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""Honey Seekers""
Season 1, Episode 10
Original airdate January 19, 2011 (PBS)
DVD release date TBA
Written by Martin Kratt
Directed by Martin Kratt
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"Honey Seekers" is the tenth episode of the first season of Wild Kratts, originally airing in America on January 19, 2011.[1] Overall, it is the tenth episode of the series. This episode was written and directed by Wild Kratts executive producer and creator Martin Kratt.


Live action
The Kratt brothers stumble upon an American badger. The badger screeches at their truck, and later starts digging a burrow underneath. After being surprised by its ferociousness, they remind themselves of another similar creature: the honey badger of Africa.

Martin and Chris camping in the African savanna to find its toughest animal, when Aviva calls, saying that Koki intercepted a message from Gourmand, who is planning on serving a mystery animal on honey to Zach Varmitech. The Kratt brothers get ready and drive across the savanna. The first thing they do is to find a beehive, because they know honey is in the food.

Meanwhile, Gourmand sets up his fold-out restaurant near a water hole.

The Kratt brothers find some flowers, when Chris gets stung by a honeybee. They are surprised at its toughness. They follow the bee back to its hive.

Gourmand, with his nose, finds a beehive hanging under a tree. When he notices the Kratt brothers, he hides behind the tree, and hits the beehive with a ladle. Gourmand then steals a honeycomb and rolls away. The bees start chasing the Kratt brothers, and Gourmand explains to them that he will capture a ferocious creature for his recipe. The Kratt brothers then run over a lion, which also runs away from the bees. Afterwards, the lion and Kratt brothers run in different directions, and the bees run back to the hive. This makes the Kratt brothers rethink about the toughness of the lion. Afterwards, they notice a honey guide bird. They explain what the bird's symbiotic relationship with the honey badger to Aviva. This gives Aviva the idea to make Honey Badger and Honey Guide Discs. Since Martin likes the bird's singing, he names the bird Sweet Tweet.

Gourmand discovers honey badger-tracks, his key part of the recipe, and he follows them.

The Kratt brothers almost run over a lion again. A honey badger reveals itself, and the lion moves out of its way. They watch the badger follow Sweet Tweet. Aviva calls and she says that she is almost done with the Discs, which starts an argument as to which Kratt brother gets Honey Badger Power. They continue following the honey badger and Sweet Tweet after Aviva reminds them.

Gourmand continues following the tracks, even when he realizes the Kratt brothers are following the honey badger as well.

The Kratt brothers watch as the honey badger takes some honeycombs from a beehive defended by a swarm of bees. They conclude that the honey badger is the toughest animal in Africa. They watch the badger and Sweet Tweet eat. Gourmand comes close, and he throws nets on the honey badger and the Kratt brothers. Since Jimmy is sleeping, Aviva rides her Hover Bike to deliver the completed Discs.

Gourmand ties the Kratt brothers to a tree, and reveals that the honey badger is his secret ingredient for his "Medallion of Honey Badger Drizzled in Honey Demi-Glaze". The Kratt brothers reassure him that the honey badger is tough, but Gourmand is not worried, and he moves on, taking the honey badger with him, while a swarm of honeybees surround the Kratt brothers. Chris sneezes, and some honeybees close in, but Aviva saves them. Zach's jet also arrives, prompting them to hurriedly get to Gourmand's restaurant.

Back at the restaurant, Zach watches Gourmand make his dish. The Kratt brothers and Aviva arrive nearby. Aviva gives Chris the Honey Badger Disc and Martin the Honey Guide Disc. They activate their Creature Powers.

Chris enters the restaurant, but Gourmand throws dough on his deactivation button and his wrists, sticking him to the wall. Aviva tries to clean it up, but also gets captured. Martin, on the other hand, starts singing, and he lures a couple of honey badgers to Gourmand’s restaurant.

As Gourmand prepares the oven, Martin and the honey badgers come to the restaurant. The honey badgers first make a small mess. Gourmand, at first, tries to stand up, but one of the honey badger releases its odors on both him and Zach. Honey badgers lick the dough off of Chris and Aviva’s arms. Then one of the honey badgers scares Gourmand, who runs screaming, immediately folds his restaurant, and drives off along with Zach. Aviva and the Kratt brothers then release the captive honey badger. Since Chris did not eat breakfast, he uses some of the honey to make honey-on-toast. However, a honey badger snatches the toast away.

Live action
The Kratt brothers take a close look at the American badger’s claws, which it uses to dig burrows. They also try digging, but the badger enters every hole they try to dig.

Statistics outline



Creature with names


  • The Kalahari Desert of Africa



  • African honey badger
  • Honey guide


  • African honeybee/killer bee
  • Lion

Live action only

  • American badger
  • Leopard
  • Wild dog
  • Hyena
  • Cheetah

Used Creature Powers

Key facts and Creature Moments

  • The symbiotic relationship between the honey badger and the honey guide works like this: first, the honey guide leads the honey badger to a honey-source. Second, the honey-badger steals some honey, which both the honey badger and the honey guide snack on.
  • The ferocity of creatures like the honey badger are a result of competition for resources.
  • Honey Badgers are largely nocturnal.


  • Although it is commonly believed, there is in fact no evidence to support honeyguides guiding honey badgers to beehives, since the birds are diurnal and the honey badgers are nocturnal, but there is evidence to suggest that honeyguides do guide humans to beehives.


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