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Let's go Kratt in time

Aviva is able to create a brand new time machine that can go back to the beginning of time and they might need to. The machine for readings of ripples in the time stream and soon the Krattus Animalus, the Kratt family history book containing the greatest kratts of all time. They saw that the book was loosing chapters one word at a time. They soon saw that the only way to fix the chapters was to follow which ones were disappearing first and travel to that time. Aviva was able to apply the machine to the Tortuga, but their was one small problem, the machine could only work if it had something of where they wanted to go, when they wanted to go and who they were looking for. Luckily, The bros had all sorts of Kratt family treasure locked in an old chest in the garage that was given from grandfather to father to son to grandson. They soon followed the trail of the missing chapters and were ready to meet "The Kratts of the Past".

Becoming Japanese Macaques

Using an ancient ninja sword, the Wild Kratts were able to return to 17 century Japan to find Hamakini Kratt, master ninja, inventor of sushi and lover of all things natural. When they made it to Hamakini's hometown, it looked a lot more like an army war field than a village. They later found Hamakini's sushi house, only to find out that it was closed and under guard. They discovered that Hamakini was in prison for making bad sushi to the shogun, but there was something familiar about him because it was Samurai Mashinmastua VARMITECH. They needed to free Hamakini, return his restaurant to him and save this timeline from a varmitech. They were able to use Japanese monkey powers to try and bust out their ancestor. He gave them the back story of how a strange newcomer with a metal army came and said that the food was terrible. The team decided that they would put Mashinmastua in his place. They prepared a variety of ninja weapons and were ready to reclaim the shop for Hamakini. The only way in was if they could get 3 knives out of a secret compartment under the big fish statue inside the shop. They got the knives, opened the doors and were soon ready for a real plan of attack. The plan needed information and the only way to get it was from Mashinmastua himself. They learned that he never left his fortress unless he wanted to meet Madame Giesha. They saw that Jimmy Z was the only one who could fit in the disguise and he decided to do the best he could to blend in. They soon got enough information from Mashinmausta to know everything about his fortress. Once inside, Hamakini decided that he would use his ninja animal skills to take down this metal menace. The battle was long with the swords clashing like thunder and lightning and soon Hamakini saw that Mashinmastua was actually much smaller than he seems. Once the battle ended and Mashinmastua was sent to prison, Hamakini was ready to reopen his shop and become the guardian of the village which was named the Valley of Peace.

Go West Young Kratt

The Wild Kratts were now traveling to 1884 western america ,using a pair of gila monster pattern boots,to find Texas Gila Kratt, An amazing cowboy who was always doing what was right for the good of the people. They found him in a little big town named Fossilville. The town got its name due to the amount of different prehistoric fossils found alongside the gold deep in the mines. It was under the amazing protection of sheriff Toothpick Varmitech. For some reason, Toothpick had arrested Texas for robbing the town bank, but that didn't sound like something a member of the Kratt family would do. The team was able to hatch a plan to get him out, but it meant that Chris and Martin would have to get arrested by the local authority. They messed around with some posters of the sheriff, stole his favourite lollipop (they thought it tasted like rice and beans) and even knocked down a banner for a festival of the sheriff. Toothpick was able to snatch them and send them to the master outlaw section with Texas. Once inside, They met Texas Gila Kratt nicknaming him Tex for short. He said that the way to prove they were Kratts was to brace him out. They got him out and went to the hideout and saw that he was framed and it was Toothpick who was responsible for the bank rob. Tex was told that he found the gold on top of the bank and a new sheriff said that he robbed it. The gold was still stolen and it seemed that the only way to prove him innocent was to return the gold. Jimmy was able to send a robot spy bug into the saloon why he kept the guards feeling dizzy with some kind of mustard drink. The bug got info that Toothpick was going to ship the gold out of town on a fancy train to a secret buyer. Aviva was able to make a plan and noticed Texas having an eye for her. The team made it to the Toothpick's secret treasure stash where he was not only holding the gold, but also Texas's favourite rattle pistol. Chris and Martin got the door open and Texas was able to get his gun back and slip outside without any alarms. The train had come and the gold was being loaded onto the train in small chunks and in different cars. The team was able to make their own train robbery and take back the gold. The team saw that one of Toothpick's men had captured Aviva and took her to the head of the train. Toothpick wanted to trade Aviva for the gold, but Texas had different plans by blasting a whistle right in his ears. He soon fell into an empty cage and Aviva was returned to safety, but the train wasn't heading back. Tex used his crack shot pistol technique and got the train to rotate back to Fossilville where he gave the gold back to the people. The mayor decided to make him the brand new sheriff and his first order was to clean up the mess Toothpick made. The went home and got ready for their next ancestor. During their long wait, Chris and Martin decided to make a cowboy movie of the west Kratt.

Clan of the Cave Kratt

The Krattus Animalus soon revealed that there was a hidden Chapter 0, it appears that the name of Kratt didn't exist until sometime around 10,000 BC. They used a prehistoric fossil necklace which soon sent them back to the ice age where it became so cold that they thought landing in a pit of molten lava would feel like cannonballing into a hot tub. Aviva was able to make some polar bear parkas for everyone, available in five assorted colours. They soon marched through the frozen tundra of what was suppose to be the continent of Europe. The Brothers got their extinct animal safari wish when they found not only their caveman ancestor, but also a huge herd of woolly mammoth. Both the clan and the herd were heading to the safe forests and cave system of the Alps. They soon met a modern day Zach Varmitech who was here to not only collect woolly mammoths for a new line of arctic fighting and exploration robots, but was also going to chop down the Kratt family tree completely by getting rid of Roar Kratt. The team acted fasted and was able to bring the clan to the caves which they had used many times, but they had to leave the mammoths behind. Zach herded al the "hairy, old elephants" in the winter feeding grounds. The bros wanted to save these amazing, wintering creatures and Aviva knew just how to do it. Chris was given Megaloceros powers and Martin got Elasmotherium powers, the bros used these powers to rescue the mammoths from their icy demise. They got the mammoths back, but Roar knew that things were only going to get worse. He saw that the only way to keep the herd and the clan safe was if they joined forces. Days went on and soon the clan had accepted the herd and it seemed that the first domestication had happened. They used this alliance to get rid of Zach from their sacred land and trapped him in ice when they dunked him in the pond. Roar was very proud of the clan and the herd and they were united together forever. While returning to the present, Aviva was puzzled, how could Zach have the power of time travel. It seemed that the Wild Kratts weren't the only ones with the power to travel through time. It seems that the team were in for a Kratt vs Varmitech time war.

