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Martin Chris Octopus Wildkratticus We just discovered New Episode Ideas.
Although New Episode Ideas may refer to the actual Wild Kratts series, it is entirely made by fans of Wild Kratts, and should be treated as so.

Stomp On Home

While adventuring in Tanzania, the Wild Kratts find Stomp the Secretary Bird. Recognizing Stomp from one of their previous adventures (i.e Raptor Roundup) they decide to follow Stomp on his long trek back to his nest, where his mate Stompette, boy chick Stompie JR, and his three other eggs are waiting for him. But lions, spotted hyenas, and a black backed jackal and her 2 juvenile pups are blocking the path back to the nest. Worse still, Donita Donata has captured Stompette and Stompie JR and wants Stomp for a whole Secretary Bird fashion collection. The Wild Kratts using secretary bird powers must protect Stomp from the predators and Donita, save his family, and get all of the Secretary Birds back to their nests before the sun goes down.

Animals Featured: Secretary Bird, Lion, Spoted Hynea, Black Backed Jackal

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments:  Secretary bird escaping from predators, a close look in a secretary bird nest, secretary bird eggs hatching, Black Backed Jackal traing pups how to hunt

Animal Names: Stomp (from Raptor Round Up), Stompette, Stompie JR

Snake In The Grass

While leaving Africa, a black mamba stows away on the Tortuga. The Wild Kratts have to get it out, but black mambas have deadly venom. As they try to get it out, they learn about it's unique creature powers, such as it's strong venom and it's speed. However, Zach wants to use all of the snakes for the power core of his new robot that can capture every animal in Africa or any other place he goes to. The Wild Kratts must use black mamba powers to save all the mambas from Zach and get the black mamba out of the Tortuga at the same time.

Animals Featured: Black Mamba, Secretary Bird, Honey Badger

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments:  Black Mamba showing its black mouth to scare away predators, a close look inside black mamba nest, Secretary Bird fighting a black mamba, Honey Badger surviving Black Mamba bite

Animal Names: Mambo, Stomp (from Raptor Round Up and Stomp On Home), Tougho (from Honey Seekers)

Monkeys In The Freezer

In the freezing cold of the Yunnan Province of China, the Kratt Bros are checking out the rare Yunnan snub nosed monkeys, a species that can live in freezing temperatures, when Zach steals them all to power his new climbing robots. The Kratts have to use the powers of these monkeys in the freezer to save the snub nosed monkeys from Zach.

Animals Featured: Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey, Yak, Snow Leopard

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Yunan Snub-nosed Monkeys fighting for teritory, Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkeys defending themselves from a Snow Leopard

Animal Names: Yuna

Mandril Mayhem

In the Congo, the Wild Kratts are researching the rainbow colored baboon called the mandril, when Donita steals them to incorporate their colorful faces into handbags. The Kratts must use mandril powers to locate the secret treetop hideout where Donita has taken the mandrils and must save the entire troop from Donita's evil plot, with a little bit of help from a certain pair of rainforest creatures.

Animals Featured: Mandril, African Civet, Pangolin, Leopard

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Mandril fighting off Leopard, African Civet toying with Pangolin

Animal Names: Rainbow Face, Blackspot, Whirler

Triceratops Chameleons

In Africa, the Wild Kratts team are checking out a group of three-horned Jackson's chameleons, when they witness two large males fighting with their horns, like little triceratops. Suddenly a fire breaks out, and the defending male must temporarily abandon his territory. His rival takes over before he can return. The Kratts must help the lost chameleon return so he can reclaim his territory.

Animals Featured: Jackson's Chameleon, Meller's Chameleon, Green Mamba, Triceratops (in book),

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Jackson's and Meller's Chameleons fighting for territory, Meller's Chameleon using lance shaped horn to thrust rival off tree branch, Green Mamba trying to eat Jackson's Chameleon

Animal Names: Triceratops, Lancehead

Moray Storay

The Kratts are diving on the coral reef they have been diving on for some time when they see a moray eel coming out of his den hunting a pair of fish. The fishes turn out to be Blimpy and Puffy the blowfishes who the moray doesn't want to eat after they puff up. When he goes back to his den, he finds a banded sea snake has taken it over. The Kratts have to help the moray eel find a new den. But with a hungry tiger shark around, the Kratts must use moray eel powers and act fast to save the moray eel from the tiger shark.

