Creature Power Suits

Martin holds the two un-activated Creature Power Suits.

Wild Kratts Creature Power Disc

Martin and Chris with most of the Creature Power Discs they have collected by the third season

The Creature Power Suits are the most prominent objects in Wild Kratts. Created by Wild Kratts member Aviva Corcovado, they are utilized primarily by the Kratt brothers: Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt. The suits will materialize a costume that allows the wearer to use the "Creature Powers" of the animal they become, such as flight or gills. To use a Creature Power Suit, a species' DNA is required, which can be collected by touching the animal or the animal's parts. The suits are referred to as prototypes by Aviva, and they are the only ones in existence so far. They also require discs, called Creature Power Discs, that contain the information needed to transform, so Aviva constantly creates more and more discs for the two brothers to use, with Wild Kratts member Jimmy Z often teleporting them.

The Creature Power Suits are utilized in almost every episode, and they even serve as plot points themselves in several episodes. The inconsistency with the way the Power Suits work and their sensitivity have been the subject of humor on several occasions, and they have been targets of theft and sabotage by the villains, almost exclusively from inventor Zach Varmitech.[1]

Creature Powers

This is a list of all creature powers including non-animal powers like Oak Tree Power, Grass Power and also malfunctioned ones.

Creature Power First appearance Disc Suit Users Variants Dna Sources Notes
Aardvark Power Aardvark Town Aadvark.disk2 Aadvark.power Chris and Martin Aardvark
African Bush Elephant Power Elephant in the Room Elephantdisc Elephant Power Chris and Martin
African Crested Porcupine Power Quillber's Birthday Present Porupine.powerdisk Porupine.powersuit01 Chris and Martin Crested porcupine
American Alligator Power Crocogator Contest
Download (1)-0
Alligater.power01 Martin American alligator
American Bison Power Where the Bison Roam Buffalo.disk Buffalo.power01 Chris and Martin American bison
Archerfish Power Archerfish School Archerfish Disc Archerfish Power Chris Banded archerfish
Arctic Wolf Power Baby Tooth & Kid Musky
Arctic Wolf Disc
Arctic Wolf Power
Asian Elephant Power Elephant Brains!
Asian Elephant Power Disc
Asian Elephant Power Suit
Chris and Martin Asian elephant
Aye-Aye Power Aye Aye TH 20 Aye Aye Power Chris and Martin Aye-aye
Bald Eagle Power Alaska Hero's Journey
Bald Eagle Disc
Bald Eagle Power
Martin Bald eagle
Barnacle Power Stars of the Tides Barnacle Disk Barnacle Power-Wild Kratts Martin Acorn barnacle
Basilisk Power Walk on the Wetside Basilisk.disk Basiliskpowersuit.01 Chris and Martin Plumed basilisk
Bass Power Build It Beaver Bass.disk Bass Power Chris and Martin Largemouth bass
Bat-Eared Fox Power The Food Chain Game Batearedfox.disk Batearedfox.power01wildkratts Martin Bat-eared fox
Beaver Power Build It Beaver BeaverDisc Beaver Power Chris and Martin North American beaver
Bee Power Flight of the Pollinators Bee.disk2 Bee.power Martin
Bird of Paradise Power Birds of a Feather Lawe Parotia Disc Bird.of.paridise.powers
Aviva and Martin Male and Female Lawes's parotia
Black Bear Power Spirit Bear
Black Bear Power
Black Bear Disc
Chris and Martin
Black Footed Ferret Power Bandito: The Black-Footed Ferret Black Footed Ferret Disc Black.footed.ferret.powersuit Chris and Martin Black-footed ferret
Blowfish Power Blowfish Blowout Blowfish.disk Blowfish.power Martin
Blue Heron Power Blue Heron Chris and Martin Great blue heron
Blue Jay Power The Blue and the Gray Bluejay.disk Blue Jay Power Chris, Martin, and Koki Blue jay
Bottlenose Dolphin Power Speaking Dolphinese Dolphin.disk Dolphin.power02 Chris and Martin Common bottlenose dolphin
Bullfrog Power Aquafrog Frog.disk Frog.power02 Chris and Martin Adult, Tadpole, Tadpole with Legs, and Froglet American bullfrog
Caracal Power Caracal-Minton Carical.disk Caracal.power03 Chris and Martin Caracal
Chameleon Power Chameleons on Target Chameleon Disc Chameleon Power-Wild Kratts Chris and Martin
Cheetah Power Mimic CheetahDisc Cheetah power Chris, Martin, and Koki Cheetah
Cobra Power The Cobra King Chris and Martin
Crocodile Power Mom of a Croc Croc.disk Crocodile power Chris and Martin Nile crocodile

