Jimmy's Controller is a joy-stick like contraption belonging to Jimmy Z. It has a number of functions, although it mainly serves as a means of teleportation. It made its first appearance in the episode Mom of a Croc.

Physical Appearance

Jimmy Cleaning Controller

Jimmy polishing his controller in Flight of the Draco.

Jimmy's Controller resembles a typical joy stick video game controller, consisting of a light-blue handle adorned with dark-blue ridges which allow Jimmy to maintain a more firm grasp on it, with a red button on top, along with a metal base.  


While it still functions like any typical video game controller, Jimmy's controller has a particular function unique to itself; teleportation. The handle/joy stick is used to guide items to their designated target or location, while the button is pressed in order to actually teleport them.


  • The controller was accidently tossed into the ocean by Martin in Seasquatch.
  • A running gag in the series is just how ridiculously cautious Jimmy is concerning his controller's safety - such as when was shown polishing it in Flight of the Draco, or when he stored it inside of his personal safe, where it was stolen by racoons in Masked Bandits.
  • It cannot be used to teleport living beings; only inanimate objects.