Animals Featured: Moray Eel, Blowfish, Banded Sea Snake, Tiger Shark

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Moray Eel trying to eat blowfish, Banded sea snake taking over a moray eel cave, tiger shark hunting moray eel

Animal Names: Noodles, Blimpy and Puffy (both from Blowfish Blowout)

World of the Water Bears

The Kratts are exploring a drop of water looking for the tiny but invincible water bear. Zach overhears and, not knowing that water bears are both really microscopic and not really bears, wants to collect them to use for his new Indstruci-bot that can be used to capture animals without them breaking out. However, while Zach is looking for them, the Kratts have to find a water bear in this drop of water and use its powers of "dying" when there is no water to stop Zach and save the water bears. But first they have to stop a Mononchus Nematode from eating all of the nearby water bears.

Animals Featured: Water Bear, Water Flea, Mononchus Nematode

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Water Bear "dying" without water to become indestructible and survive forever, Mononchus Nematode trying to eat a water bear and a water flea,

Animal Names: Endura, Heavy Duty, Wiggler

The Adaptation Queen

The Wild Kratts are in the North American Forest when they meet an adaptable bobcat and her three kittens. They decide to follow the family while the bobcat power suits are made. However, while the family is hunting a wild turkey, Donita snatches all of the bobcats except for one kitten for her new line of Forest Shirts And Capes. The Kratts bring the baby bobcat back to the Toutuga. The Kratts must use the amazing adaptation powers of the bobcat to save the bobcat family.

Animals Featured: Bobcat, Wild Turkey, Raven

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Bobcat hunting wild turkey, raven attacking baby bobcat

Animal Names: Bobtail, Jumper, Clawser, Runner

Quetzal Quest

The Wild Kratts are in Costa Rica to see Aviva's favorite bird, the beautiful Resplendant Quetzal. They find a male with a very long tail, which Martin names SuperPlume, and they decide to follow him back to his nest. There the brothers find 2 baby quetzals, named Verde (Spanish for green) and Rojo (Spanish for red) by Martin because of the colors of an adult quetzal. Chris goes to follow SuperPlume while Martin stays with the babies. But SuperPlume is stolen by Donita to make a wonderful cape. And Verde is stolen by Gourmand to turn him into a side dish. The Kratts Bros take Rojo back to the Tortuga for protection, and so they can get Quetzal powers to stop two villains this time.

Animals Featured: Resplendant Quetzal, Harpy Eagle, Anaconda

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: A close look inside a quetzal nest, quetzal feeding chicks, Harpy eagle attacking quetzal, anaconda trying to eat baby quetzals

Animal Names: SuperPlume, Verde, Rojo

Putting On The Squeeze

While adventuring in Africa, the Kratts flashed back when they came across a fully grown African rock python, which Martin names Coils, and decide to follow him. But when Coils gets back to his den, he finds it is flooded by a heavy rainstorm. Coils goes to try to find a new den. But every den he looks at is owned by either another python, a serval, or a lion. There is also not enough food in the scrublands to support Coils because the plant eaters have moved to the plains due to a drought in the scrub lands. The Kratts must find Coils a new, predator-free home using African rock python powers and the suit's new snake jaw feature.

Animals Featured: African Rock Python, Serval, Lion, Impala, Greater Kudu

Never Before/Rarely Seen WIldlife Moments: African rock python searching for new home, Servals and lions attacking python, two pythons fighting for mate, python eating greater kudu with expandable jaw

Animal Names: Coils

Mouth Wars

On the coral reef, the Kratts find a beautiful seashell. But when they pick it up to see if anyone is inside, a sarcastic fringehead comes out and drives them away by opening huge flaps of skin around his mouth. The Kratts decide that sarcastic fringehead powers would be great at defending creatures from the villains, so they get to work on the suit. The sarcastic fringehead, later named Fringey, goes out to chase a shrimp and is caught in a net. While Martin goes after him, Chris has to use sarcastic fringehead powers to stop enemies from stealing Fringey's home.