Of Mice and Machines

The team head off to marry old, 1300 AD England using a knight's helmet, in order to find Sir William Kratt, a brave and heroic knight who would defeat all enemies using his great weapon: the Sword of Ascalon. It had been said that who ever had Ascalon would be the most unstoppable warrior across the land. They discovered that Sir William's reputation had gone way down stream since he was now in a traveling circus as a jester with a lame jingle hat, a wacky looking sceptre, the whole package. They soon freed Sir William where he got a strange attraction to Aviva, Who was now named Princess Corcovado for a disguise. They were able to get him away from Aviva and to their new secret hideout in the woods. Sir William explained how he was defeated in battle by a mysterious dark knight leading what seemed to be a mechanical army. He was able to recruit some troops to distract the soldiers while went ahead to challenge the dark knight to a trial of combat. If he won, the dark knight was banished from England forever, but if he lost (which he did ironically), He would be force to surrender his days as a knight and be put in a traveling circus as the jester the team found him as. They soon made a new, stronger army and battled the dark knight. Sir William was about to end the dark knight when a burst of energy soon blew him off and shelling him of his armour. the sword soon landed in the hands of Martin Kratt and he some how was covered in some kind of blue suit of armour the second he got his hands on the sword. He was able to slay the dark knight only to reveal that it was young Liam Varmitech, an old stable boy for the king, Liam was given a technologically enhanced suit of armour and a zachbot army to defeat Sir William Kratt. They soon sent Liam to the king's dungeon and Sir William was granted the achievement of highest general of the king's order.

45 Thieves

The Krattus Animalus soon had the team heading straight for ancient Arabia to the year 1001 to find Chris and Martin's ancestor: Cairo Krattmar. Cairo Krattmar was like an arabian Robin Hood, using the stealth and cunning of 40 thieves, he was able to steal from rich snobs and give at least 50% or less of what they got to the poor people of the towns they went to. Even with this kind of ability Cairo was never able to do things on his own so he found 39 of the greatest thieves in all of Arabia and soon the 40 thieves was born. The team used Cairo's lucky genie lamp and soon landed in the last town with the sightings of Cairo Krattmar. They looked everywhere for him and soon found one of the 40 thieves and asked him where they would find Cairo. He gave them a map of the top secret hideout of the 40 thieves and told them about the secret entrance word: Open Says Me. They followed the map and opened the door to find the whole place swept clean of any kind of treasure. It had appeared that 37 of the thieves had retired from stealing and were off enjoying the rest of their lives in peace. The lucky lamp of Cairo Krattmar was still in there and once they rubbed it, a blue genie popped out mentioning that 10,000 years in a lamp can give you such a pain in the neck. He told them that he could help the team with his magic only as long as they would send him back to his master Cairo and as quick as jackrabbit with a flaming tail, the deal was made. the genie showed them that Cairo was hiding away in town to try and free the 3 remaining thieves who were now in jail. It seemed that a new wealthy person had come into town tossing away money in honour of her coming. Cairo and the thief trio were going to do one last theft before their retirement. The new comer had thought this would happen so she got some fancy new high-tech security which was suppose to be a stun and catch method which was actually set on destroy. Cairo ran off still in one piece promising to return for the others. It seemed that this time they were dealing with Mrs. Naqud Varmitech, the richest of the Varmitech family, she was so rich that she was able to by herself a small private island in the Caribbean and she even tried to buy the moon. The team was able to find Cairo and explained everything in their hideout. Cairo however didn't believe them and that the only way was to retrieve his old thieving uniform. The bros used gems stones to buy 2 of the costumes and a special staff that allowed them to slow down time which must be how Cairo was such a great bandit. They returned with the uniforms and he was ready for any plan. He told them that the 3 thieves called themselves The Panther, The Lion and the Tiger and they would only work if they were well fed. The only thing that they could stomach was scorpion claws, camel cheese and cobra tails. Chris and Martin decided to caught off the shipment and that would give them time to find the thieves. They soon found them being mind controlled by some form of music which Aviva was able to cut off and set them free. Cairo was able to tell them about Varmitech's own hideout in some kind of guarded temple near the centre of the village. The front was the only way in and that meant they needed a distraction to get the guards away while everyone else snuck inside. Cairo mentioned that the only way to get the guards away, is with a belly dancer. The only one who could do the distraction was Aviva, but she wasn't going to dress like that for anything. She was eventually convinced enough and they promised that she would only have to do this once. The others went in and soon saw that Naqud was going to make fake books of Zach's ancestors being rich. They were able to stop Naqud and burn down all the fake documents. Eventually, they left ancient Arabia as the book was restored to normal. Back home, Aviva decided that she would practice her belly dancing skills in private.

Barracudas of the Bahamas

The team us a picture of a battle between a sperm whale and a giant squid to send them back to a 1713 carribean ocean to find Captain Michael Kratt. Captain Michael was a great, yet very peculiar type of pirate, during his childhood he seemed to love 2 things in life, pirates and the ocean deep. he was soon able to make a strange device with his father who was a blacksmith. they soon took his gadget out to open water on a rowboat and soon made a success: the world's first periscope. as the years went on, he soon made great research of the ocean creatures he found. During his young adulthood, he built a ship and named it the Tortuga (the original structures of the Wild Kratts HQ). He was able to make a machine that allowed him to dive underwater and see sea creatures in amazing action. He soon sailed through the waters of the world and held records of the animals he found under the waves. One day, he found the most amazing battle of all time, the fight between a giant squid and a sperm whale. Once he saw that he was able to say that his life had run full circle and soon hid his ship on a sacred island near where he started his amazement of the ocean blue and soon set his shipmates free. Before he died, he went to see a witchdoctor woman who gave him a special potion that would grant him 1 wish. He soon put a chest of his greatest treasure in the captain's quarters of the ship and took a seat on a rocking chair in the middle of the deck. He soon drank the potion and soon his flesh and skin turned to dust and his spirit was sent to guard the ship as a poltergeist of his younger self. Can the team find Captain Michael Kratt and keep this story true and not have it tampered with by Captain Scar Varmitech and his 300 year old descendant.

Which Curse Is Worse

The team used a solid gold scarab beetle bracelet to travel back to ancient Egypt in order to find Krattunkhamen, the ancestor who actually created the Krattus Animalus. He was a great desert explorer, always finding secret spots of treasure within a barren sea of sands. They found him strolling the desert, studying a variety of desert arthropods. The bros explains what they know and he said that this was more then enough information to convince him. They said that he would find the greatest treasure in his hometown and they would follow him to help him on his journey. The team saw how amazing his hometown was and Krattunkhamen soon saw the greatest treasure he'd ever seen with his own eyes. He was stunned at the beauty of the pharaoh's daughter, that was the treasure the book said he would find. Their was a message saying that the pharaoh was looking for someone to be the new ruler and marry his daughter so he could retire peacefully after many years on the throne. Many men answered this calling, but the pharaoh said that only one with enough courage, wisdom and charm could marry his daughter. The only way to prove he was worthy was if Krattunkhamen would retrieve an item of great value. The only thing he could think of was the great gem of the nile, the monarchy gem of the first king of Egypt, Spinus Crocodilius. The pharaoh said that if he could bring back the gem before his opponent, Omar Varmi, he would have his daughter's hand in marriage. He and the Wild Kratts traveled through several miles of desert until they reached the temple of Spinus Crocodilius, it was much bigger than the stories said. The entered the fortress, watching every step they took in case their were any traps. They soon made it past every trap the king's servants had made to protect the treasure room which the team were entering now. They soon looked throughout the gold and jewels to find the gem of the nile, locked within the king's crown. Omar popped from out of no where and took the crown, but Koki snatched it back and threw it over to Krattunkhamen. They soon started until the entrance closed, however Omar was able to escape, snatch the crown and head pack home. The team charged after him, only did they relieve that some Thep Khufan mummies were on their trail. Back home, Omar presented the crown and the mummies started coming out of the windows. It was a curse saying that Omar wasn't worthy enough for his daughter's marriage. Eventually Krattunkhamen came charging in, fighting off all the mummies until they were tossed like salad. That proved his worthiness and the marriage was set, the team decided to stay until the wedding. Afterwards, the team returned home and the bros saw the Krattus Animalus restoring, looking like it came fresh off the shelf.

