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SCENE: Martin and Chris are running towards the Tortuga.

Chris: (Laughing)
Martin: Woohoo!

SCENE: Inside the Tortuga. Martin and Chris put the backpacks down. Chris getting his water bottle, shaking while holding the bottle.

Martin: That was the best adventure yet!
Aviva: You're back!
Chris: Oh, and how about that wolf pack
Aviva: Their long-distance running power is so impressive.
Martin: Whoa! But no wolf powers, running like that can really tire you out.
Koki: I was tired just watching.
Chris: (giggled) But that cougar surprise sure woke me up.

SCENE: Inside the Tortuga. Martin grabbing something in his backpack then suddenly, something growled.

Martin: Huh?
(Something in Martin's backpack growled)
Martin: (gasping) I didn't put this in my backpack.
(Koki gasped)
Martin: It's kind of round, soft and fuzzy. It's breathing and licking my hand. (laughing) (gasped) It's a wolf cub!
(The cub and the crew howling) Martin: (laughing) I'm gonna name him Little Howler.
Aviva: Aw! He's like a ball of wool.
(Little Howler howling)
Koki: How did he learn how to howl already?
Chris: A wolf pup can howl when he's three weeks old.
Martin: And first come out of the den when he's four weeks. Little Howler's just four weeks old.
Aviva: When did he get into your backpack?
Jimmy: How did he get into your backpack?
Koki: Why didn't we notice him get into your backpack?
Martin: I have no idea.
Chris: Me neither.
Martin: We didn't see a pup in the pack. Not that pack, I mean the wolf pack.
Chris: Where did he come from? Oh, we got a mystery on our hands. The mystery of the Little Howler.
(Little Howler howling)
Aviva: Hmm. I know how to figure out where. Just like when Jimmy loses the keys to the Tortuga.
Jimmy: Ehh.
Aviva: To find, just retrace your steps.

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