Animals Featured: Sarcastic Fringehead, Octopus, Queen Conch

Never Before/Rarely Seen WIldlife Moments: Sarcastic fringehead using mouth attack, octopus encroching on fringehead home, fringehead fighting with other fringehead

Animal Names: Fringey, Gigantomouth

Wolves of the Air

The Kratt Brothers are mountain bike riding in Arizona, when Martin lands on a cactus where a Harris' Hawk is perching. There, they find out that the harris hawk is one of the only raptors who hunt in groups called packs. They watch the hawks attack a "pair" of cottontail rabbits. They chase them but one of the rabbits (the real one) escapes. But the other rabbit is not real, it's a trick by Zach to capture all the hawks. Almost all of the hawks are captured in a special net from the "bunny," except for one, which Martin names Leather Talons because they can stand on cacti without hurting their feat. The Kratts have to use the pack hunting powers of the harris' hawk to save the harris' hawk pack.

Animals Featured: Harris' Hawk, Cottontail Rabbit, Collard Lizard

Never Before/Rarely Seen WIldlife Moments: Harris' hawk pack hunting behavior, harris' hawk standing on cactus without hurting feet

Animal Names: Leather Talons

Lord Of The Leapers

In the Congo Rainforest of Africa, the Kratts are exploring the trees when they find a huge troop of over 20 black and white colobus monkeys. The Kratts decide to hang out with the troop while the colobus monkey power suits are made. During that time, two young colobus named Leaf and Leap are both separated from the troop, Leaf by a crowned eagle, and Leap by a troop of chimpanzees. The Kratts must now use the leaping powers of the colobus monkey to save Leaf and Leap and bring them back home.

Animals Featured: Black and white colobus monkey, crowned eagle, chimpanzee

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Colobus monkey digesting leaves, the reason why colobus monkeys are the only monkeys who don't have thumbs, crowned eagle hunting colobus monkeys, chimpanzee troop hunting colobus monkeys

Animal Names: Leaf, Leap

Impala Paintball

The Kratts and the crew of the Tortuga play a game of paintball in Africa. During the game, Chris and Martin sneak up on Aviva, but unintentionally spook a herd of impala. As the impala stampede, they end up in an area patrolled by a pack of African wild dogs. The dogs decide to isolate the youngest impala from the herd, but the impala use their strategic powers of escape, including leaping and long distance running, to escape the dog pack. But the impalas aren't out of danger yet. They encounter a leopard attacking a warthog. The warthog escapes when the thundering herd distracts the leopard. The leopard then focuses on attacking the impala. One impala, whom Martin had earlier named High Hurdle, is overpowered by the leopard. To help the desperate impala, Chris uses African wild dog powers to help the pack work as a team to challenge the leopard for its prey as the leopard is about to drag it up a tree, while Martin uses impala powers to get the rest of the herd to safety. Can the team save High Hurdle, or will he be food for either predator?

Animals Featured: Impala, Leopard, African Wild Dog, Warthog, African Rock Python

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Warthog escaping Leopard, Leopard attacking Impala, Impala feigning death and then escaping when predators are distracted

Animal Names: High Hurdle

Wildebeest Stampede

In the Serengeti, the Kratts are following a herd of wildebeest on one of the longest migrations on Earth, The Great Migration. It contains wildebeests, zebra, and gazelles. At night, a young wildebeest, named Stampede, is separated from his herd by an attacking pack of hyenas. The Wild Kratts must use wildebeest powers to get Stampede back to his herd. But lions and a crocodile stand in their way. Can the Kratts bring Stampede back to his herd?

Animals Featured: Wildebeest, Zebra, Thompson's Gazelle, Lion, Spotted Hyena, Nile Crocodile, Honey Badger (as a hologram)

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: The Great Migration from start to end, hyenas attacking wildebeest, lions attacking young wildebeest

Animal Names: Stampede

All For The Troop

On the Masai Mara plains of Kenya, Chris, Martin, and Aviva follow a troop of Olive Baboons on their daily foraging trip. They observe as the baboons attack gazelles and flamingos, as well as see that they have surprising symbiotic relationship with a herd of elephants. Aviva decides this combination of troop behavior, smarts, and strength would make an amazing creature power suit. But just then, a leopard attacks the baboons and separates a baby named Olive away from the troop. The Kratts must use Olive Baboon powers to save Olive and protect the troop from the hungry leopard.