American crocodile

Dhole Power The Dhole Duplicator
Dhole Power Suit
Dhole Power Disc
Chris and Martin Dhole
Draco Lizard Power Flight of the Draco Draco.disk Draco2.power Chris and Martin Common flying dragon
Dragonfish Power Creatures of the Deep Sea
Dragonfish Power
Dragonfish Disc
Chris and Martin Black dragonfish
Dragonfly Power Mom of a Croc Dragonfly.disk Dragonfly.power5 Chris and Martin Uganda red jewel
Globe skimmer
Blue dasher
Eastern pondhawk
Electric Eel Power Eel-lectric!
Electric Eel Power
Electric Eel Disc
Chris and Martin Electric eel
Elf Owl Power Desert Elves Elf.owl.disk Elf.owl.power Chris and Martin Elf owl
Eyelash Viper Power To Touch a Hummingbird Eyelashviper.disk Eyelashviper.power02 Chris and Martin Eyelash viper
Falcon Power Falcon City Falcon.disk P Falcon Powers Chris, and Martin
Firefly Power Fireflies Firefly.disk Firefly Power Chris and Martin Common eastern firefly
Florida Panther Power Search for the Florida Panther Panther Disc Panther.power Chris and Martin
Flying Fish Power When Fish Fly Flyingfish.power.disk Flyingfish.powers02 Chris and Martin
Fossa Power Fossa-Palooza Fossa Disc 2
Martin and Fossa
Chris and Martin Foosa
Frogfish Power Rocket Jaw: Rescuer of the Reef Frogfish.disk Frogfish.power Chris and Martin Longlure frogfish
Gazelle Power Cheetah Racer Gizel.disk Aviva.31.gazelle.power Chris, Martin, and Aviva Thomson's gazelle
Gecko Power The Gecko Effect Gecko.disk Glass.gecko.powers Chris and Martin Regular and Chinese Leopard Gecko
Gharial Power Kerhonk G Gharial power suit Chirs False gharial
Giant Panda Power Panda Power Up!
Panda Disc
Panda Martin holding Stuffo
Chris and Martin Giant panda
Gila Monster Power Gila Monster Under My House Gila.disk Gila.power02 Chris and Martin Gila monster
Giraffe Power Neck and Neck GiraffeDisc Giraffe Powers Chris and Martin Reticulated giraffe
Golden Orb Weaver Spider Power Secrets of the Spider's Web Spiderpowerdisk.01 SotSW 37 Chris and Martin
Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Power Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man
Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Disc
Golden Snomb Nosed Monkey Power
Golden Snub Nosed Monkey (Giant Mode)
Chris and Martin Regular and "Yeti" (malfunction) Golden snub-nosed monkey
Grass Power The Food Chain Game
Grass Bros Chris and Martin
Grasshopper Power City Hoppers!
Grasshopper Power Disc
Grasshopper Power Suit
Chris and Martin
Grizzly Bear Power Alaska Hero's Journey
Brown Bear Disc
Brown Bear Power
Groundhog Power Groundhog Wakeup Call Groundhog Groundhog Aviva (Fat) Aviva Groundhog
Hamster Power Cheeks the Hamster Chris and Martin
Harpy Eagle Power To Touch a Hummingbird Harpyeagle.disk Harpy.power.001 Chris and Martin Harpy eagle
Hercules Beetle Power Hercules: The Giant Beetle
Hercules Beetle Power Discs
Hercules Beetle Power Suits
Chris and Martin Hercules beetle
Hermit Crab Power The Hermit Crab Shell Exchange Hermit Crab Disc Hermitcrab.powers.02 Chris and Martin
Hippo Power Zig-Zagged Hippo.disk Hippo.power Chris and Martin
Honey Badger Power Honey Seekers Avivawithbadger.disk Honey Badger powers Chris and Martin Honey badger
Honey Guide Power Honey Seekers Honeyguide.disk Honey guide powers Martin Greater honeyguide
Hummingbird Power To Touch a Hummingbird Hummingbird Hummingbird.power Chris and Martin
Immortal Jellyfish Power Animals Who Live to Be 100 Years Old
Immortal Jellyfish Disc