Bagpipes, Haggis and Lake Monsters, Oh My

The team are able to use a 12 by 12 inch piece of plaid cloth to travel into 7th century Scotland to find Arthur McKratt, the Kratt who was said to be one of the founding fathers of the loch ness monster. Once there, they see that the village of which he lives in is having a summer festival. They find Arthur practicing in a secret training ground that he and his father use many times over the past few years. During his time off, he would head to a cliff near the lake and blow an oddly shaped horn to see if he can find Nessie. The team meet him face to face and tell him what's going on. They said that the only way to keep this timeline safe was if he won the Scottish games. He was training for at least 2 months to win and was ready for anything, especially against his family opponent, Andrew McVarmitech. They soon helped him with some last minute practice and he was now ready for everything. They soon went to the games to watch, Arthur was soon kicking some serious butt at all the events. The final event was going on, The Loch Ness Boat Race (The LNBR) and this was an event that Arthur was most terrified of. He knew that coming here would anger the beast, but he wanted to keep all of time running clockwork, he had to over come his fear of going into the lake. The race was on and the team was cheering like crazy. Suddenly, there was a huge wave system and the team saw that it wasn't the monster, but a strange wave machine built by Albert McVarmitech, Andrew's father. Chris, Martin and Koki soon dove to the machine and started smashing it too pieces and got the lake calm again for the race and Arthur. Suddenly, Koki got her leg tied in kelp and the brothers couldn't help her. They reached the surface calling for help and Arthur was the only one too responde to their calls. He had a plan, but it meant losing the race, even if he was far from everyone else. He grabbed some bagpipes and played at the top of his Scottish lungs. Suddenly, just as Koki was near the point of drowning, a strange figure came and freed her from the kelp and raised her to the surface. After that, Arthur was too out of breathe to move on in the race and the other boats were coming up fast. Suddenly, the boat seemed to be moving on it's own and straight towards the finish line. Koki and the brothers jumped off before it made it and it declared the winner of the Scottish Games and saved the timeline. Soon after, he went to his hiding place, played his pipes and from out of the depths of the water, Nessie was soon stretching out of the water and was given the finest fish she had ever tasted, a little way from Arthur to say thank you. The team saw that their work was done here and were ready to move to the next timeline. But where could they go this time.

Journey to the Centre of the Congo

The Kratts use a stuffed parrot of Stanley S. Kratt, a famous explorer who knew no bounds and explored some of the hardest places in the world. They used the bird to travel to the Congo, the last place where Stanley went adventuring before he retired. They found themselves in a big lake in the middle of the jungle and coming in from downriver was an old steam ship. It contained Stanley S. Kratt and a large group of other explorers ready to see the least discovered jungle in the world. The crew set up the Tortuga while the bros went to meet Stanley and tell him they were here to help him prevent anything from happening to this timeline. The team and the explorers trekked through the jungle for days and discovered animals they had never seen in any other jungle before. The one Stanley thought was the greatest was a small, spotless giraffe with zebra stripes on its rump and he decided to name this creature an okapi. That night Louis Varmitech, one of the explorers who wanted the glory for himself wanted to capture all the animals of the Congo and put Kratt to sleep for the last time. The team had to keep their eyes on him during this adventure.

The Making of the Menace

Using a rusty old wrench, the team head to 1920 Germany to find Oscar Von Kratt, a great inventor who was made machines usually based on the abilities of different creatures. They soon found Oscar in his workshop thinking of something for the greatest inventor award. It seemed that the only competitor he wanted to beat was Marcus Varmitech. The only way to win was if he could build a machine and battle it against Varmitech's which is why, the team were going to help him. They spent hours thinking and soon, after viewing a spider on the window, Oscar had a perfect idea for a machine. They spent nearly 6 hours building and once it was ready, they covered it up and waited for the event. The challenge had come and the Kratts were ready to unveil Oscars fighting machine: The Arachnibot 2.0. You may be asking what happened to 1.0 and it was a terrible accident that many wish to forget. They soon saw the metal crash and when it was all over it was the Kratt who was standing victorious. He claimed the award and soon decided that from now on he would be called Jury Rigg. Seeing the pages return to normal, the team saw that their work here was done.

Operation: Master of Camouflage

The team place an old pocket watch in the time machine and travel to victorian era England to find Matthew Johnson Kratt, a well mannered gentleman and a clever master of disguise spy. He was working with an early form of interpol to stop big crimes such as global domination. He used his clever appearance changing ability to become a genuine mole for interpol. During his last mission, he somehow vanished and other agents went looking for him and found nothing. Eventually, the team was able to get information that he was kidnapped by Zach's ancestor: Mrs. Decibel Varmitech. The only way to save Matthew was for them to become masters of camouflage and who better than Target the chameleon to bring along this time. Eventually, the broke Matthew free and eventually they helped him stop the crimes of Decibel Varmitech, but how long could this go for, the team was running out of items to time travel with.

The Show Must Go On

The team find themselves juggling colourful circus balls into the time machine to find the great Krattarono, a great showman who travels with Circus Celeste. They find themselves somewhere near Atlantic City where the circus is starting to build up. They searched for their great grandfather and see him in one of the most obvious places: training with the animals. The teamed explained on what might be going on and this needed to be the greatest show in the universe to keep the Kratt family safe. He was about to retire after doing one last show and staying with the circus till they reached San Diego. The team saw the different animal acts: baboons respond to spanish commands, a fighting kangaroo, a cage with a jaguar, lion and tiger and many others for their final act. It was show night and everyone was ready but Krattarono saw that his prized baboon: Bobo had some how escaped and he needed him before he went on as the last act. Chris and Martin went off to look for Bobo and soon saw that he didn't escape, he was kidnapped when no one was looking. They followed some tracks into the city and it lead to an italian restaurant. They used raccoon powers to sneak in and see that Zach was working with his great, great grandfather: Oliver "The Robot" Varmitech, a notorious gangster know for lots of mass kidnappings. The bros were able to make a switch-a-roo with Bobo and a stuffed toy they got at one of the games. They soon returned to the circus just in time because Krattarono was going on next and he was happy to see Bobo back. They soon watched as the animals were working hard in this final performance and they were now ready for the most dangerous act of all: the animal kingdom temple of DOOM! The animals were staked heaviest to lightest with Bobo at the top holding a colourful bird with a crazy tail in his hands. After that, the ringmaster said that Krattarono truly deserved his retirement. The team were able to keep the tracks safe for Krattarono's trip to San Diego. They soon waved good bye to the bros great grandfather as they blasted back to the present getting ready with the next time line.