Animals Featured: Olive Baboon, Thomson's Gazelle, Lesser Flamingo, Leopard. African Elephant, Marabou Stork

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Male Olive Baboons fighting, Olive Baboon attacking Gazelle fawn, Olive Baboon attacking Lesser Flamingo, Leopard attacking Olive Baboon, Elephants and Olive Baboons working together

Animal Names: Olive

Piranha Frenzy

In the waters of the Amazon River, the Kratts are snorkeling, when they see a group of red-bellied piranhas hunting a school of minnows. They observe as the red-bellied piranhas swarm around a minnow and tear it to pieces. Seeing these strong jaws, Martin decides to name one of the piranhas Sicisor-Jaws, because native tribes used to use piranha jaws as sicisors, and also decides that they should have piranha powers. Upon hearing this, Zach wants to use the piranhas to destroy the Amazon and its wildlife. He captures all but Sicisor-Jaws. The Kratts must use piranha powers to save the piranhas and the Amazon from Zach

Animals Featured: Red-Bellied Piranha, Minnow, Capybara, Tapir, Duck

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Piranhas swarming a minnow, a close up view of piranha jaws

Animal Names: Sicisor-Jaws

Caiman Alley

In the wild jungles near the Amazon River, the Kratts stumble across a section of the river filled with black caimans. They decide to call this part of the river "Caiman Alley." They observe the rarely seen team hunting behavior of the caiman, which gives them the idea for caiman powers. However, just as the discs are finished, Caiman Alley is swamped by a tidal bore, and a young caiman, named Snappy, is separated from his mother and siblings in the resulting waves. The Kratts must use black caiman powers to find Snappy and protect him from the many predators of the Amazon.

Animals Featured: Black Caiman, Mullet, Jaguar, Anaconda, Piranha

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: A large group of black caimans, caimans working together to hunt, close up views of the perils of a young caiman's life, a tidal bore

Animal Names: Snappy

The Stealth Game

In The Ethiopian Mountains, the Kratts are searching for the endangered Ethiopian Wolf. They observe the wolf doing a few stealth dives into the soil to catch mole rats. This gives them the idea to make Ethiopian Wolf powers for stealthy sneaking. But one baby wolf, named Stealthy, falls down a mole rat hole and is trapped. The Kratts have to use Ethiopian Wolf powers to rescue the baby wolf.

Animals Featured: Ethiopian Wolf, Big-Headed Mole Rat, Lammergeier

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Ethiopian Wolf hunting big-headed mole rat

Animal Names: Stealthy

Killer Squids

In the oceans off Baja Mexico, the Kratts are exploring the oxygen minimum zone with special tanks, when they see the "Red Devils," the Humboldt Squid. They watch as these strange creatures feed on some smaller Arrow Squid in such a low oxygen zone. This causes Aviva to decide to make Humboldt Squid powers so the Kratts can breathe in low oxygen waters. But, at the same time the suits are finished, a group of underwater volcanoes, which are about to erupt, are endangering the all of the Humboldt squids in the area. The Kratts, using Humboldt Squid powers, have to save the squids from the underwater volcanos before it's too late.

Animals Featured: Humboldt Squid, Arrow Squid

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Humboldt Squid hunting arrow squid, Humboldt squid eating another Humboldt squid

Animal Names: Humbo, Squido, Squidtacular (both from Whale Of A Squid)

Gelada Brawl

In the mountains of Ethiopia, the Kratts are on a nature walk when they cross paths with a troop of Gelada Baboons. They soon learn that Gelada baboons have a strict hierarchy inside of their troop with infants at the bottom and surprisingly females at the top. They then watch a brawl between two male baboons, inspiring Martin to name one Brawly, when they suddenly decide that they should have Gelada baboon power suits. So they decide to spend a little time with the troop to learn more about them for the power suits. However they need Gelada baboon powers to help and protect the troop when one of the infants, named Gelato after the resemblance between gelato and Gelada, suddenly gets sick and Ethiopian Wolves are closing in on the troop with the male off fighting a rival.

Animals Featured: Gelada Baboon, Ethiopian Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf

Never before/seen wildlife Moment: Gelada Baboons grazing with Ethiopian ibex, Male Gelada baboon showing teeth and size to scare off rivals, a fight between rival Gelada baboons, Male Gelada chasing away a Ethiopian Wolf

Animal Names: Brawly, Gelato

Search for the Orinoco Croc

In the mysterious waters of Venezuela, the Kratts are searching for the Orinoco crocodile, one of the rarest crocodiles in the world. They are on a mission to count the unknown population amount of this rare species. They decide to follow one Martin names Oar for the river it lives in, the Orinoco. Meanwhile Zach is trying to make the people nearby believe that the crocs are dangerous and need to be disposed of. The people believe him and begin capturing all the crocs, including Oar. The Kratts must use Orinoco crocodile powers to rescue the crocs and convince the people that Zach is lying and that crocs aren't always as dangerous as they appear.