Immortal Jellyfish Power Chris and Martin Immortal jellyfish
Jaguar Power Shadow: The Black Jaguar Jaguar Disc Htkljewaffgfgfgf Chris and Martin Regular and Black Jaguar Jaguar
Kangaroo Power Kickin' It with the Roos Kangaroo.disk Kangaroo Power (Adult Version)
Kangaroo Power (Joey version)
Chris and Martin Adult and Joey Red kangaroo
Komodo Dragon Power Komodo Dragon ​​​​​​​
Komodo Dragon Power Disc
Komodo Dragon Power Suit
Chris and Martin Komodo dragon
Limpet Power Stars of the Tides Limpet disk Stars Of the Tide.013 Chris Common tortoise limpet
Lion Power Let the Rhinos Roll! LionDisc Lion Power Chris and Martin Lion
Little Brown Bat Power A Bat in the Brownies Bat.disk
Bat Power
Liturgusa Krattorum Power Liturgusa Krattorum
Praying Mantis Bros Running
Chris and Martin
Lobster Power The Last Largest Lobster Lobster Disk Lobster Power.3 Chris and Martin Adult, Larva, and Juvenile American lobster
Loggerhead Shrike Power Mystery on the Prairie Shrike.disk Shrike power. Martin Egg, Chick, and Adult Loggerhead Shrike
Lynx Power Snow Runners Lynix.disk LynxPower Martin
Marlin Power Choose Your Swordfish Martin Atlantic blue marlin
Monarch Butterfly Power Voyage of the Butterflier XT Butterfly.disk Monarch Power Chris and Martin Caterpillar and Adult Monarch butterfly
Moose Power Little Howler Moose.disk 4grsdjhhg Chris and Martin Moose
Muskox Power Baby Tooth & Kid Musky
Muskox Disc
Muskcox Power
Chris and Martin Muskox
Mussel Power Stars of the Tides Mussle Disk Mussel Power-Wild Kratts Chris Blue mussel
Narwhal Power The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal
Narwhal Power
Narwhal Disc 2
Chris and Martin Single Tusked and Double Tusked Narwhal
Northwestern Wolf Power Little Howler WolfDisc Wolf Power All Wolf
Oak Tree Power The Blue and the Gray Oak.power
Jenny, Ronan, and Tree Martin
Martin Acorn and Adult Oak tree
Octopus Power This Orca Likes Sharks (disk)
Octopus Power Disc
Octopus.power Chris and Martin Giant Pacific octopus
Opossum Power Opossum in My Pocket Wk258 Wk253 Chris and Martin Opossum
Orangutan Power A Huge Orange Problem Orangatang.disk Orangutan.powers Chris and Martin Bornean orangutan
Orca Power This Orca Likes Sharks
Orca Disc
Orca Power
Chris and Martin Killer whale
Osprey Power Slider: The Otter Osprey Disc Ospreypowers.01 Chris and Martin Osprey
Pangolin Power Pangolin Rescue
Pangolin Power
Pangolin Disc
Chris and Martin Chinese pangolin
Pelican Power Capture the Fishmobile Pelican Disc 2 Pelican Power Chris and Martin Brown pelican
Pigeon Power Falcon City Pigeon.disk Pidgeon Powers Chris and Martin Rock dove
Pine Marten Power The Other Martins
Pine Marten Disc
Pine Martin Power Suit
Martin Pine marten
Platypus Power Platypus Cafe Platypus2.disk Platopus powers Martin Platypus
Polar Bear Power Polar Bears Don't Dance Polarbear.disk Polarbear.power Martin Polar bear
Praying Mantis Power Praying Mantis Wk343 WK323 Praying-Mantis Martin and Aviva Male and Female European mantis
Proboscis Monkey Power Kerhonk Monkey.disk.mud.jam. Wk1644 Both Proboscis monkey
Pronghorn Power The Amazing Creature Race Pronghorn.disk Pronghorn Chris Chris Pronghorn
Puffin Power Puffin Rescue
Puffin Disc
Puffin Martin and Aviva
Martin Atlantic puffin
Purple Martin Power The Other Martins Purple Martin Power Purple Martin Power 2 Both Purple martin
Python Power The Food Chain Game Python.disk Python Power Both African rock python
Raccoon Power Masked Bandits Racoon.disk Raccoon.power Both Raccoon
