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Creature Power Suits

Martin holding the two un-activated Creature Power Suits.

CPS disks

Somebody holding up a pair of Creature Power Discs.

The Creature Power Suits are two fictional inventions in Wild Kratts created by Wild Kratts member Aviva and utilized primarily by the Kratt brothers: Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt. The Creature Power Suits are the primary plot point used throughout the show and are utilized in nearly every episode. The Suits will materialize a costume that allows the wearer to use the "Creature Powers" of the animal they become, such as flight or gills. To use the Suit, a species' DNA is required, which can be collected by touching the animal or the animal's parts. The Suits are referred to as prototypes by Aviva, and are the only ones in existence so far. They also require discs that contain the information needed to transform, so Aviva constantly creates more and more discs for the two brothers to use, with Wild Kratts member Jimmy Z often teleporting them.
Wild Kratts Creature Power Disc

Chris and Martin with most of the power disks they've collected by third season

List of Creature Powers


Disc Color Abilities Picture of Disc Picture of Suit Aardvark Power Purple style="text-align:left"
  • Increased digging speed
  • Long, highly durable claws
  • Long, sticky tongue
Aadvark.disk2 Aardvark powers
Acorn Power Source of food

Able to grow into an Oak Tree

African Crested Porcupine Power
  • Quill defense
Porupine.powerdisk Porupine.powersuit01
American Bison Power
  • Enhanced strength
  • Fast charging
Buffalo.disk Buffalo.power01
American Alligator Power
  • Strong jaws
  • Enhanced swimming
  • Aquatic respiration
Wk251 Alligater.power01
American Crocodile Power Strong jaws

Strong swimming

Archerfish Power
  • Swimming
  • Water propulsion
Arctic Wolf Power Enhanced stamina

Warm coat

Aye Aye Power
  • Enhanced Climbing
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Tapping Finger
  • Chisel-Like Teeth
  • Night Vision
TH 20 Aye Aye Power
Barnacle Power
  • Mounting Head Glue
  • Calcium Plated Shell
  • Feathery Food-Gathering Feet
  • Aquatic Respiration
Barnacle Power Disc Barnacle Power-Wild Kratts
Basilisk Lizard Power
  • Ability to walk on water for short distances
Basilisk.disk Basiliskpowersuit.01
Bass Power
  • Enhanced swimming ability
  • Heightened jumping ability out of water
Bass.disk Bass Power
Bat-Eared Fox Power
  • Hearing
  • Digging
Batearedfox.disk Batearedfox.power01wildkratts
Bat Power
  • Echolocation
  • Increased light-sensitivity
Bat.disk Bat Power
Beaver Power
  • Sharp and strong teeth
  • Flat tail
  • Swimming
  • Teeth that never stop growing
  • Aquatic respiration
Beaver Power
Bee Power
  • Flight
  • Stinger
  • Pollenation
Bee.disk2 Bee.power
Bird of Paradise Power
  • Dancing
  • Flight
Lawe Parotia Disc


Black Bear Power
  • Strength
  • Strong sense of smell
Black Footed Ferret Power
  • Stealth
  • Twisting body
Black Footed Ferret Disc
Blowfish Power
  • Inflatable spine defense
  • Aquatic respiration
Blowfish.disk Blowfish.power
Blue Jay Power
  • Gathering acorns
  • Flight
Bluejay.disk Blue Jay Power
Caracal Power
  • Enhanced leaping ability
  • Night vision
  • Enhanced hearing
Carical.disk Caracal.power03
Chameleon Power
  • Climbing
  • Targeting Tongue
  • Multi-Way Looking Eyes
  • Prehensile Tail
  • Clamp-Like Gripping Hands
  • Color Changing Ability
Chameleon Disc Chameleon Power-Wild Kratts
Cheetah Power
  • Increased speed over short distances
  • Enhanced vision
Cheetah Power
Chinese Leopard Gecko Power Extreme climbing abilities

Strong tail

Clown fish



Withstands anemone stings

Crocodile Power
  • Enhanced swimming abilities
  • Strong bite force
Croc.disk Crocodile power
Dolphin Power
  • Being able to communicate with dolphins
  • Enhanced swimming capability
Dolphin.disk Dolphin.power02
Draco Lizard Power
  • Gliding
  • Climbing
  • Good eyesight
Draco.disk Draco2.power
Dragonfly Power
  • Flight
  • Basket arms
Dragonfly.disk Dragonfly.power5
Dragonfish power Deep Sea pressure resistance
Electric Eel Power Electric discharge