Animal Names: Oar

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: The rare Orinoco crocodile and the rare Cuvier's dwarf caiman in their natural habitat, Orinoco crocodile attacking capybara, Orinoco crocodile ambushing butterfly peacock bass, Orinoco crocodiles attempting to cannibalizing each other, Orinoco crocodile attempting to eat a Cuvier's dwarf caiman, Orinoco crocodile digging hole to survive dry season

Animals Featured: Orinoco Crocodile, Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman, Capybara, Butterfly Peacock Bass

Sahara Sandgrouse

In the baking sun of the Sahara Desert, the Kratts are collecting water for their canteens, when they see a group of sandgrouse landing in the water. They observe the sandgrouse collecting water in their chest feathers and flying away with it. They decide to follow the sandgrouse to see why they were collecting the water. After trekking for miles, they find that the sandgrouse are all males and that they were collecting water to quench their chick's thirst. But suddenly, a severe drought hits and all the waterholes dry up. The Kratts must use sandgrouse powers to get water to all the sandgrouse in the Sahara before it's too late.

Animals Featured: Sandgrouse, Desert Horned Viper, Camel

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Sandgrouse collecting water for chicks, desert horned viper attacking baby sandgrouse

Animal Names: Sandy, Sahara, Dune, Desert

Big Mouthed Grouper

In the Great Barrier Reef, the Kratts are observing a sardine migration, when a massive grouper comes in and swallows a bunch of the sardines, to which Martin quickly names it Swallow. Amazed at the massive swallowing power of the grouper, the Kratts decide to follow it so that the grouper power suits can be made. Meanwhile, Gourmand has stolen most of the groupers already for his new seafood restaurant. The Kratts must use the swallowing powers of the grouper to save the fish from Gourmand.

Animal Names: Swallow

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Grouper swallowing sardines, a close up view of the mechanism a grouper uses to swallow prey so fast

Animals Featured: Jewfish Grouper, Sardine, Red Snapper, Seahorse

Martial Artist Mantis Shrimp

While snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, the Kratts are exploring the sandy bottom of the reef when they see a rock crab getting "punched out" by a mantis shrimp, which Martin names Rocky, after the pro boxer. The Kratts decide to study this amazing shrimp with front arms that can punch so hard that they can break aquarium glass. They decide that the punching powers of the mantis shrimp would make a great creature power suit. However, Zach overhears their conversation and decides to capture all the mantis shrimp, including Rocky, to use for his new Boxing Bots. Can the Kratts, using mantis shrimp powers, save Rocky and the other mantis shrimp from Zach's evil plot?

Animals Featured: Mantis Shrimp, Rock Crab, Parrotfish

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Mantis shrimp "punching out" rock crab, a close up look at how the mantis shrimp's punches have such incredible power

Animal Names: Rocky

Glowing In The Dark

The Kratts are using the Amphisub to explore the deep sea when they drive into a sea of sparkling lights in the dark. They decide to check out one of the lights, which turns out to be coming from a Deep Sea Anglerfish who is using its glow-in-the-dark lure to entice its prey to it, inspiring Martin to name it Nightlight. As they watch the anglerfish, a small shrimp appears and is quickly gulped down by the anglerfish. Realizing that the anglerfish's glow-in-the-dark lure and backwards facing teeth would make great Creature Power Suits, the Kratts decide to have anglerfish power disks made. However Donita Donata has learned about the anglerfish's lights and decides that she wants to capture them all to make a new line of fashionable headlights. The Kratts must use anglerfish powers to stop Donita from capturing all of the anglerfish.

