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I wasn't sure where to put this, so I just made a new page.

Kill or Save?

How to play-

Very easy game.

First you choose a character (any one)

Second, you start at the number 100.

Third, depending if you want to KILL or SAVE them, you go one number up or down.

If you get to 200> They are saved.

If you get to 0< They are killed.


Character: Aviva

(Starting number always 100)

Person 1: Save! 101

Person 2: Save 102

Person 3: Kill 101

Person 4: Save 102

Person 5: Kil 101

You get the idea...


No double posting (two posts in a row.) You can post more than once, but someone must go before you can post agian.

No cheating (as in skiping numbers [Example:101-105] in one post


Have fun!

Saved characters

Killed characters

~~Once we go through all the characters we can start agian~~

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