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Martin Chris Octopus Wildkratticus We just discovered Mayor's office.
Although Mayor's office may refer to the actual Wild Kratts series, it is entirely made by fans of Wild Kratts, and should be treated as so.
Martin Chris Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus I'm not feeling so good.

Warning: mature content

This article contains varying amounts of graphic, coarse, and/or profane content not suitable for the target audience of Wild Kratts. However, if you are comfortable with said material, you are free to view the rest of the page. Otherwise, please move on to doing something else.

Hey everyone, this is what you might call the Prolauge for Water Hazerds on Wild Kratts Episode ideas!

It was a sunny day on Amity Island. But Peaceful? No. A 12 year old girl named Kami Wallace was found washed up on Manson beach, still alive, but poisoned. Docters at the hospital found a large wound on her left leg, with the poison belonging to a Sea Krait. But what was more strange was that they found were 3 small black capsules near the knee, filled with Sea Krait poison, with the initials 'ZV' stamped on them. This was not the first time this happened. The mayor Larry Vaghn ll and marine biologist Micheal Brody were disccusing the problem in Larry's Office. Larry seemed to realize that this was too dangerous to continue the beaches being open for once. "This can't be happening! A Shark is bad enough, but Venomous creatures? This is the fist time I will said this, and it will be the last time: we must close the beaches!" He was now hyperventilting, and he had to catch his breath. While he was doing it, Brody mumbled "Finnaly! you've come to common sense!" under his breath. When Larry finnaly caught his breath, he was still in a state of fear. "Those initials! ZV! ZV! ZV! They! Are! The!" "The initials of who?" "Zach Varmintech! Can't Anyone realize how much danger we are in!?!?!?!?!?" "Uh, yeah. You don't need to tell me twice." "We have got to stop him!" But they could not do anything. 

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