Animals Featured: Deep Sea Anglerfish, Hairy Anglerfish, Deep Sea Shrimp

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: The different lights of animals in the deep sea, a deep sea anglerfish and hairy anglerfish in their natural habitats, deep sea anglerfish using lure to entice prey, deep sea anglerfish eating deep sea shrimp, male deep sea anglerfish attaching to female deep sea anglerfish

Animal Names: Nightlight

Around The World With Eight Arms

In the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Kratt Brothers run into Seven, the Giant Pacific Octopus. They realize that, since Seven stole the Creature Power Suits the last time they ran into him, they never got to use octopus powers . The Kratts decide to travel around the world, utilizing the Octopod, to find different kinds of octopus to add different octopus abilities to the Creature Power Suits, as well as the Octopod itself. However Gourmand has decided to capture all of the octopuses, including Seven, to make them into fried calamari. The Kratts have to use their octopus powers as well as the newly updated Octopod to save Seven and the other octopuses from Gourmound.

Animals Featured: Giant Pacific Octopus, Mimic Octopus, Veined Octopus, Cyanea Octopus, Dumbo Octopus, Blanket Octopus, Blue-ringed Octopus, Damselfish, Clam, Great Egret, Great White Shark

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Giant Pacific Octopus fighting Great White Shark, Mimic Octopus imitating pair of sea snakes to scare off damselfish, Veined Octopus using coconut shell to protect itself from Great White Shark, Cyanea Octopus squirting water at Great Egret, Dumbo Octopus in it's natural habitat, Blanket Octopus floating on surface of water, Blanket Octopus male attempting to attract female, the flashing, blue rings of the Blue-ringed Octopus

Animal Names: Seven (from Octopus Wildkrattikus), Quick Change, Nutty, Squirt, Pulpo (from Creatures of the Deep Sea Part 2), Scarf, Poisonbeak

Bloodsquirters of the South

While exploring in Texas, the Kratt Brothers nearly trip over a very well camouflaged creature, the regal horned lizard, also known as the horned toad. They observe the lizard's many defensive creature powers, camouflage, playing dead, puffing itself up to appear larger, and squirting blood out of its eyes in order to hit predators. This final defense prompts Martin to name the lizard Bloodsquirt. However, Zach wants to collect all of the horned lizards for use in his new line of robots, and so he sends his Zachbots to collect all of the horned lizards in Texas. The Kratts must use regal horned lizard powers to stop Zach from stealing all the horned lizards.

Animals Featured: Regal Horned Lizard, Coyote, Coachwhip Snake, Harris' Hawk, Ant

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Regal Horned Lizard being attacked by predators, a horned lizard's many defense strategies, a horned lizard squirting blood out of its eyes to deter a predator, a horned lizard consuming its favorite prey, ants

Animal Names: Bloodsquirt

Bone Breakers

The Kratts are adventuring in the Ethiopian Highlands, when they observe a lammergeier dropping some strange, white objects onto a bunch of rocks. it turns out that the objects are bones, and that dropping them to break them open is how lammergeiers get their food. While Martin names an adult lammergeier Bash, a juvenile Smash, and a baby Crash, Chris calls the Wild Kratts Crew to ask if lammergeier powers can be made. However, Gourmand overhears them, and teams up with Zach to use the lammergeiers in order to collect bones for Gourmand's latest dish. He captures all of them, except for Crash. The Kratts, using lammergeier powers, have to save all of the lammergeiers, including Bash and Smash, from the two villains

Animals Featured: Lammergeier, Ruppel's Griffon Vulture, Lappet-faced Vulture, White-necked Raven

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Lammergeier dropping bones on rocks to break them in half in order to eat them, juvenile lammergeier learning how to break bones, a close up look into a lammergeiers nest

Animal Names: Bash, Smash, Crash

Lair of the Stinkbird

The Kratts are adventuring in the Amazon Rainforest, when they suddenly smell a strange, putrid odor. The stink turns out to be coming from a hoatzin, otherwise known as a stinkbird, due to its strange diet of aromatic leaves. But before any more observing can be done, the hoatzin, which Martin names Mohawk, for its wired feather crest, flies away to its nest, with the Kratts following. At the nest, they discover that baby hoatzins are the only birds with claws on their wings that are used for climbing. This makes the bros decide to ask for hoatzin powers to be made. Suddenly, a great black hawk attacks the nest, and Mohawk chases it away. But, while she's gone, a palm viper knocks the nest full of chicks, including one Martin named Lil' Rocker, into the river below. Though hoatzins are on of the few birds that can swim, the current is too strong for swimming and the nest is carried away. The Kratts have to use hoatzin powers to rescue the babies before Mohawk comes back home and finds them gone.

