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Gavin is a young boy from North America, and is part of the international group of children known as the "Wild Kratts Kids", and is one of the most frequently seen throughout the show. He was introduced in the episode "Bass Class".


Gavin is a young boy of average height, with light skin and blue eyes. He usually wears a light gray shirt with a dark gray hoodie, blue jeans, and red and white sneakers.


Gavin is a mainly cheerful boy with an interest in various creatures, especially fish, as seen in his debut episode; Bass Class, when he was revealed to have won third place in a fishing contest, and more so when Martin helped him during Zach Varmitech's "International Invitational Bass Classic". He is also an excellent swimmer, as seen in the episode "Aquafrog".



  • His naked form (which resembles his oblong shirt, red boxer pants, and naked feet) was shown in the episode "Praying Mantis".

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