she and Bite-Size flied out of there once Jimmy grabbed it.

"Sorry, you two. No brownies as hideout this time;" He chuckled, as he shared the brownies.

Bite-Size and Bittersweet flied to the bat box. Aviva took the opportunity to scan the female.

"Her skeleton is amazing. It’s just like Bite-Size’s, but her teeth are a little bigger."

"Yeah…hey, wait a moment…" Koki analyzed the scan. "She’s…she’s going to have babies!"

"Babies?!" Jimmy Z asked chewing.

"Babies?!" Martin and Chris asked, releasing the brownies. They all joined to see the scan.

"Cool! More bats!" Jimmy cheered.

"Aww…bat pups!" Martin’s eyes glowed as he saw the scan.

"Amazing." Chris stated, using his Creaturepod. "Bat moms are amazing. They normally have one or two pups per year, and some carry them while flying to feed themselves. Other species leave the pups on some kind of "daycare"."

"And between all of them, a mother can recognize her own pups, because every pup have a scent that is unique to its mother. And once she finds them, she feeds them." Martin concluded the explanation.

"I wonder if it’ll be a boy or a girl." Aviva asked.

"We’ll soon know. Looks like she’ll give birth in a week or less." Chris analyzed. "A bat mom’s pregnancy can last almost three months."

"They’ll be born safe and sound in the bat box." Koki said.

"The good part is that there won’t be any mosquitoes!" Jimmy Z cheered. The others chuckled as Chris and Martin deactivated their Creature Power Suits.

"What a lovely family they’ll be." Martin said. Then, he made a "just-realized face". "Oh my! I gotta find a name for the pup! First, to the "Creatures-i-named" list!" He ran to another room, while the Wild Kratts laughed.

In the bat box, Bite-Size and Bittersweet huddled together.

A little far from there, a helicopter landed on the North American forest. A silhouette observed everything through its binoculars. He saw the Tortuga and chuckled.


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