Animals Featured: Hoatzin, Great Black Hawk, Palm Viper

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: The odor of an adult hoatzin, a look inside the nest of a hoatzin, baby hoatzin using its wing claws to climb, hoatzin swimming, mother hoatzin chasing away a predator

Animal Names: Mohawk, Lil' Rocker

Traps In The Sand

The Kratt Brothers are adventuring in the Kalahari Desert in Africa, when Martin trips over a small hole in the ground. They find out that the hole is made by the larva of an insect called an antlion, which digs a hole in the sand to trap ants and termites. Martin decides to name the larva Sandtrap, because of the traps it makes in the sand. However, Donita Donata has discovered that adult antlions appear similar to dragonflies, and so she decides to use the antlion adults to make an accessory for her newest line of hats. The Kratts must use the powers of both the larval and adult stages of the antlion in order to stop Donita from capturing all of the adult antlions.

Animals Featured: Antlion (larva/adult), Ant, Harvester Termite

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Antlion larva building a sand trap, how an antlion larva captures prey, the differences between an adult antlion and a dragonfly

Animal Names: Sandtrap

Mongoose Stake out

In the Kalahari Desert, The Kratts are looking at a group of banded mongooses eating ticks off a warthog. They discovered the group Banded Mongoose has some creature Powers of protecting their Pups. When one of The Mongoose pups gets Hunted by a Nile Monitor The Banded Mongoose Come to the Pups rescue & attack The Nile Monitor. But Gourmand plans to Catch all the Banded Mongeese, plus Marabou Stork, & Nile Monitor for a Plate Lunch with His New Lunch Truck also with His New Army of French Chefs & a new Partner.

Animals Featured: Banded Mongoose, Marabou Stork, Warthog, Nile Monitor

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife: Banded Mongooses grooming warthog, Marabou Stork and Nile Monitor hunting Banded Mongoose pup

Animal Names: Hog Cleaner, Bearry

Mongoose Power

To Tag a Tigerfish

While departing from an adventure on the african savannah, the Wild Kratts fly over the Congo river, were Martin drops his creature pod out the window of the Tortuga and it lands on the shore of the river. When they go down to get it, it and Chris's disk-holder fall into the river and get swept into some rapids. When Aviva says they have to go in and get it, the Kratts object, when they remember a fish the river holds that is very dangerous, the Goliath Tigerfish.  Thinking the Kratts are over exaggerating, Aviva decides to search for them anyway. She and the Kratts take the miniaturized Amphi-sub, to avoid it being smashed against the large underwater rocks in the rapids. After a while of searching, they find Martin's creature pod, stuck in the bottom of the river. As they move in to get it, the Amphi-sub attracts a nearby Goliath Tigerfish (which already saw Martins Creaturepod get stuck in on bottom). Awestruck and shocked with fear, facing this fish, Aviva and the Kratts accidentally run the sub into Martin's pod and releases it from the mud. As its swept away, the tigerfish attacks the Amphi-sub, ripping parts off the outer hull, before they escape and head back to the Tortuga, badly damaged. Still awestruck by the creature powers of this fish, Aviva decides to make a Tigerfish Power suit to help find the missing items.

Tigerfish power

Arachnids Down Under

The Kratts & Wild Kratts crew get a call from Wild Kratts Kids Australia. But Chef Gourmand & Donita Have Teamed up to Catch all The Arachnids in Australia.

Animals Featured:Redback Spider, Sydney Funnel Web Spider, White Tail Spider, Bird Eating Spider, Scorpion, Tarantula, Wolf Spider

Spider power

Killer Catfish

Vampire Fish

The Kratts crew meet up with River monsters Jeremy. There is a strange killer fish called a piyara.

Piyara power


Quillber of the North

Martin & Jimmy Z are on a nature walk when Jimmy Z touched a North American porcupines Quills.

Bouncing Springboks

In Africa, The Kratts are looking at a herd of springbok when they suddenly see them start to jump really high. The Kratts Learns about the Springboks Creature Power to Bounce and stamina. Suddenly, Zach & Donnita Have Teamed up to Kidnapped Jimmy Z & Aviva to Torture them about their Wild Kratts Files. With The Springbok Discs Done, Koki uses Martins Creature Power Suit to Fight These Evil Geniuses, Martin Calls The Wild Kratts Kids To Help, & Chris battles off the entire army of Zach bots now with energy beam blaster & mace attachment.

