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This is a list of existing Creature Power Suits. Please try to find pictures, and don't put any
Creature Power Suits
The Creature Power Suits, unactivated.
fan-made CPS's on here.

The Creature Power Suits

The Creature Power Suits are two fictional inventions in the cartoon Wild Kratts. They were created by Aviva Corvacado. The two items are the primary plot point used throughout the show, utilized in nearly every episode. The suits
CPS disks
Creature Power Disks
will change form into a costume that allows the wearer to use the "Creature Powers" of the animal they become, such as, using abilities like flight or gills that the animal species possesses. the suits require an species's DNA before they can transform, which can be collected by touching an animal. The two suits shown are referred two as prototypes by Aviva, and are the only ones in existance thus far. the suits require Disks that contain the information needed to change form into an animilian form, so Aviva constantly creates more and more disks for the two brothers to use, with Jimmy often teleporting them to the brothers.

Land Animals

  • Aardvark Powers: Increased digging speed, highly durable claws
  • Aardwolf Powers:
  • Draco Lizard Powers: Gliding, partial ability to climb walls
  • Platypus Powers:
  • Polar Bear Powers:
  • Beaver Powers: Extremely fast and strong chewing without fear of wearing teeth down, increased swimming ability.
  • Hony Badger Powers: Superstrength
  • Tazmanian Devil Powers: Enhanced sinal abilities
  • Elephant Powers: Superstrength, enhanced hearing.
  • Rhinocerous Powers:
  • Kangaroo Powers:
  • Squirrel Powers: Enhanced climbing ability, extra storage area
  • Cheetah Powers: Extremely hieghtened speed for over short distances, enhanced vision
  • Lion Powers: Can use claws, enhanced vocal ability
  • Thorny Devil Powers:
  • Proboscis Monkey Powers: Climbing ability
  • Gazelle Powers: Increased speed and running stamina
  • Spider Monkey Powers: Increased Climbing Abilities
  • Caracal Powers: Increased Leaping Ability, Night Vision, Hearing Abilities
  • Zebra Powers: running stamina
  • Orangutan Powers: Ability to Climb, Strength
  • Racoon Powers: Ability to Climb, Hearing Abilities, Night Vision,
  • Wolf Powers: Increased running stamina.
  • African Crested Porcupine Powers: Quill Defense
  • Tarsier Powers:
  • Giraffe Powers:
  • Jaguar Powers:
  • Sloth Powers: Ability to Climb
  • Lynx Powers:
  • Python Powers:
  • Eyelash Viper Powers:
  • Bat-Eared Fox Powers:
  • Gecko Powers: Increased climbing abilities.
  • Groundhog Powers:
  • Gila Monster Powers:
  • Spotted Skunk Powers:
  • Rattlesnake Powers:

Flying Animals

  • Honey Guide Powers: Can 'lead' honey badgers to a target.
  • Turkey Powers:
  • Peregrine Falcon Powers: Can dive bomb at sub-sonic speeds, enhanced vision.
  • Blue Jay Powers:
  • Bat Powers: Echolocation, increased light sensitivity.
  • Woodpecker Powers: Drill Holes in the Trees. Retractable Tongue
  • Pidgeon Powers: Excellent flying powers over flat planes of space, homing abilty to thier home.
  • Harpy Eagle Powers:
  • Hummingbird Powers:
  • Elf Owl Powers:

Aquatic Animals

  • Crocodile Powers: Increased swimming ability and bite force. (Appeared in: Mom of a Croc, Bad Hair Day,  Creature Power Challenge)
  • Sperm Whale Powers: Increased swimming abilities, strength, ability to hold oxygen (for over an hour), Echolocation. (Appeared in: Whale of a Squid)
  • Giant Squid Powers: Increased swimming ability, able to stay underwater longer and reach deeper depths than any man-made vehicle, increased strength and has some suction-grip ability.
  • Walrus Powers: Very dense skull for headbutting, increased swimming ability.
  • Bass Powers: Increased swimming ability, heightened jumping ability out of water.
  • Basilisk Lizard Powers: Able to run up to 60 MPH over water for short distances.
  • Seahorse Powers:
  • Yeti Crab Powers:
  • Great White Shark Powers:
  • Hippopatamus Powers:
  • Dolphin Powers:
  • Blowfish Powers:
  • Frog Powers:
  • Frogfish Powers:
  • Sea Turtle Powers:

Insects and Arachnids

  • Termite Powers:Cutting Grass
  • Butterfly Powers:
  • Firefly Powers:
  • Bee Powers:
  • Golden Orb Weaver Spider Powers:


  • Blade of Grass: None, not a creature. Food.
  • Oak Tree Power: Source of food and shelter for creatures, not an animal.


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