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The Miniaturizer is one of Aviva's most notable inventions. It is capable of shrinking various objects to nearly microscopic size, hence its name. (be it organic matter or technical) It can also increase objects in size to nearly gigantic levels. It was originally created for the Kratt brothers, specifically to aid them in further biological study. Though it was first seen in Mom of A Croc, it was officially introduced in the episode Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy.


  • The Miniaturizer was first seen in the pilot episode, Mom of a Croc, but was claimed not to have been invented by Aviva till episode five, Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy.
  • In Masked Bandits, Koki used it to enlarge a strawberry for her dessert by reversing its main controls, but Aviva claimed that wasn't what it was for, but it was cool.
  • It is one of Aviva's inventions that Zach is most interested in (stealing that is), as he has stolen it twice before and used it against the Kratts.

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