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The Jurassic Kratts special is an hour-and-a-half Wild Kratts special which is about to premiere as the final episodes of Season 5 and after of This episodes begins Season 6. The special involved the episodes "Ancient King", "Lions of The Jurassic" and The Giant Claw".



The episode begins with a live action segment. The Kratt brothers head to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, where they find skeletons of extinct animals on display. Afterwards, they ask their "What if?" question and the show transitions into the cartoon segment.

"Ancient King"

Aviva finally fixes her Time Trampoline, and now it can go even farther into pre-history. Chris, Martin and Koki are heading Late Cretaceous North-America, just to face the third largest land predator of all time: Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"Lions of the Jurassic"

In part 2 of Jurassic Kratts, the brothers and Jimmy travel to the Jurassic period, to meet Allosaurus, and to learn how this amazing predator lived.

"The Giant Claw"

In part 3 of Jurassic Kratts, Chris, Martin and Aviva travel to Cretaceous Mongolia, to face what suppouse to be the most bizzare carnivore ever, just to find out it was actually an herbivore: Therizinosaurus. They follow him around, while Martin is still trying to figure out what name to give him.

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