When in Rome, Do What The Gladiators Do

Chris found out that the team needed to reach Ancient Rome to find Kratticus, a brave soldier and fighting gladiator who worked with Spartacus. The bros were told he invented a famous italian dish of their favourite and they wanted to find out which one it was. They placed a spearhead into the machine and soon made it to the ancient town of Rome. They soon found him creating all 3 italian dishes: pizza, spaghetti and lasagne preparing for his last meal with his family before he had to go off to battle. Koki and Aviva have done some digging and soon saw that Kratticus had to go to a coliseum where he would either fight or die trying. It appears that he needs to go to become part of the spartacus revolution. Kratticus needed to win a mighty battle with fearsome creatures and powerful warriors in order to claim his true name: The Gladiator Gator. Once the meal was finished, Kratticus was off to the coliseum to fight with Spartacus. The team followed him and tried to make sure he remained alive with every battle he fought. The bros and Jimmy Z saw him battle everything the emperor threw at him and Spartacus. The girls on the other hand had to keep an eye on Zach and the emperor, it seemed that Zach had made an ally from this period that may or may not be a member of his past which was very tempting to learn about. Eventually, Spartacus and Kratticus were about to face off against some kind of giant reptile and it appeared to be a dinosaur. It was strange to see an animal like this in a place and more importantly time where it doesn't belong. It appeared that the dinosaur wasn't made of flesh and bone, rather yet steel and iron. The monster was made by Zach in order to end Kratticus but become defeated by Spartacus. The metal of the men and the beast clashed for hours and it seemed that Kratticus was about to meet his match. But he had a secret weapon, before he left, he was given a special red stone that would energize any weapon, machine or even creature that it came into contact with. The girls saw that it was either a dwarf star core or an extremely rare cosmostone. Aviva read that cosmos tones could give any creature that touched it elemental energy powers. It was said that the red stone gave the user the power of fire and it seemed that it was enough to defeat Zach's metallic monster. After the battle was won, Kratticus was soon renamed The Gladiator Gator. The team was able to free the warriors from their cells and get them prepared for their rebellion against the emperor. The team was able to fix the time zone and were ready for the next timeline to be effected.

Krattules: Wildest Man Alive

The Wild Kratts noticed a change in 650 BC Greece, that could only mean that Krattules was in need of their assistance. The Krattus Animalus said that Krattules was a very great and powerful man, he was a mix of mind and muscle. The strange thing thou was that he had some how had the ability to not only talk with the local animals, but also claim their natural abilities just by touching them. This seemed to be some really early version of Creature Power Suit technology. Chris finds an old, slightly cracked pot and it seemed to be dated to the time of Krattules's hero days. They soon found themselves 100 miles south of the town where Krattules had grown up and spent much of his life. They soon found him, only problem was that he wasn't much of a hero working in his father's restaurant. Suddenly, a huge crashing announced the coming of a huge, ferocious bear making a real fuss about something. Some how, like on cue, Krattules was able to spring into action and tried to see if he could pin down the beast using it's own strength against it. Within a small flash of green light, the young boy was able hold down the mighty beast and saw that there was a big thorn on its butt. The team was in shock and awe when they saw that daring attempt. The book said that he needed to defeat a strange assortment of creatures on top a mighty thunder mount called Mt. Olympus. Days went on and soon a large bull-headed creature had coming charging through the village. It seemed to be the mythological minotaur, but the team thought it was only a myth, well they were wrong. Krattules was able to use Martin's lion power disc and was ready to attack at this mighty new beast. Suddenly, the beast retreated to the mountain and that is where Krattules would take the fight and the Wild Kratts were coming along with him. He'd seen what great animal power was within those discs and accepted their help. The next day, the team and Krattules were able to travel to the top of the mountain. At the peak, they saw the minotaur and 3 other creatures, the 9-headed Hydra, the energy blasting, one-eyed Cyclops and the stone cold Medusa. The monsters attacked Krattules one-by-one only to see that the tales they heard were very true. Suddenly, Krattules was able to absorb the powers of each and every one of the creature power discs. He soon had kangaroo jump, elephant strength, mantis strike, falcon flight, cheetah speed and several other powers. He soon trapped Medusa in his shield, ended the minotaur and hydra and reflect the cyclops blast right back at him. He soon saw that he was a powerful warrior with these powers and having so much, he no longer needed to absorb animal DNA for power, all he had to do was think of what he wanted to do and he could do it. He soon went to travel the globe and defeat any evil he found in the world. The team saw that Krattules's chapter was actually getting longer than what it did and soon they returned home, waiting for their next adventure to happen.

Four Beast Harmony

The team use a jade monkey statue to travel back to 630 AD China to look for Yeren Kratt, a man who had spent several years of childhood to create kung fu from the beasts he found. The machine had sent them to the top of a mountain that seemed to go down for several hundred miles. They were on top of the elemental mountains, five mountains told to wield one of five elements: fire, earth, metal. water and wood. The bros were able to use falcon powers to fly down and the crew used insectocopter packs to find the brothers at the bottom looking for their ancestor. They soon found him practicing his kung fu skills at an old temple that was filled with other monks learning this new fighting technique. They soon got a chance to talk to him about what was going on and he did mention a variety of robberies and other crimes in the nearby village. It was said that someone calling himself the midnight stranger and a group of black ninjas were popping in and out of homes and sometimes killing a man or two. They decided to see this villain for themselves and be ready to ambush him at the first sight of this bandit. Yeren was happy to help, it would give him the opportunity to try his fighting style against these interlopers. Eventually, they saw the thieving ninjas move quicker than lightning until they found the midnight stranger walking into town with a cart of gold the ninjas took. The kratts and Yeren followed them towards a hideout in a deep canyon. They saw that the midnight stranger was really a zachbot and other midnight strangers were there ready to do anything to get gold. Yeren got the team's attention towards a slightly large man on a throne in the back of the room. His name was Jinshu Varmitech, he was an ancient warlord who was suppose to be the end of Yeren, like the Krattus Animalus says. They needed to make sure that Yeren won this battle and keep his family history strong. They soon traveled to a secret pond called the pool of sacred tears, Yeren used this place to fill his chi with harmony and focus. The team was able to keep Yeren in his kung fu fighting shape and be ready for anything anyone threw at him. The day of battle had come, Jinshu had come rolling into town challenging Yeren to an ultimate kung fu brawl. The battle took place at the jade palace, an ancient hall filled with weapons and artifacts. The battle was long and brutal, it seemed as if good and evil themselves were fighting. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, 4 spiritual animals had come from all directions towards Yeren Kratt. A monkey from the north, a tiger from the east, a snake from the south and a crane from the west soon forming a dragon which entered Yeren's body. He felt so much power and soon used the power of the animals to finally defeat Jinshu. The village made him emperor and ruler of the jade palace and his chapter in the Krattus Animalus was restored. The team returned to the present and saw that they were almost making the book, but what could be in store next.

