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This Creature Power gives the user the Creature Power of a gazelle.

Gazelle Power is a Creature Power that gives its user the abilities of a Thomson's Gazelle. It was first used in the episode "Cheetah Racer", in which Chris Kratt used it to encourage Blur to chase him across the savannah so the Wild Kratts could get a look at her cheetah running powers. In was used again by Chris in The Food Chain Game, which it was Chris's second stage it the food web challenge. It was most recently used by Aviva in Amazing Creature Race as her choice of running animal powers for the race.

DNA Capability

Main Powers

  • Increased speed
  • Increased running stamina



  • This is the fourth Creature Power Aviva has used, as well as the second Creature Power she has activated with Chris's Suit.


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