This is a list of Wild Kratts characters.

Main characters

Crew 2

The Wild Kratts crew. From left to right: Martin Kratt, Jimmy Z, Chris Kratt, Aviva, and Koki.

Chris Kratt

Chris Kratt (voiced by himself)[1] is one of the two Kratt brothers, and is characterized by the color green. He is the more methodical of the two and likes to take his time and think of a plan before taking action. Chris is an experienced climber.[2]

Martin Kratt

Martin Kratt (voiced by himself)[1] is one of the two Kratt brothers, and is characterized by the color blue. Martin is more of the jokester of the two Kratt brothers. He is rushing, impulsive, emotional, and a little disorganized, but knows when to be serious. In contrast to his brother's climbing skills, Martin is an experienced swimmer.[2]


Aviva (voiced by Athena Karkanis)[1] is a Hispanic woman and second in command to Chris and Martin. She is an engineer and an inventor, and designs all of the equipment the Wild Kratts use, which are usually nature inspired.[2] Once she has made up her mind, it takes appealing to her emotions and overwhelming evidence to change it.


Koki (voiced by Heather Bambrick)[1] is an African woman who manages the communication system of the Wild Kratts' headquarters, keeping in touch with Chris and Martin throughout their missions and researching animals for them. She also receives messages from other people who want to communicate with the Wild Kratts, and intercepts messages sent by others, usually the villains. She is not afraid to speak her mind and tell the truth as she sees it.

Jimmy Z

Jimmy Z (voiced by Jonathan Malen)[1] is a Caucasian man whose main job is piloting the Tortuga HQ, the Wild Kratts' mobile headquarters. His other job is teleporting items to the Kratt brothers with his videogame controller, an item which he is extremely attached to. He sometimes helps Aviva by helping her work on her inventions or acting as a lab rat. He is not as knowledgeable about animals as the rest of the Wild Kratts crew and is often unsure of their characteristics and abilities, so he asks the rest of the Wild Kratts crew to clarify for him. Jimmy is easily freaked out and often feels anxious when he and his teammates end up in a risky situation.

Recurring characters

Frozen Pond-Wild Kratts.19

The recurring villains in winter attire. From left to right: Donita Donata, Zach Varmitech, Dabio, and Gourmand.

Zach Varmitech

Zach (voiced by Zachary Bennett)[3] is a recurring villain. He is an inventor who has a rivalry with Aviva and the Kratt brothers. Zach often attempts to steal the Wild Kratts' technology and to turn animals into robots. Zach is portrayed very comically. As a running gag, he refers to the Wild Kratts as the "Wild Rats," with the Wild Kratts usually correcting him.

Donita Donata

Donita Donata (voiced by Eva Almos)[3] is a recurring villain. She is a fashion designer, and is always setting trends. She uses a paralyzing beam to freeze animals alive and uses or sells them as jewelry or clothing. She is impatient, easily angered, and easily gets frustrated, especially around her henchman, Dabio.


Dabio (voiced by Cory Doran)[3] is a recurring villain. He is Donita Donata's henchman and does whatever she tells him to do. He is treated like a servant and fails in the simplest of tasks. He is also unintelligent, and due to it, he is extremely patient, cheerful, and childlike, even under Donita's dictating ways.


Gourmand (voiced by Zachary Bennett)[3] is a recurring villain. He is a traveling chef who uses animals to make various original and unusual dishes. He uses his skills in the wild, an array of kitchen utensils, and his abnormally large nose to seek out and capture animals. Although the type of animal varies, he prefers ones that he deems "rare" or "endangered." Gourmand is clever, cunning, and has a strong yet dark sense of humor; he enjoys getting the Wild Kratts crew to suffer through the situations he brings them into.

Minor characters

Wild Kratts kids

Kids with Boats

Four of the Wild Kratts kids. From left to right: Ronan, Gavin, Jenny, and Katie.


Katie (voiced by Addison Holley)[4] is a girl.


Ellie (voiced by Rachel Marcus)[5] is a girl.


Nua (voiced by Athena Karkanis)[6] is a girl.


Aidan (voiced by Aidan Kratt)[7] is a boy.


Gavin (voiced by Gavin Kratt)[4] is a boy.


Kenny (voiced by Cory Doran)[8] is a boy.


Nina (voiced by Maya Lowe)[9] is a girl.


Jenny (voiced by Paige Roughley)[4] is a girl.


Ronan (voiced by Ronan Kratt)[4] is a boy.


Yi (voiced by Emilia McCarthy)[10] is a girl.


Javier (voiced by Charles Vandervaart)[11] is a boy.


Nolan (voiced by Nolan Kratt)[12] is a boy.


Patricia (voiced by Fireese Berg)[13] is a girl.


Other minor characters

Mom Kratt

Mom Kratt (voiced by Kirsten Smith)[14] is the mother of the Kratt brothers.


Mom (voiced by Heather Bambrick)[15] is the mother of Wild Kratts kids Gavin and Ronan.

Great Great Granddaddy Gourmand

Great Great Granddaddy Gourmand (voiced by Zachary Bennett)[16] is an ancestor of Gourmand.

Shonita Donata

Shonita Donata (voiced by Eva Almos)[17] is an ancestor of Donita Donata.


Shabio (voiced by Cory Doran)[17] is an ancestor of Dabio.


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