Fantastic Triassic

After there latest time travel, the team returned home to study their next time trip spot. Suddenly, a giant lightning bolt struck the tortuga, causing the time machine to fritz out and after a blast of chrono-energy, the team felt like they were now in an oven. They soon saw that they were in some kind of desert oasis filled with many insects. Suddenly, Chris went into a form of bliss coma after seeing a Coelophysis with his own 2 eyes. Aviva saw that the team were now in a period called the triassic in the mesozoic era, Martin was told that this was where dinosaurs came from. Chris started following the little dinosaur toward a herd of Placerias where it seemed to be looking for food. Suddenly a Postosuchus came jumping out and killed one of the herd members. While the team was busy fixing the time machine, Martin headed off looking for his wonderland travelling brother. He found him studying a Peteinosaurus who was searching for insects like dragonflies to snack on. Martin was able to get Chris away from the flying lizard and back to the tortuga where everybody saw that the lightning had overpowered the time machine. Aviva and Koki said that it would take some time to fix it, which gave Chris and Martin the chance to explore a world the imaged ever since their childhood.

Classic in the Jurassic

The crew were finally able to fix the time machine and the bros wave goodbye to the triassic creatures. Suddenly, during mid-flight, a surge of chronicle cosmic energy causing the tortuga to fall right out of the time space continuum into some kind of open, sweating hot plain. The team was unable to figure out which time they were in, but the bros saw that they were in the jurassic period, at least a hundred million years from their last stop. They figured it out do to the brachiosaurus they found eating the nearby trees. They soon saw a herd of diplodocus was roaming past and the big stegosaurus near the tortuga. Suddenly, there was panic as a trio of allosaurus was coming in for a hunt. The team saw how the allosaurus's hunted and it seemed to look like lions. They soon saw that stegosaurus used its plates to scare them away and its tail was used for attack, a brachiosaurus just kicked predators away and sometimes stomped so hard it felt like a thunderstorm. They soon wanted to see what diplodocus used for defence. They saw that they used their huge size and whips at the end of their tails. Once they got backed to the ship, they saw it was filled with what seemed to be little birds. Chris determined that this was the smallest dinosaurs: microraptor and the first birds in the world: archaeopteryx. They soon collected them and sent them deep into the jungle, closing the doors in case something else went inside. they soon returned and finally finished the time machine and were finally ready to return back to the safety of the present. But could this just be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Goodness Gracious, It's the Cretaceous

Inside the time tunnel, the team saw that it was silk-smoove sailing from now on. Until Jimmy Z accidentally tripped on a tube and spilled some soda into the time machine. Suddenly, a huge bolt of energy from the soda soon gave the entire tortuga a massive sugar rush and making them crash land again in yet another unknown time and place wondering what could happen now. They soon found a moderate sized herd of triceratops and that proved that they were at the end of the dinosaur time: the cretaceous. The bros wanted to do one last dinosaur adventure before going home. Aviva and Koki saw their pathetic begging and decided that they could explore one more dinosaur place, but then they would go straight home. The bros soon saw that the triceratops was accompanied by a heard of parasaurolophus, possibly for some look out points. The bros wanted to see a battle, but all they got was more feeding a nursing. they saw that the 2 top males of both species seemed to be looking for something specific, what exactly was still unknown. Martin found a pack of velociraptors and they only seemed interested with smaller things like low flying birds and little mammals and reptiles that scurried around everywhere. Chris soon found a small family of quetzalcoatlus swooping over head fishing in a nearby lake. They were puzzled about what the males were looking for a they soon saw that lots of dinosaurs were getting antsy. Suddenly, a huge female t rex, four smaller males and females and two little siblings were on the scene, and they seemed hungry. This was the males were nervous about and everybody was ready for a fight. The older t rex charged while the youngsters hid in some plants, waiting for any kills the older ones made. The triceratops were ready to defend, but the parasaurolophus just ran into the lake making a lot of noise with their crests. The older female was blocked by three triceratops, the males splitter up, two went for younger triceratops while the others went looking for any parasaurolophus still trying to get to the water. The bros never saw such a natural battlefield before but suddenly the mother was shrieking to the top of her lungs as an ankylosaurus soon smashed its tail into her thigh causing to limp away, but the males got a youngster of both kinds of herd members. They soon feasted with the female trying out both meats to restore her legs back to full health. Chris felt so amazed to see this moment and he even got the chance to record it with his creature pod. Meanwhile, the had finally fixed the time machine, suddenly the tortuga starting glowing and soon it looked more like a huge dinosaur-type creature and it seemed that Jimmy Z's soda had some how fuelled the tellurium crystal power core, giving the entire ship a turbo powered upgrade. They saw that there were many similar features and plenty of brand new ones and they wanted to see how Zach would react with this new and improved ship with all sorts of who knows what. The team was soon able to return home and Chris was able to get his video on a video disc and soon watched it over and over for several hours on end. The team and Martin soon figured out all of the tortugas upgrades and record them in a little booklet in case anybody needed to figure out what was where.

The 3 Muskrattketeers

The team see the pages of Francoeur Kratt were starting to get fuzzy and they needed to get to 17th century Paris, France. Martin started looking for something of Francoeur Kratt in the family treasure chest and Chris saw that the girls were acting "odd". He asked what was all the bags were for an they said that they always wanted to see the most beautiful city of lights in the world. Chris said that Paris wasn't the city of lights back then, it was mainly about musketeers and nothing you would find in modern day Paris. The girls were disappointed, but started laughing at the sight of Martin. He had found Francoeur's hat and had decided to empress the girls with his "winning personality". He placed the hat in the time machine and they were heading back in time to meet one of the bravest kratts in the Krattus Animalus. The girls saw that it was still beautiful, but there was no sign of the man they were looking for. Jimmy was able to see a group of people and thought that he was down there. The bros went down while the team went to look for a place to land, the bros soon found Francoeur was becoming a member of this generation of musketeers. They saw him join up with 2 other musketeers to defend the queen. The bros read that Francoeur needed to defend the queen in a battle against black Jacque Varmitech.

