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Aviva is the inventor for the Wild Kratts crew. She is best friends with Chris and Martin. She went to science camp with Zach and has been rivals with him since then.She has black hair tied back in a ponytail with some hair swept back behind her ear. Her signature color is purple/violet. she helps the kratt bros to rescue the animals from de nada zak and gormond who like to turn them into live jewels beeing coocked and turned into robots .she also makes martin and chris feel how animals survive . learns about animals from the bros and makes creature power disks for them . she is kind by heart and also loves animals . she and the whole tortuga hq understands how animals feel . i think she is 14 or16 , 17, 18, 19 , 20

Aviva is very good by radha

from she helps the kratt bros to ............................... i radha navare wrote it . the other part was writtten by somewon else. i wrote till how animals feel .

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