Aquatic resperation

Elephant Power
  • Super strong trunk
  • Long tusks
  • Good hearing
Elephant Power
Elf Owl Power
  • Enhanced hearing
  • Night vision
  • Flight
  • Sharp Talons
Elf.owl.disk Elf.owl.power
Eyelash Viper Power
  • Camouflaging as flowers
Eyelashviper.disk Eyelashviper.power02
Falcon Power
  • Dive-bombing at sub-sonic speeds
  • Enhanced vision
Falcon.disk P Falcon Powers
Firefly Power
  • Luminescence
  • Flight
Firefly.disk Firefly Power
Flying Fish Power
  • Aquatic respiration
  • Flight
Flyingfish.power.disk Flyingfish.powers02
Fossa Power
  • Climbing
  • Enhanced maneuverability
Frog Power
  • Enhanced jumping
Frog.disk Frog.power02
Frogfish Power
  • Quick-strike mouth
  • Lure
  • Camouflage
Frogfish.disk Frogfish.power
Gazelle Power
  • Increased speed
  • Increased running stamina
Gizel.disk Aviva.31.gazelle.power
Gecko Power
  • Enhanced climbing abilities

Strong tail

Gecko.disk Glass.gecko.powers
Gharial Crocodile Power
  • Enhance swimming ability
  • Powerful jaws
G Gharial power suit
Gila Monster Power
  • Strong jaw with a venomous bite
  • Digging power
Gila.disk Gila Monster Power
Giraffe Power
  • Long neck
  • Powerful kick
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Power Snow coat


Grass Power
  • Source of food
Grass.disk Blade of Grass Power
Groundhog Power
  • Digging
  • Hibernating
Groundhog Aviva
Harpy Eagle Power
  • Flight
  • Talons
Harpyeagle.disk Harpy.power.001
Hermit Crab Power
  • Claws
  • Shell exchanging
Hermit Crab Disc
Hippo Power
  • Extreme strength
  • Underwater breathing apparatus
  • Tusks
  • Crushing jaws
  • Swimming
Hippo.disk Hippo.power
Honey Badger Power
  • Super-strength
  • Long claws
  • Digging
  • Chemical spray-defense
Avivawithbadger.disk Honey Badger powers
Honey Guide Power
  • Ability to lead honey badgers to a target
Honeyguide.disk Honey guide powers
Hummingbird Power
  • Speed-flight
  • Free maneuvering flight
Hyena Power Strong jaws

Sharp Claws

Good Sense of Smell

Immortal Jellyfish power Immotallity
Jaguar Power
  • Stealth
  • Swimming


Jaguar Disc
Kangaroo Power
  • Long and far jumping
  • Long tail
  • Powerful kick
  • Pouch (female)
  • Thick stomach padding
Kangaroo.disk Kangaroo Power (Adult Version)

Kangaroo Power (Joey version)

Lion Power
  • Claws
  • Enhanced vocals
Lion Power
Lionfish power Venom


Slow movement

Limpet Power
  • Scraping Tongue
  • Shell
  • Aquatic Respiration
Limpet disk Stars of the Tide.019
Lobster Power
  • Powerful Claws
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Aquatic respiration
  • Fast Backwards Swimming
Lobster Disk Lobster Power.3
Loggerhead Shrike Power
  • Flight
  • Sharp beak
Shrike.disk Shrike power.
Lynx Power
  • Walking on snow
  • Incredible hearing
Monarch Power
  • Traveling power
  • Flight
Butterfly.disk Monarch.power
Moose Power
  • Swimming
  • Defensive antlers
  • Grabbing mouth
Moose.disk 4grsdjhhg
Muskox Power
  • Defensive horns
  • Think fur coat
Mussel Power
  • Protective Shell
  • Lead-Like Anchoring Tread
  • Aquatic Respiration
  • Sealing Strength
Mussle Disk Mussel Power-Wild Kratts
Narwhal Power
  • Swimming
  • Horn-Like Tusk
  • Aquatic Respiration
Oak Tree Power
  • Source of food
  • Source of shelter
Octopus Power
  • Tentacle Strength
  • Water Jet Propulsion
  • Arm Regeneration
  • Camouflage
  • Ink Defense
Opossum Power
  • Prehensile tail
  • Immunity to snake venom
Wk258 Wk253
Orangutan Power
  • Enhanced climbing abilities
  • Increased strength
Orangatang.disk Orangutan.powers
Orca Power
  • Swimming
  • Aquatic Respiration
Osprey Power
  • Flight
  • Anti-glare vision
  • Talons
Osprey Disc
Otter Power
  • Stealth
  • Fast swimming
Otter.disk02 Wk227
Panda Power
  • Strength
Pangolin Power
  • Scales
  • Defensive Curl
  • Prehensile Tail
Panther Power
  • Enhanced strength
  • Retractable claws
  • Stealth
  • Padded paws
  • Night vision
  • Smelling
  • Quick reflexes
Panther Disc
Pigeon Power
  • Excellent flying powers over flat planes of space
  • Homing ability
Pigeon.disk Pidgeon Powers
Pelican Power
  • Flight
  • Gular-Pouch
  • Water-proof Feathers
Pelican Disc Pelican Power
Pine Marten Power
  • Enhanced climbing
  • Twisting body
Platypus Power
  • Electro-reception
  • Fast swimming
Platypus2.disk Platopus powers
Polar Bear Power
  • Two layers of fur
  • Sharp claws
  • Padded feet
  • Swimming
  • Blubber
Polarbear.disk Polarbear.power
Praying Mantis Power
  • Raptorial Claw-like Arms
  • Flight (male)
  • Striking Precision
  • Anhanced size and strength (female)
  • Quick reflexes
Wk343 WK323 Praying-Mantis
Proboscis Monkey Power
  • Enhanced climbing abilities
  • Alarm call
  • Webbed feet
Monkey.disk.mud.jam. P Monkey Power
Pronghorn Power
  • Enhanced stamina
  • Enhanced speed
Pronghorn Chris
Puffin Power
  • Swimming
  • Beak
  • Flight
Purple Martin Power
  • Flight
  • Light based color change
Python Power
  • Squeezing
Python.disk Python Power
Raccoon Power
  • Enhanced climbing abilities
  • Enhanced hearing
  • Night vision
Racoon.disk Raccoon.power
Rattlesnake Power
  • Slithering
  • Rattling scales
  • Infrared vision
  • Reflexes
Rattlesnake.disk Rattlesnake.power.suit.02
Red Panda Power Enhanced climbing
Remora Power
  • Suction head-piece
  • Aquatic respiration
  • Swimming
Remora Power
Rhino Power
  • Super strength
  • Rhino charge
  • Long horn
Rhino.disk Rhino powers
Ring-Tailed Lemur Power
  • Climbing
  • Stink throwing
File:Ring-tailed Lemur Disc.png
File:Ring-tail Lemur Power.png
Roadrunner Power
  • Speed