The Mask of El Oso Kratto

Martin was reading on their process and saw that another chapter was disappearing. it seemed they needed something of 1900 Mexico to find El Oso Kratto. El Oso Kratto was one of the bravest and strongest of the Kratt family, defeating many competitors in a luchador battle. One day, he saw an opponent worthy of match against his skills. It was a huge, ferocious bear part of a travelling show by the name of Vicious and he had that name for good reason. The beast had a winning streak 100 feet long and twice the ugly. It was said that El Oso Kratto needed to win the match against Vicious in order to keep the Kratt timeline moving. Jimmy was able to find a luchador mask that seemed to belong to El Oso and tossed it into the machine. They soon saw that the village was having some kind of festival. Aviva mentioned that this was the preparation for the day of the dead festivities. The day of the dead was a time when families went to the cemetery to meet the ghosts of their ancestors who would come back for 2 days. The team landed outside and were able to disguise themselves as locals. They soon found a wrestling ring with El Oso's picture which proved that this was his home and this could be where they could talk to him. El Oso said that this sounded like fiction, but started to believe them when Martin brought out a poster of Vicious. He said he would win this, but only to prove that no man, beast or anything has ever bested a Kratt. The team followed him, but Koki went off to follow some strange squeaking noises. It seemed to be Zach and his ancestor, Artilugio Varmitech, a towel boy to the local luchadors of the ring. It seemed they had heard about the match and were making a mechanical version of the bear and were going to switch them to ensure the death of the kratts. Koki went off to warn the team and El Oso about what she saw and Aviva had just the tool for the job. She should Koki a hand-held version of an electromagnetic pulse generator. If that bear ever got the best of El Oso, all they needed to do was push the button and any device that wasn't wild kratts based would instantly shut down. The match went on for hours and soon the real bear came charging in with rage. The people were shocked at the appearance of 2 of the same bear only to get things clear when Aviva activated the EMP. The mechanical bear shut down and Artilugio was sent to jail. Eventually, with the real bear in the match went on forever and when it was all over, it was the man who was standing victorious. The bear couldn't contain its anger a laid waste to the town, many lives would have been lost if El Oso hadn't come in and saved the day. The bear battled with him once again only to be pinned down a second time. El Oso made a wrong step and soon Vicious had his teeth on his leg and it felt like a steel trap. The bros were able to tranquilize the bear and find it a place where it wouldn't cause harm to people and live peacefully. The crew, meanwhile, had to get El Oso to the hospital to see if there was any damage to his leg. Hours passed and eventually the doctor said that he would heal, only having toothmarks develop on his leg. They soon saw El Oso return to his family, promising that he would retire from his days in the ring and spend more time with his loved ones. The team returned home feeling better as they saw more pages restored. Jimmy and the bros were soon playing live action WWE video games wight he same moves as El Oso did and Martin was even where El Oso's mask. Aviva and Koki saw that this was gonna go on for a long, long time.

Thunder Down Under

The were heading to 1900 Australia to find Outback Andrew Kratt, a brave member of the kratt family who had traveled to Australia. The Krattus Animalus read that he went into the wild as a young boy when he felt left out and bullied by every kid in the neighbourhood. He had a connection with animals which might be where Chris and Martin's animal interest came from. He found an ancient guru named Ankamuti, who was said to be the wisest man in the outback and could teach him the ways of the creatures. Andrew had trained for many years and had even got members of his family to visit and he soon saw that he was ready. Ankamuti had given his a special tool of the dream time. It was a small coin that was said to give the owner the power to be one with nature and talk with animals from every corner of the globe. He thought it sounded crazy, but he heard crazier when he returned home and his horse started to talk. It seemed that Ankamuti's dream time coin really did have magic powers and he decided to use this in a good way. The years went on and he soon went around the world and learned from all types of animals. The team found him about to leave to travel the globe at what seemed to be the age of at least 20 or over. They found him boarding the ship to travel the world in search for his first animals away from the land down under. The team caught up with him and told him that someone with the name of Varmitech might steal his coin and use it for evil against nature. He said he had the coin safe and with him at all times. The days went on and Outback Andrew started to learn more and more about the animals of the world and even found peace and harmony in some places. Suddenly, he had been pushed overboard by Kyle Zarmitech and took a small pouch of coins from him. He searched through the coins, but didn't find the one he wanted. The place of Ankamuti's coin was on the Australian stone necklace and he used the coin to speak to a giant sperm whale. The whale bumped the ship and launched Andrew 20 feet into the air landing like a cat behind the wheel. Kyle was soon strapped and launched out of a cannon to a nearby island, never to be seen again for a long, long, long time. The team saw that the book was restoring to its original form and head for home.

All Aboard the Longship

Aviva placed a ring in the time machine and they blasted into some time between 800 and 900 AD to find the bros viking ancestor: Fredrick Kratt. It had been said that Fredrick was the toughest viking in all the land and was a beast of unstoppable raw power. Rumour had it that, when he was just a baby, he popped a 15 foot long dragon's head clean off its shoulders, did the bros believed it, yes they did. The team landed in a frozen sea in some time around 850 AD in Scandinavia. They found a teeny tiny island to the south containing the village of Berk, Fredrick's hometown. When they made it to Berk they found it sturdy, their was hunting fishing and a chambering view of the sunset and sunrise. The only problem was the pests. Most other places had mice or mosquitoes, but this places had DRAGONS. They saw that there was a battle between men and dragon and Fredrick was one of the men joining them. He was better in person then the book had mentioned, swinging a powerful blade back and forth scaring the dragons. Once the battle was over, Fredrick just stormed off in a rage like he normally does. They were able to speak with him in his home at the top of the hill and the only thing he said was that it sounded like dragon gas. The only way to prove that they were Kratts was if they survived a day in the dragon training arena. They were given some armour and weapons for battle and soon headed into a place most of the village children wanted to go into. Fredrick called them lucky because they got to battle against 4 of the few species that live on/near the island. The battle was long, but Aviva was soon able to notice that these weren't monsters, but gentle, intelligent creatures. Everyone else was able to claim there own dragon friend, everyone that is except for Martin. Fredrick saw that these people truly were part of the Kratt family, including Martin. Suddenly, a huge shadow circled above them, freaking out the dragons and then a 5th dragon came stalking into the ring. Fredrick told them that it was a Dark Fury dragon, the most dangerous type of dragon ever discovered on the island. Martin decided that this was going to be his dragon and offered some tasty fish as a symbol a peace. Suddenly, Martin noticed that he was a toothless monster until the teeth came popping out to snatch the fish, Martin was lucky he still had his fingers. Now everyone had a dragon and Fredrick decided that these could be used for good. Days went by and the team fought the village on how to train a dragon. They soon found Sven Varmitech wanting the dragons gone by sticking out what the dragons hate: smoked eels and blue plants. Fredrick saw that this was the only person who didn't like dragons and the team decided to change that. They put him on the back of a monstrous Nightfear, a type of dragon that only the best of vikings went after and had a very nasty habit of setting themselves on fire. In the air Sven saw that this was what it meant to be a dragon and soon the team made the first Kratt-Varmitech friend relationship. Chris felt the book getting heavier with the adventures of Fredrick and Sven. They headed home and Chris started reading the adventures of their Scandinavian ancestor.

