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Harpy Eagle Power is a Creature Power that gives its use the abilities of a harpy eagle. It was first used in the episode "To Touch a Hummingbird", in which the Kratt brothers, Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, used it to try to touch a hummingbird Martin named Spaceship.


The Harpy Eagle Creature Power Suit gives its users the ability to fly. Since the harpy eagle is a raptor, the Creature Power Suit has talons that can be used to hold stuff.

The Harpy Eagle Creature Power Suit is unable to counter the abilities of Wild Kratts villain Chef Gourmand.


In the episode "To Touch a Hummingbird", the Kratt brothers get Aviva to make Hummingbird Power Discs, but in order to activate their Creature Power Suits, they need to touch a hummingbird. On their first attempt to touch a hummingbird, the Kratt brothers activate their Harpy Eagle Creature Power Suits. They chase after a hummingbird Martin named Spaceship. Although they are flying faster than Spaceship, their reflexes can not compare to his and they end up crashing into each other and get stripped of their clothing.

In the episode "Rainforest Stew", Chef Gourmand attempted to create a stew involving several rainforest animals. When the Wild Kratts find out, Aviva creates a Harpy Eagle Creature Power Disc. She hands the disc and a harpy eagle feather to Martin, who activates his Creature Power Suit. Chris, who activated Sloth Powers, opens the back hatch of Gourmand's plane and tosses the animals to Martin and Aviva. Chris also grabs Gourmand and lets him go after he said "Put me down!" Gourmand falls onto a harpy eagle's nest, and the provoked harpy eagle chases him while he tries to evade it by jetpack.



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