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Gharial Crocodile Power



  • Crocodile Jaws
  • Enhanced Swimming Ability
  • Scales
  • Crocodile Tail
  • Teeth
Creature sources Gharial
Disc color Light-blue
Creature-Sizes? No
Malfunctioned? The activation with Nile crocodile power did not last due to the DNA differences
Used by Chris Kratt
Martin Kratt (Used disc the activate Nile croc powers)
First time used Kerhonk
List of Creature Powers

This gives the kratt brothers the power of a gharial crocodile


  • Jaw Strength
  • Swimming
  • Protective Scales
  • Teeth
  • Crocodile Tail


  • The Gharial disc was first seen in Mom of a Croc, where the kratt bros used it as a substitute to activate Nile Crocodile Powers ( Aviva hadn't made a nile crocodile disc yet).
Gharial disk
  •   Chris used the power suit in Kerhonk to help Martin and a bunch of proboscis monkeys escape a real gharial in a river crossing. Chris used the crocodile disc, with a gharial being a type of crocodile, the activation worked. 

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