Kratt Degrees Below Zero

The team needed to travel to the frozen land of 1821 North Pole to find Chris and Martin's pioneering ancestor, Amarok Kratt. Amarok was a very skilled eskimo who traveled for days across the arctic tundra, studying all the survival skills of the animals around him. Jimmy Z was able to find an tiny owl carved from a narwhal tusk and placed in the time machine. They traveled through the time tunnel all the way to a small village, five miles away from a cliff. They saw it covered in ice and had soon found Amarok going out to hunt, but the team wasn't going to let him go around with all the dangers around. They met him and told him about what he had to do, he said that he could and would do it. They helped him collect as much arctic meat as possible and helped him bringing it back to the village. Days went on and soon, Zach was able to bring havoc to the village by building a weather machine and forge a huge ice storm that would put the village at risk of freezing and hunger. The team saw that now was the time that Amarok needed to travel off to the far ice and take down the mighty sea unicorn and save his village from hunger. He had traveled miles onto frozen ocean and soon saw the beast trapped in a large lake, trapped away from the ocean. The team, meanwhile, went to stop Zach and his evil snow cone maker. Amarok had tried to harpoon the beast, until it jumped up and tried to reach for the ocean by land. He was going to give up until a male polar bear came to help and bring down the beast for the frozen deep. Eventually, the team shut down the machine and sent it to a future trash dump where it wouldn't cause any harm to anyone anywhere. Eventually, Amarok and his new friend, Kringmerk the polar bear had brought enough food for everyone for at least a month. The team decided to join the feast and started heading for home. Back in the 21st century, Martin saw the little owl changing into a polar bear and placed inside a little box and put it inside the chest as a great treasure of their history and maybe even their own future.

Clash of the Colossal Creepy Crawlies

During the middle of the night, Chris decided that the team would go back to the carboniferous, a time in earth's history when giant arthropods ruled the world. He placed a fossil foot print of arthropleura, a giant relative of modern millipedes and centipedes. He saw the landscape change and he landed the tortuga in what was now Scotland. The team woke up and they found a lush rainforest swamp outside, eventually Chris told them what he did and they weren't exactly keen with it. Martin was heading off to explore this new world, eventually finding a meganeura, a giant dragonfly with a wingspan of an eagle. Martin activated dragonfly powers to see if it would work and it did only he didn't shrink down. He flew with his new friend, Fighter Jet, through the forest, avoiding the snapping jaws of amphibians below. The team followed him and soon found dozens of them over a pond. Chris went off to find an athroplerua, maybe even the one who made the tracks he put in the time machine. Martin was having blast with Fighter Jet, but he thought that it was time to rest his wings and deactivate. The girls decided to take a seat on a fallen log, until suddenly, it started to move and they saw it was the arthropleura Chris was looking for. They soon saw that it had legs like a centipede, so that must be its closest relative, and that he was a herbivore which means they were safe. Koki found an actual fallen log to have a seat until she was stung by something. Chris saw what happened and it seemed that it was a pulmmonoscorpius kirktonensis. Aviva gave her a medical scan to see if it was fatal to humans but, other than being really itchy, Koki was going to be just fine. They soon explored the rest of the swamp by heading underwater and Aviva was able to build suits for a monster in the water. They soon found their water monster and it was a crassigyrinus, a large predatory amphibian. The bros activated their suits and explored how amazing it was down their. Suddenly, a wild fire started coming their way, and all the creatures were swarming away from the raging heat. The team went back to the tortuga and started heading back to the safety of the 21st century. Chris was proud to travel back in time and see such humungous insects and arachnids. Chris was soon frightened by the sight of big bugs all over the place, which was just the team playing a prank on him.

We Do This Maya Way

The Krattus Animalus showed that Krattachiku was in need of assistance. According to the book Krattachiku was one of the most ferocious members of the Kratt family. In order to find him they needed an item from the days of the mayans, however they didn't have any items from that time or of Krattachiku. Martin started digging close to the bottom of the chest. Aviva helped and soon found what appeared to be a pair of ancient earrings and it was exactly what they were looking for. They placed them in the time machine and they were sent back to central america back in the 1320's. They trekked through the jungle until they found the village that was said to be the home of Krattachiku. They disguise themselves as locals in order to search for their wild mayan ancestor. They find him, finishing off what appeared to be a freshly hunted boar, watching him made Aviva feel ready to heave. They eventually told him the tale of what was suppose to happen and he didn't seem to pay any attention or care about a word they said. He was ready to hunt some more only to find that a group of explorers was in his jungle territory. He wanted to fight them, but the team said that if he was to attack them together, he would lose. Krattachiku waited until they divided, then he would pounce on them like a jaguar. The team went to find the Zach ancestor, if their was one for this time zone. They had found him: Marcus El Varmitech. He was a spanish explorer from across the ocean who was sent here by order of the king of Spain to conquer new land. Marcus was ready to take down any land and one in particular: Krattachiku's village. The team saw that the soldiers were ready to take down the village and what wasn't surprising was the appearance of Zach Varmitech. He came back to give a stomping on the Kratt brothers 1320 ancestor. The team needed a way and, after finally believing them, Krattachiku had a possible idea that could frighten away the intruders. He brought them to an ancient temple pyramid deep in the jungle which was where the villagers would make precious items in offer of the gods. He should them a statue of the famed mayan god of sun, sky and agriculture, Quetzalcoatl. Aviva had the idea that they would create a fake Quetzalcoatl in order to scare away Marcus El Varmitech. They put Chris and Martin inside a large exo-suit and used a holographic projector to give him his appearance. Once the soldiers came attacking, the village was ready to hold them back. The brothers came soaring in blasting fire like a sun god should, only to come down to see if they could convince the intruders to leave. They had banished these men from this village and to never return to this land ever again. Eventually, it worked and the spanish soldiers were heading back, never to return for a long time. The team was happy to see that this mission was a complete success and headed home. Before leaving, Krattachiku decided to make them honorary mayans of their village.

