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Vital statistics
Title Koki
Gender Female
Race Black
Faction Good
Health 10
Level 10
Status Communications Specialist
Location Unknown

Koki is a member of the Wild Kratts crew. She is a computer expert, and her main job is manning the communication systems of the Tortuga.




Koki is African American. She is a brunette that wears a red, short sleeved shirt with a white star on it, yellow pants, and red shoes, each with two green stripes coming down from the laces to the sole. She wears a yellow headband on her head, and one pearl earring and two hoop earrings on each of her ears. She also has some freckles.


Koki is sane, serious, and easily annoyed, but she knows when to smile and goof off. She is not afraid to fight back when threatened and speak what is on her mind. She is sassy, smart and competent. She does not give up easily. If there is trouble, she gets right to solving it, often coming up with clever solutions. Her loyalty and her hardworking attitude are two of the things that keep the Wild Kratts team strong and together.


As the technology and computer expert of the team, Koki manages the communication systems of the Tortuga and receives, transmits, and intercepts signals. She is a skilled mechanic, and is in charge of maintaining the Tortuga. She also researches information about animals on the internet.


Jimmy: If Chris and Martin made a comedy show, I'd totally watch it!

Koki: *laughing* I think we just did!

-Koki and Jimmy, from Polar Bears Don't Dance


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