Rattlesnake Power Roadrunner Rattlesnake.disk Rattlesnake.powersuit Both Western diamondback rattlesnake
Red Panda Power Red Panda Rescue
Red Panda Disc
Red Panda Power
Chris Red panda
Remora Power Stuck on Sharks RemoraDisc Remora Power Martin
Rhino Power Let the Rhinos Roll! Rhino.disk Rhino powers Chris Black rhinoceros
Ring-Tailed Lemur Power Lemur Stink Fight Ring-tail Lemur Disc Ring-tailed Lemur Power Chris and Martin Ring-tailed lemur
River Otter Power Slider: The Otter Otter.disk02 Wk227 Chris and Martin North American river otter
Roadrunner Power Roadrunner Roadrunner.disk Roadrunner.power.suit02 Chris and Martin Greater roadrunner
Seahorse Power Seahorse Rodeo Seahorse.disk Seahorse Power Chris and Martin
Sea Turtle Power Tortuga Tune Up Sea Turtle Disc Seaturtle.power01 Chris and Martin Hawksbill sea turtle
Sea Otter Power Sea Otter Swim Sea Otter Disc Sea Otter Power Both Sea otter
Shark Power Stuck on Sharks Greatwhiteshark.disk G.W. Shark Power Both Great white shark
Sifaka Lemur Power Lemur Legs Sifaka Lemur Disc Sifaka Disc in Button Both
Sloth Power Rainforest Stew Sloth Disc Sloth power Chris
Sloth Bear Power Sloth Bear Suction Both
Snowy Owl Power Snowy Owl Invasion Snowy Owl Disc Snowy Owl Powers Both Snowy owl
Sockeye Salmon Power Alaska Hero's Journey Sockeye Salmon Disc Sockeye Salmon Power Normal Chris and Martin Oceanic and Spawning Sockeye salmon
Sperm Whale Power Whale of a Squid Whale.disk Spermwhalepower.suit Both Sperm whale
Spider Monkey Power Bugs or Monkeys? Spider Monkey Discs Dsfas Both
Spotted Skunk Power Skunked! Skunked-Wild Kratts-85 P.U. and Kratt Bros in Skunk Power Suits Both Spotted skunk
Giant Squid Power Whale of a Squid Squid.disk Squidpower. Both
Squirrel Power The Blue and the Gray Squirrel.disk Squirrel Power Both
Starfish Power Stars of the Tides Starfish Disk Starfish Power Martin Common starfish
Swordfish Power Choose Your Swordfish Chris Swordfish
Tarsier Power Googly Eye: The Night Guru TarsierDisc Tarsier power Chris and Martin
Tasmanian Devil Power Tazzy Chris T Devil Power Chris Tasmanian devil
Tasmanian Tiger Power Back in Creature Time: Tasmanian Tiger Tasmanian.tiger.disk Wk34 Both Thylacine
Termite Power The Food Chain Game Termite.disk Termite.power.disk Chris and Martin Mozambique harvester termite
War-like termite
Thorny Devil Power Koala Balloon Thornydevillizard.disk Thorny Devil Powers Chris and Martin Thorny devil
Tiger Power Temple of Tigers Tiger Disc Tiger Power Chris and Martin Tiger
Turkey Power Happy Turkey Day Turkey.disk Fkdjkfsdaasdjklfsdkjl Chris and Martin Wild turkey
Unnamed Spooky Creature Hybrid Power Creepy Creatures! Wild Kratts Creepy Creatures- Martin Kratt Martin This suit is a combination of Tarantula, Vampire Bat, Wolf, Jaguar, Thorny Devil, Gila Monster, Aye Aye, and Spider Monkey powers.
Vampire Bat Power Creepy Creatures!
Common vampire bat
Walrus Power Polar Bears Don't Dance Walrus1.disk Walrus Power Chris and Martin Walrus
Warthog Power Cheetah Adopted Warthog Disc Warthog Power Chris Common warthog
Wild Pony Power Wild Ponies Martin Wild horse
Woodpecker Power Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens Woodpecker Disc Wood.pecker.power.03 Chris and Martin Pileated woodpecker
Yeti Crab Power Seasquatch Yeticrab.disk Seasquatch Martin Yeti crab
Zebra Power Zig-Zagged ZebraDisc Zebra Power Chris and Martin Plains zebra

Notes and references

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