2 Wings High And Rising

Martin was able to read in the Krattus Animalus that their next target was World War 2, home of Sherman Kratt. Sherman was on of the greatest aviators in Kratt history, bombing down on the enemy in his fighter plane, The Golden Eagle. They found what seemed to be a 1940 fighter pilot jacket with an official aviator golden wings pin that belonged to Sherman Kratt. They time traveled to the outer reaches of the war field and landed in a safe location far from the battle. They trekked through the home base to find Sherman, but all they found were other soldiers, bruised and blooded. The book said that they needed to make sure Sherman stayed alive and helped his army win the war. They found him with his plane in the cockpit and the only injury he had was some slightly deep slashes in his arm. They told him about war he needed to do and all he needed to say to that was "I have never lost a fight on this bird, and i'm not gonna stop now". Later in the evening the team decided to make a stealthy steal on the enemy base by taking their ammo and send it into the home base and slip some secret weapons into The Golden Eagle. The next morning, the home general saw that they had a hope of winning and decided to keep it quiet for now until he said otherwise. On the other base, General Buzz B. Varmitech had seen the results of the rob last night and started to become furious at his soldiers since there were his soldiers boot prints all over the ground. The home base soon sent a passenger pidgin to the other side to surrender or be bombed to death. General BBV was now ready to explode which was why he was sending his soldiers on full head on attack. The home general sent up higher defences while the air force began to strike from above. Sherman was soon stunned to see that someone or something had secretly upgraded his Golden Eagle. Stronger, bulletproof body, faster-firing turrets with doubled ammo, lighter wings for higher altitude and many other features. In the air, he saw that his plane flew like a real golden eagle and the turrets were quicker than a falcon's eye. He swooped, swerved, swirled, dove and blasted holes in the battle field like it was swiss cheese. Hours went by, and The Golden Eagle needed a fuel up, so Sherman turned back. General Buzz was very suspicious about this lightning fast flier and sent a spy to sneak him out. Back at the base, the general wanted to speck to Sherman in his office and it seemed that the general was impressed with him. The team helped keep the secret of their improvements by getting rid of the spy. The team was now ready to get rid of the war and the way to do that was to make Sherman Kratt capture General Buzz. Late in the night, Sherman snuck out and caught Buzz sleeping in his quarters, he was able to send him out in the open where a trap was set for him. Sherman and the brothers helped carry the general back to the base and the bros had to leave before they reached the base so they wouldn't get caught in this endless battle. The home general was surprised at his operation and the war was soon declared over with the safe return of the general and the signing of a peace treaty. Back in Sherman's home town, the general gave him the aviator pin the bros found on the jacket they had. They were happy to see their grandfather back home with his family. That reminded them that they needed to return to their home before something bad happened to them.

Things That Go Bump And Bite

According to the book, the team needed to find Decebal van Krattstikor, a famed monster hunter in dark aged, haunted Transylvania. Jimmy Z insisted that he wouldn't go, he's seen all the monster movies and doesn't want to end up like all the heroes he's seen. Because of his knowledge on monsters they decided to make him the brains of the operation. The bros found what seemed to be a strange cane with what seemed to be an amber stone on it. It was split which made it easy to place in the machine and they were on their way to one of the most haunted place on Earth. Jimmy said it once which meant he said it a million times "I'm not going to get bitten, drained and turned undead". Aviva was able to bribe him to join them with a new invention: a portable tractor beam that lift over 5 tons of weight and works like his controller. He agreed and they were off, but once they got there it wasn't what they thought it would be. The entire town where Decebal was said to be last sighted was getting ready for a halloween-like festival. They found Decebal in a pub, reading about some of the monstrous pests that infested the area. They spoke to him about a hunt and he only wanted to have a hunt by himself for a very valuable monster. He said that a woman needed his help with a vampire problem in a castle in this very town. Its name was Count Varmula. The bros thought that this was the vampire that was said to make Dacebal van Krattstikor the most famous monster hunter ever. The castle was also suppose to have many other monsters around the place. They alerted Decebal and said that he was ready with every kind of monster destroyer known to man or animal. The team decided to follow and be his backup team in case he were out numbered. Eventually, the full moon had come out and there was only a matter of time until the monsters came popping out of the shadows. The village was soon filled was monster ending traps that would spring if the right monster triggered it. The clock struck midnight and the monsters came out and the hunt had begun. Decebal ran through the castle with stealth like a shadow cat in a dog show, searching for each and every last one of those monsters. He caught a werewolf, a swamp monster, an Egyptian mummy, several Varmitech ghosts and several others. There, was only one monster left: Count Varmula the vampire, and he had already slipped away into town. The townsfolk had started running away from the bat of the undead that could drain the people dry of blood if it got them. Decebal soon came charging in and got out a dagger that would slay this horrid demon. It was made of wood, like in all the movies Jimmy Z has seen with vampires, but when he strikes, it didn't work. Aviva and Koki soon found some kind of power source within his coffin and saw that it must be the heart of the vampire. they smashed it to pieces and Count Varmula lost his fangs and pale skin and changed from monster to man. The townspeople got him to the doctor for a check and he seemed to be in top human condition. The crew saw that they did what they needed to do and went back to the safety of the 21st century before more monsters popped up.

The Apes of Past

The team wondered how humans life was like before they were hunters, they decided to solve the mystery of life before the caveman. They found the hand bone of australopithecus, a prehistoric ape that walked upright on its hind legs like a man. They traveled back to 3.2 million year old Ethiopia and they followed a river down to a troop of a dozen australopithecus. On the outside of the forest, they found animals of the modern age like warthogs and rhinos. They saw them fighting a neighbouring troop, but were forced out of their territory and the team had to follow them. They were heading towards the grasslands and were soon pushed on for days on end to find a new home. The team used sonar system to try and find all they needed and that spot was a few days walk east of their current location. They headed to the location only to have a run in with an angry deinotherium, a relative of the elephant but bigger, smaller ears and downward tusks. They got everyone to safety, but a little one couldn't keep up. Martin was able to run fast enough to grab the kid while Chris worked as a decoy for the deinotherium to keep him away. They soon moved on and a young male was challenging the top elder male Martin called Kong. The other one was named Ironarm since they saw that his right arm was stronger than the left. The brothers saw that australopithecus was a less aggressive primate than modern day ones, they show dominance with displays, not fights. They soon made it to the location of the sonar system that seemed to have all the apes needed. There was trees to hide in, clean water to drink, more than enough fruit to eat and friendly animal neighbours like the zebra-like gorilla walking ancylotherium. Hours went by and the team saw that this was perfect for the troop. Chris saw that one of them wasn't all that happy here, it was an young orphaned male he named Blue. The next day, a female had brought back an ostrich egg it stole, but Kong stole it from her. Suddenly, a sabre tooth cat named dinofelis came from out of nowhere, attacked the female and dragged it away to eat it. The guys saw that this place wasn't exactly the paradise they wanted for the troop. They moved away from the cat and soon found a zebra carcass, the troop got into scavenging on the carcass. Kong was the first to eat and the others soon joined him, the brothers saw that these apes were more omnivorous than other apes. Later, the troop got into some grooming on a high rock later, suddenly the dinofelis returned and everyone was able to reach a tree that the cat couldn't. Blue, however, couldn't reach the tree in time and was a clean target for the predator. Suddenly, Kong came in and ordered the troop to unite and fight back against the cat to defend Blue. The brothers saw the change, even thou he was the lowest ranker of the troop, but he was now worthy enough to set the others into action, its a start. The brothers saw the change and this was from the zebra carcass they had early that gave them brain power. The team returned, all of them suddenly feeling strange. They all felt stronger, faster and smarter, could they have possibly done something in the past that helped humans become more evolved?

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