The Manta Riders are an invention of Aviva's which serve as a source of transportation for the Wild Kratts crew; they are mainly used by the Kratt brothers as a faster means of underwater travel. ( as an alternative to the Amphi-Sub) They were modeled and designed after the manta ray, specifically for underwater travel. One of the more featured inventions, they are often seen destroyed and/or damaged shortly after the Kratt brothers use them (possibly as a running gag). They were introduced in Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus.


In Speaking Dolphinese


"We just invented a new extreme sport - manta boarding!"

Martin (to Aviva)-Octopus Wildkratticus

"Sheesh, how many manta riders are you gonna destroy in a week?!"

Aviva (to Chris and Martin)-Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus.


  • They are among the Wild kratts inventions that Zach wishes to steal.


Manta-Rider.Wild Kratts.01

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