The Fly-Cam is a miniscule camera with flight capabilities. Designed after the fly, the Fly-Cam lets the Wild Kratts crew see what the Kratt brothers are doing, as well as spy on any villains. It was introduced in the episode Polar Bears Don't Dance.



The Fly-Cam made it's first appearance in Polar Bears Don't Dance. While watching a polar bear hunt, Martin notices something stirring in a hole in the ice. Chris deployed the Fly-Cam in order to get back at his brother, as a walrus surfaces and sneezes in Martin's face, covering him in mucus. When Zach lured Chris and Martin into an Arctic storm, the Fly-Cam was caught in the unsuing weather and malfunctioned, with the crew losing communications with the bros. Since it's debut, the Fly-Cam has since appeared in: