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♪♪ Wild Kratts ♪♪
Episode begins with a live action segment, which shows the Kratt brothers feeding alligators of various ages.
Chris Kratt (cast) Hey, it's the Kratt brothers here. I'm Chris.
Martin Kratt (cast) I'm Martin.
Chris and Martin And it's alligator feeding time.
Martin (laughing) We'll start with the smallest and move up from there.
Chris This 1-year-old alligator will eat anything he can catch and fit in his mouth.
Martin And here's a favorite first food of an alligator hatchling, dragonflies. Hungry? Who knew dragonflies were so good? This is a 3-year-old alligator. She's definitely ready for fish and mammals and much bigger food. You got something, Chris?
Chris Easy, easy, girl. There you go. How about that? (laughing) Wow. And the biggest alligator gets the biggest fish. Ooh. Whoa, fish juice in the face! Right down the hatch! An alligator this size has a bite force of about 1,000 lb.
Martin The biggest crocodiles and alligators have a bite force of 5,000 lb. That is the same amount of pressure as a pickup truck sitting on top of you! That's the power of this reptile's jaws.
Chris But alligators and crocodiles are about more than just sharp teeth and a deadly snap.
Martin Imagine meeting a completely different side to a crocodile, a side that is dedicated, protective and maybe even caring!
Chris Then we'd be able to appreciate what these creatures are really all about.
Chris and Martin What if?
The show transitions into the cartoon segment.
(theme song)
Episode begins with a cartoon segment on a brief shot of the sky. There's a sun. Camera pans down to Nile River.
Chris Kratt (character) Oh, I think she's coming out of the water.
Martin Kratt (character) As long as she doesn't see us, we should be okay.
Chris There she is.
Crocodilla (growling)
Martin Whoa, the mighty Nile crocodile of Africa!
Chris At over 20', one of the two largest types of crocodile in the world.
Crocodilla (growling)
Martin She's picked a spot. It shouldn't be long now!
Chris Oh, yeah, digging is step one. Operation Crocodile Nest is underway. Aviva, are they ready yet?
Cut to Tortuga HQ. Aviva Corcovado uses the screwdriver to fix the button.
Aviva Almost. But, guys, I told you this plan of yours is not gonna change my mind. I just don't like crocs, period.
Martin Oh, you'll like them after this adventure.
Chris Yeah, Operation Crocodile Nest will prove that there's more to crocs than you think.
Aviva They're just big, creepy reptiles. All I've seen them do is try to bite things. They give me the shivers.
Jimmy Z Yeah, that's why they're cool.
Aviva presses the button and the computer screen transitions into
Jimmy (screaming)
Jimmy runs away from
Jimmy When they're far away from me.
Aviva Exactly! See, and you guys think that when I see her lay eggs, it will make me like the big meanies all of a sudden? I don't think so.
Cut to Nile River.
Martin Miniaturizer ready!
Martin drops the miniaturizer on the ground.
Martin Let's do this.
Chris and Martin jumps into the miniaturizer and miniaturized.
Chris Miniaturized and standing by.
Aviva Okay, it's done.


(screaming) (gasping) Delivering secret disguise now.
Chris Okay. Go, go, go, go, go!
Martin (Panting) Oh.
Chris Whoa!
Martin Huh?
Chris Look at those huge scoopfuls of sand she grabs with her hind feet.
Martin We better hustle, Chris! Whoa, now, this an impressive face. I'll call her Crocodilla.
Chris Oh, check out those teeth! 64 dagger teeth! Twice as many as we have. Oh, it's a good thing we just look like a couple of crocodile eggs.
Aviva See, you don't trust her either. Just don't awaken the beast guys. Ugh.
Martin I don't even think she sees us. She's in that special trance that crocodiles get into when they-- lay... their... eggs. The trance.
Chris She's in step two, egg laying. Let's go!
Martin What? Did I crack?
Chris No, you're good. 56, 57. 57 eggs! Ooh!
Martin One by one, she lays her eggs in the nest chamber.
Chris Whoo, if all these hatch, there will be lots of little Nile crocodiles running around here in about three months.
Chris and Martin Whoa!
Aviva She's burying them! Are you kidding me? She just drops her eggs in a hole and covers them up? I told you guys, that is one cold creature.
Chris We'll see. Let's get in there, Martin.
Aviva What? Get in where?
Martin Where else? The nest. We're crocodile eggs! Those are our pals down there, Aviva.
Chris Besides, how else are we going to find out the secrets of crocodile birth? Let's get cracking, Martin!
Chris and Martin Woo-hoo!
Cut to Tortuga HQ.
Koki Guys, wait! We're losing you! I'll have to make some adjustments to the signal receiver.
Jimmy Whoa, she's stomping the sand. Looks like she's packing them in.
Aviva I knew this was a bad idea. Never trust a crocodile.
Koki I'm getting a signal again.
Chris Yo there guys, we're fine!
Martin The eggs have landed!
Jimmy She's done.
Chris and Martin We did it! (laughing) We're in the crocodile nest! Woohoo!
Martin Now what?
Chris Oh, she's holding her mouth open. It's getting pretty hot up there. About 90°° today.
Martin But cooler down here.
Chris Yeah, this sand is amazing. Down here under a layer of sand, the temperature hardly changes at all. It's been about 85° day and night, the perfect temperature for these eggs to develop.
Martin Oh, your mama knew exactly what she was doing when she put you in here, Chomp.
Chris I thought that one was Crunch?
Martin No, that's jaws. This is Chomp, that's Munch, Snapper and Fred!
Chris She's gone. Crocodilla's gone! Where'd she go?
Martin Uh-oh, that's not her.
Martin's creaturepod beeps.
Martin Oh.
Aviva Guys, don't look now, but it's a raid!
Chris Too late. I'm already looking! Whoa! Oh, no, monitor lizard attack!
Martin She sniffed out the nest! Oh, no, she's hungry for eggs, and we're all gonna get munched!
Chris Oh, no! These monitors are one of the major predators of crocodile eggs.
Martin No, wait. That's Fred! Stop!
Chris and Martin Egg thief!
Aviva I can't believe that mother croc just abandoned her eggs. She should be protecting them.
Koki Uh-oh, I think the lizard's gonna regret this. Look!
Chris Incoming croc!
Chris and Martin (grunting)
Chris Now, that's a protective mama croc.
Crocodilla (growling) (growling)
Chris Woo, nice rescue, Crocodilla!
Martin Gotta get Fred. (grunting)
Chris Hurry, Martin. She's covering the nest back up.
Martin I hope she doesn't see me and think I'm taking her eggs.
Chris Don't worry. I've got it covered. Nothing to see, girl.
Martin One crocodile egg, over easy. Come on, Chris!
Chris Hey, but this is cool. I've never ridden a crocodile before. I'll stay out here with Crocodilla, find out more what being a mama croc is all about.
Martin Okay, keep that creature pod on!
Chris You got it, bro. Look out for those lizards.
Koki Huh, who would have guessed crocodiles were such protective moms?
Aviva Huh, or she was just hungry for a lizard lunch.
Koki No, it says here that lots of predators try to get croc eggs: monitor zards, honey badgers, and even baboons.
Jimmy Wow, I thought crocodiles picked on everyone else. But I guess they get picked on sometimes too.
Koki Only about half of her eggs usually survive the predators. So she guards her nest day in and day out for months while the eggs develop.
Cut to Nile River.
Chris Want to go riding today? Ah, that's what I thought.
Jimmy Raining hard out there. What's up with the croc?
Koki Guess. Amazing, she doesn't even eat for months!
Jimmy Whoa, months? Chris and Martin must be starving! P.B. and J. coming at you, guys!
Chris Whoa! Thanks, Jimmy.
Martin Oof! Aww, thanks, Jimmy.
Aviva I got to admit, she does seem pretty dedicated.
Koki Uh, guys, she's gone.
Aviva What? Where'd she go?
Chris Woo-hoo! Now this is the way to cruise an African river, croc-back riding.
Aviva What about the eggs? Huh, I knew this dedication thing was too good to be true.
Chris Aw, it's a super-hot day. Crocs are cold-blooded, remember? Their bodies take on whatever temperature is around them. So when they get too hot, a croc has no choice but to cool off in the water to survive.
Aviva Well, she'd better get back to those eggs fast.
Chris She is. Uh-oh, we just have to get past those hippos.
Aviva What do you mean, get past them? Now, that's a cute animal, my kind of creature.
Chris Whoa, crocodiles and hippos both rule these rivers. And hippos are just as tough. Those jaws can bite a 12-foot crocodile in half. Let's get out of here, Crocodilla!
Chris (Inhaling) Whoa! Woohoo! Nice move, Mom. Way to dodge those toughies.
Koki Aviva, what are you doing?
Aviva Hippos are amazing and able to stand up to crocs like that. I know just the invention we need to keep those crocs in line.
Koki No fair. You're favoring the hippos. The croc mom was just minding her own business. The hippos went after her.
Jimmy She's just not a fan of these crocs.
Martin Hey, Fred, all curled up and cozy in there. Looking good, little guy. Oh, wait a second. You're not a guy. Fred's a girl! Koki, come in!
Koki Go, Martin!
Martin What's the temperature of this nest been?
Koki 85°°, same as almost everyday you've been in there.
Martin Oh, that's it.
Koki What's it?
Martin Their temperature! That's why all the baby crocs are girls!
Jimmy Because of the temperature?
Martin Yeah, crocs become girls or boys based on how hot or cold the eggs are. If the nest is 88°° to 93°°, they grow into boys. If it's colder or warmer than that, they grow into girls.
Jimmy That's weird. Cool, but weird.
Martin Oh, I got to rename everybody! Okay, let's see. Crunchina, Chompella, Munchette, Snapifer and Frederica. Oof! Oh, no! Nest to mama croc! Come in, mama croc! We've got another egg thief!
Chris We're on our way, Martin. Had a hippo delay. Hang tight!
Martin Uh-oh, hurry, Mama. Oh! Huh? More eggs? (gasping) A soft-shelled turtle. What are you doing laying your eggs right by a crocodile nest? You know Crocodilla doesn't like anybody messing with her eggs. (gasping) That's it! This turtle knows that if she can secretly get her eggs close to a crocodile nest, they'll be guarded by the mama croc too! It's brilliant! Chris! Chris, call it off! False alarm! It's a turtle!
Chris Turtle? Uh-oh, crocs will eat anybody they find messing with their nests. Whoa, Crocodilla! Slow down, girl!
Martin Hurry up! She's coming! How do you speed up a turtle?
Chris How do you slow down a giant croc? Whoa!Whoa, take your time! Relax!
Martin Yikes! Okay, see you later.Thanks for stopping by. Go, gogo! Whoa!
Chris (hissing) Ugh! Whoo! That was a close one.
Martin Yeah, you can't hold back a mom on a mission.
Koki Come on, Aviva, there is a softer side to these crocs.
Well, I am pretty impressed with how protective croc moms are. Even the turtle mom knows it. But crocs still always seem to be snapping their jaws at everybody.
Koki But the hippo snapped at her. And the monitor lizard tried to eat her eggs.
Aviva Still, I'd like them more if there was a little less jaw snapping.
Martin Hatching! We've got a hatcher here.
Koki Which one is it?
Martin It's little Frederica. She's busting through!
Aviva and Koki She did it! Welcome to the world, little croc!
Jimmy Yeah!
Chris She's making a baby croc call. And her sisters are calling too. Baby crocs time their hatching so that they all do it together.
Martin Yeah, there's Jawsana, Crunchina, Chompella, Munchette. Oh, come on, Snapifer, you're doing great.
Chris Even the little soft-shelled turtles are hatching. It's a hatch fest.
Martin Yeah, just one problem. It's getting crowded in here.
Chris That's because we're buried under a whole bunch of sand.
Chris and Martin Uh-oh. Help!
Aviva Oh, no, the baby crocs are all hatching but now they're trapped in their own nest.
Aviva I can't believe I'm saying this, but those baby crocs are kind of cute. But what's that sound they're making?
Chris That's it!
Martin The baby crocs are calling for their mom.
Chris We gotta make more noise. Louder, everybody!
Martin (imitating babies)
Koki Aviva, check it out, topside! She hears them! Guys, she hears you!
Aviva I can't believe it! She's coming to the rescue! Maybe I was wrong about her.
Chris Alright, nice croaking, gang.
Martin Hey, Chompella, don't stop now.
Chris Here's Mama.
Martin Whoa, I never thought I'd be so happy to see that face. Uh, on second thought...
Aviva She's eating her babies? I told you! Oh, these crocodiles! Just when I was starting to trust them!
Chris It's fine! She's not eating them. She's just picking them up. She knows how sharp her teeth are so she's super-careful. Huh? Martin?
Martin It's comfy in here too. Her throat pouch holds 20 of us. She's even taking the baby turtles. That's nice of her. Okay, I think we got a full load. Bus is packed and ready to go.
Aviva But where are you guys going?
Chris To the water! Full croc ahead!
Aviva I can't believe it! Now I'm totally blown away. Croc moms are... are...
Jimmy We know. They freak you out.
Aviva No, they're the coolest! What kind of mom is more dedicated, more committed? They're amazing!
Chris Okay, first and only stop: The crêêche.
Martin That's a fancy word for the nursery pool, a nice calm, quiet section of the river. Everybody out. Whoa, hey, everybody's looking good. You know, baby crocs are expert swimmers from the minute they're born.
Chris And mama's off to get the rest of the kid crocs. We'll keep an eye on these ones for ya!
Aviva Uh, Jimmy, can you pass me those rivets?
Jimmy What are you working on, anyway?
Aviva Oh, it's a...
Koki Oh, no, we've got a problem.
Aviva What?
Koki That!
Aviva Guys, behind you. Look who's back!
Chris Uh-oh!
Martin These monitor lizards don't only like eggs. They think baby crocs are pretty tasty too.
Aviva You've got to fill in for Crocodilla. Be a mother croc and get those meanies.
Chris Aviva, I thought you thought crocs were the meanies.
Aviva Are you kidding me? She's just protecting her babies. Crocs are great. Now help them, quick!
Martin We can't fill in for a mama croc! We don't have a crocodile disc for our Creature Power suits.
Chris Unless this will work. Aviva made a disc with gharial croc power when we were adventuring in Asia, remember? Since they're both crocodilians, it just might work.
Chris and Martin Activate Creature Power suit! Whoa!
Martin Come on! Come on!
Chris Yes, it worked!
Martin Sorry, a couple more mama crocs just showed up.
Chris and Martin To the baby crocodile rescue!
Chris (gasping) Back off, Marabou Stork!These croc kids are under our watch! (gasping)
Tough-O (hissing)
Martin Easy, honey badger. No baby crocs for lunch today.
Chris Woo, nice croc action, bro.
Martin You too, but I hope Crocodilla gets back soon. There's a lot of predators out here.
Chris Okay, better do a quick head count. Let's see, Crunchina, Chompella, Munchette, Snapifer. Hang on there, Jawsana. Wait, where's Frederica? Oh, there you are. Well, everybody's safe and accounted for. Uh-oh!
Martin The transformation's not holding up.
Chris and Martin deactivate their crocodile creature power suits.
Martin Chris, here comes Crocodilla with the last load of baby crocs.
Crocodilla (growling)
Chris Uh-oh, what's Crocodilla going to think if she finds a couple of Wild Kratts with her babies?
Martin Whoa, I'm pretty sure she's not happy to see us! Reactivate Creature Power Suits!
Chris Uh, it's just a misunderstanding. We were protecting them while you were getting the others. Yikes.
Martin A hippo sub?
Chris Aviva!
Aviva Get in guys, quick!
Chris Ugh!
Aviva You're the best, Crocodilla. After all, Nile crocs just might be the greatest moms in the world, a crocodile of a mom.
Chris Woo, mission accomplished. We got a true insider's look at a totally different side of the crocodile.
Aviva And I'll admit it: I love crocodiles now. I shouldn't have judged them before I got to know them. They're so much more than the mean, scary brutes I thought they were. I can't believe that they're so caring and protective of their babies.
Koki Yeah, the softer side of crocs.
Jimmy Where's Martin?
Martin Well, Mom still protects the baby crocs, but they need to catch their own food from day one. So I thought we'd help them practice.
Chris activates his dragonfly power suit while being miniaturized.
Martin Okay, if you want to grow big and strong like Mom, you need to start small. Minnows, water bugs, dragonflies. Okay, who's first? Come on, take your best shot.Whoa, that's it, Frederica (laughing) Nice snap!
Chris And a good dodge, Martin. Whoa! Nice try, Chompella. You almost had me. Way to make your mom proud. Woo! (laughing) Whoa!
Chris and Martin (laughing)
The show transitions into the ending live action segment, in which the Kratt brothers place some ball python eggs into an incubator, which later hatch.
Chris So there's a lot more to crocodiles and alligators than most people think.
Martin Who would have thought she'd be such a devoted and protective mom?
A baby alligator (chirping)
Chris And baby alligators really depend on those moms.
A baby alligator (chirping)
Chris Do you hear that sound? That's her calling for her mom. When she's born inside the nest, she makes that call and also when she's out on her own and she needs the protection of her mother. We better bring her back to her mom.
Martin It's not just crocs and alligators. A lot of reptiles put a lot of time and energy into protecting their eggs.
Chris Like ball pythons. This ball python is an incredible mother. She sits by her eggs, protecting them and controlling the temperature and humidity, not eating for 90 days.
Martin If the eggs get too cold, the ball python mother will shiver her muscles to warm them up. Come on, we got to show you something.
Cut to
Martin These are ball python eggs. And in order to hatch them, we have to keep them in a constant temperature and humidity just like their mom does.
Chris To do that we'll use this machine, an incubator. And just close it up, slide them in, and wait till they hatch.
Martin It's time! They're hatching! Each snake pokes his head out of the egg, has a look around, and then goes back inside. They'll keep doing this for a couple of days.
Chris Until finally, two days later, the baby pythons are ready to slither out of the eggs for good.
Martin They're pretty long when they're born and look like miniature versions of their moms. Unlike the little crocs who are protected by their mom for up to a year after they hatch, the little pythons are on their own from the moment they slide out of that egg.
Chris And even at this small size, they're ready to go out and hunt mice, birds and other small animals.
Chris and Martin Happy birthday, baby pythons.
Martin Keep on creature adventuring.
Chris And discovering there's more to some creatures than you might think. See you on the creature trail.