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This is my ideas for episodes page. The rules are:

  1. Please do not edit, delete, or add to my ideas unless i say to, but feel free to give me your ideas in the comments below, I like to hear tips.
  3. You are also allowed to add your own ideas but again, say who you are.

Fennec Frolic

Need some ideas in the comments below

Creature names: Dumbo the Fennec Fox

House Pet Havoc

The gang studies House Pets, but things get out of hand when a Chinchilla and two Hamsters get ahold of the miniaturizer and grow huge but then crush it by accident.

Rarely seen creature moments: Male hamsters fighting; Fish making nest out of gravel in a fish tank

Creature names: Beaky the parrotfish, Barkley the mutt, Snigger the squirrel (thanks to Chris D'Lacey for The Last Dragon Chronicles, which inspired this name), Fluffy the cat, Duet the Canary, Superfluffy the Chinchilla, Diamonds and Clubs the Hamsters, Hopster the Bunny

Creature Powers: Parrotfish power, Dog Power, Squirrel power, Cat power, Canary power, Chinchilla power, Mouse power, Hamster power, Bunny power

Sparrow Sing-Song

Chris and Martin have to stop Zach and Donita from turning Songbirds into Alarm clocks and watches.

Creature powers: Sparrow power, Shrike power, Blue Jay power, Falcon power

Creature names: Seabird the Blue Jay, Speed the Falcon, Spike the Shrike, Songify the Sparrow

A Troll of an Anole

The gang has to stop Zach and Donita together yet again from turning every kind of anole into earrings but things go awry after a suprise attack from Gourmand renders most of the gang's power suits useless and captures them exept for Jimmy Z. He and the only working power suit, Jimmy's orange one, have to save the rest of the gang AND the anoles with the help of the wild kratts kids. But things get EVEN MORE crazy when a Cuban Knight Anole grows because of the newly fixed miniaturizer Zach leaves out, despite warnings from the gang. Please tell me wat u think of this idea in the comments, i worked hard to think of it.

Rarely seen creature moment: Cuban Knight Anole catches an Emporer Dragonfly

Creature Powers: Sparrow Power, Curly Tail Power, Anole Power

Creature names: Dragon Knight the Cuban Knight Anole, Songify the Sparrow

A Ball of Spines

Hedgehog episode, please edit but say who u r

Creature names: Mace the Hedgehog

Creature powers: Squirrel power, Hedgehog power


The Wild Kratts hear a second "The Bloop" sound while on a search for the elusive Longarm Squid (only one photo ever taken of the Longarm Squid, only one hearing ever of "The Bloop") and go searching for the Source, eventually finding both, the source being an undiscovered living fossil of a Kronosaurus as big as the Eiffel Tower! Just as Chris is about to take a photo while in his "undiscovered species craze", Zach Varmintech snatches it to make supersonic bloop bots! They then here "the Bloop" AGAIN, But this time less loud, and see a baby. Aviva then makes Longarm Squid and Kronosaurus Power and they rescue the adult. Chris finally has to make the hard choice to keep the discovery a secret, knowing that people would go searching and capture it to put it on display if anyone knew. The episode ends with Chris yelling to the team," HEY, LOOK GUYS, THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS!!!!!".

NEVER (not rarely) before seen creature moments: Kronosaurus Eating Blue Whale, Longarm Squid Fighting Sperm Whale, A FRIKKIN' LIVING KRONOSAURUS, A Second Sighting Of A Longarm Squid

Creature names: Mystery the Longarm Squid, Jawbreaker and Bloopy the Kronosaurs or Kronosauri, Bumper, Bumper's Mom

Creature Powers: Sperm Whale power, Longarm Squid Power, Kronosaurus power

Living Fossil!!

Chris is excited to see a living fossil: a Coelacanth

Never and Rarely before seen creature moments: Living Kronosaurs/ Kronosauri

Creature Names: Fossil the Coelacanth, Bloopy and Jawbreaker.

Creature Powers: Coelacanth Power, Giant Squid Power, Kronosaurus Power

Penguin Power

The Gang has to stop Donita from turning penguin chicks into hats, But Chris and Martin are off studying penguins and leopard seals.

Odd One IN!

The gang hangs around with some of the weirdest creatures on the planet, but things get wierder when they find out a new villain, called Bob, has been following them, capturing the weird animals, and putting them in a travelling zoo.

Starring: The Geranuk, The Pink fairy armadillo, The Tufted deer, The Dumbo Octopus, The Irwaddy Dolphin, The Naked Mole Rat, The Babirusa, The Sunda Colugo, The Jerboa, the Goblin Shark, The Panda Ant, The Blobfish, The Giant Isopod, The Okapi, And, of course, *drumroll*..........................THE NARWHAL!
Creature Names: Girazelle, Pixie Dillo, Deerpire, Squishy, No-fin, Fur-B-Gone, Quadrucerapig, Sundae, Li'l 'Roo, Gremlin, Pandant, Floppy & Blobby, Big Bug, Zebraraffe, and Unicorn

Creature Powers: Geranuk, ThePink fairy armadillo, Tufted deer, Dumbo Octopus, Irwaddy Dolphin, Naked Mole Rat, Babirusa, Sunda Colugo, Jerboa, Goblin Shark, Panda Ant, Blobfish, Giant Isopod, The Okapi, and Narwhal Powers

Rolling In The Deep

Need ideas in the omments below its about the giant isopod deep sea cousin of the roly-poly, which is where i got the episode name. Roly-poly? Rolling? And it lives in the deep? Get it?

Starring The Giant Isopod

Creature names: Big Bug


The gang investigeates the lesser known but extremely similar cousins of some well known animals.

Starring: The Porpoise, The Dugong, The Gibbon, and The Caiman

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