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  1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox humanKoslov Darkson Koroshimasu (Kev Kratt Hunter) is the true Antagonist of Wild Kratts. He takes on the role of Leader to the team Kratt Hunter, keeping the Fortress and hating the Kratt Brothers. He was American Hunter family, who were not happy when he left for the Villains. He is Villain love interest and eventual boyfriend. He Kratt Brother hater.


Kev is a tall, muscular man with tanned skin. He has wavy Black colored hair swept to the left and fury, blue eyes. There is a diseased left eye. He wears Scars, Bites, Some Golden Things, Tattoos, Piercings Clothes: Animal Skins, Scales, Hook, Peg Leg, Eye Patch


Kev Kratt Hunter is a villain so hard, very invencible, very agresssive, very cynical, and very violent man who is easily made angry or upset. His hunter family has made him act this way. Despite his tendency to be aggressive, he is actually a kind person and can become very attached to those who treat him kindly but also stand up to him, such as Aviva, which eventually leads to a crush. He is extremely loyal, too, as he is willing to fight to protect his loved ones. Because he is often misunderstood and judged, people don't see his kind and loyal personality. After joining the team, he becomes less aggressive and more open to others. He apologizes to his friends if he accidentally snaps at them.


Zach Varmitech and other villains

Koslov was one of his friends from the Institute and Zach will be his companion. But Koslov strangles him when Zach lie to Koslov. Donita Donata and Dabio likes Koslov with his clothes. Gourmand is a Koslov´s friends, Koslov cutes the heads and Gourmand cooks. Koslov´s friends are older villains.

Martin Kratt

One of Koslov´s Another Enemies. Martin Insultes Koslov´s Dog Rob, The Dangerous Dog. His Soldier Grond attacks Martin.

Chris Kratt

Other of Koslov´s Another Enemies. Chris punches Koslov. His Soldier Darrius attacks Chris.


Koslov Insultes Aviva. With the pain of brothers.

Koki and Jimmy Z

Koslov puts to they to Jail.

Sam and Selena Skye

When they first met, Sam and Selena apologs to Koslov.

Arthur Ikusaba

Arthur angers to Koslov. He kicks Rob Dog. Rob roas to Arthur.

The Koroshimasu Family

At first, Kolovs has a Brother Perrault. They were protective of him as he was to them. After he left to join the Wild Kratts, they were obviously unhappy and refuses to talk to him, ignoring his letters and calls and refusing to send their own.


  • Koroshimasu means ‘Kill’ in Japanese.

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