Roadrunner.disk Roadrunner.power.suit02
Sea Otter Power Enhanced swimming
Sea Turtle Power
  • Swimming
  • Protective shell
Sea Turtle Disc
Seahorse Power
  • Prehensile tail
  • Camouflage
  • Weak swimming
  • Father pouch
Seahorse.disk Seahorse Power
Shark Power
  • Enhanced swimming ability
  • Extreme jaw-strength
Greatwhiteshark.disk G.W. Shark Power
Sifaka Lemur Power
  • Climbing
  • Vertical clinging and leaping
Sloth Power
  • Enhanced climbing abilities
Sloth Disc
Sloth power
Snowy Owl Power
  • Flight
  • Talons
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Beak
  • Snow Camouflage
Snowy Owl Powers
Sperm Whale Power
  • Enhanced swimming abilities
  • Increased strength
  • Ability to hold oxygen for over an hour
  • Echolocation
Whale.disk Spermwhalepower.suit
Spider Monkey Power
  • Enhanced climbing abilities
  • Prehensile tail
Spider Monkey Discs
Spider Power
  • Spider silk
  • Enhanced climbing ability
Spiderpowerdisk.01 G.O.W. Spider Powers
Spotted Skunk Power
  • Stinky spray defense
  • Climbing
P.U. and Kratt Bros in Skunk Power Suits
Squid Power
  • Enhanced swimming abilities
  • Ability to stay underwater for a long time
  • Ability to reach depths deeper than any man-made vehicle
  • Increased strength
  • Suction grip
Squid.disk Squidpower.
Squirrel Power
  • Enhanced climbing ability
  • Extra storage area
  • Crave for acorns and seeds
Squirrel.disk Squirrel Power
Starfish Power
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Aquatic Respiration
  • Arm Regeneration
  • Suction-Feet
Starfish Disk Starfish Power
Tarsier Power
  • Night vision
Tarsier power
Tasmanian Devil Power
  • Enhanced smell
  • Crave for Carcass
  • Night vision
  • Non-stop growing teeth
T Devil Power
Tasmanian Tiger Power
  • Wide-opening mouth
  • Increased stamina
Tasmanian.tiger.disk Wk34
Termite Power
  • Super strong jaws
  • Chemical Spray defense
  • Pheromone sensors
Termite.disk Termite.power.disk
Thorny Devil Power
  • Surviving in hot climates
  • Straw grooves
Thornydevillizard.disk Thorny Devil Powers
Tiger power Sharp Claws

Strong jaws

Enhanced strength

Turkey Power
  • Flight

Extreme caution

Turkey.disk Fkdjkfsdaasdjklfsdkjl
Walrus Power
  • Very dense skull for head-butting
  • Enhanced swimming abilities
Walrus1.disk Walrus Power
Warthog Power Shovel head

Defence tusks

Wolf Power
  • Increased running stamina
Wolf Power
Woodpecker Power
  • Drilling holes in trees
  • Retractable tongue
  • Flight
Woodpecker.disk Woodpecker.power
Yeti Crab Power
  • Powerful claws
  • Bristles for filtering
  • Aquatic respiration
  • Deep-sea pressure-resistance
Yeticrab.disk Seasquatch
Zebra Power
  • Increased running stamina
  • Confusion camouflage
Zebra Power

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