Animals Featured: African Rock Python, Springbok, Cheetah, Leopard

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: African Rock Python attacking Springbok

Animal Names:  Kangaroo, Bouncy, Jumpy, Jumping-Jack, Jumper, Hoper, Hop

Springbok power

Vervet Fiesta

In the African Savannah, Koki and Jimmy Z Prepare a Jumbo Fiesta in The Tortuga and Invite The Wild Kratts Kids from around the world. Meanwhile, The Kratts & Aviva stumble upon a Troop of Vervet Monkeys. Vervet Monkeys Creature Powers is to use their alarm call to warn the troop from Predators. But Zach plans to use These Primates for his new Spybots.

Animal Featured: Vervet Monkey, African Rock Python, Crowned Eagle, Leopard, Warthog, Olive Baboon, Cape Buffalo, African Lion

Never Before/Seen Wildlife Moment: Vervet Monkeys using their alarm call to warn other monkeys, two male lions Attacking olive baboon, leopard attacking african rock python, leopard dragging warthog up a tree, lioness attacking warthog, lion pride attacking cape buffalo, Crowned Eagle Attacking Vervet

Vervet monkey power

Hares With Snowshoes

The bro's are in North America, when they see Avalanche the snowshoe hare. Aviva decides to make the snowshoe hare power suits for the bro's. Meanwhile, the bro's are following avalanche to his den. On the way their, they get attacked by a lynx, who chases Avalanche to his den where he's saved by a passing deer who the lynx decides to chase. The disc are done and just in time. The wind was so strong, it blew away Avalanche's home. The Bro's, using the new hare powers helps Avalanche find a new home. But coyotes, wolves, lynx, ermines, and fishers stand in his way. Can the bros help Avalanche find a home, or get eaten by a predator?

Animals Featured: Snowshoe Hare, Lynx, White-Tailed Deer, Coyotes, Wolves, Ermines, Fishers

Animals Names: Avalanche (from Snow Runner), Little Howler (from Little Howler), Tracker (from Prairie Who)

Snowshoe hare power

Chital Olympics

In the rainforests of India, the Kratts and the Wild Kratts Crew invite the Wild Kratts Kids to have a race to celebrate the Olympics. Meanwhile, Chris & Martin accidentally scare a herd of Chital Deer while practicing for the race. The Wild Kratts Crew learned that The Chital Deer Has some Great Creature Powers Excellent Hearing, Leaping, Agility, Stamina, and Escaping from their natural Predator The Bengal Tiger. But Gourmand plans to catch the The entire Herd of Deer for His Hindi Stew.

Animal Featured: Chital Deer, Bengal Tiger,Reticulated Python, Sloth Bear

Never Before/Seen Wildlife Moment:

Chital deer power

Meerkat Mining

In the sands of the Kalahari Desert, the Wild Kratts have a picnic, when they see a family of meerkats digging for termites to eat. This gives Aviva the idea to make Meerkat power's for everyone. But, she needs to hurry because Zach is stealing meerkat's for insect removers. So now the wild kratts will have to save the meerkat's with MEERKAT POWERS.

Animals Featured: Meerkat, Scorpion, Martial Eagle, Ant

Animals Names: Scrappy

Meerkat Power

Beaded Lizard

In Mexico, the Kratts and The Wild Kratts crew get a call from a Wild Kratts kid in the Mexican Desert. The Wild Kratts crew meet the Gila Monster's cousin, the Mexican Beaded Lizard, the second venomous lizard. But Zach has other plans to catch Beaded Lizards for new line of Pliers & has kidnapped Koki. The Mexican Beaded Lizard has some Creature powers Powerful Bite just like Their cousin the Gila Monster.

Mexican Beaded Lizard Power

Trouble With Tusks

The Kratts travel to Sri Lanka, where they want to study about the powers of the Asian Elephant to make a power suit to go along with the African Elephant power suit. When they thought Elephants were playful, then they discovered Elephants can be violent when going in Musth. To make matters worse Zach and Donita have teamed up to come up with another Scheme to Kidnap Aviva & Koki. Zach & Donita plan to Poach all the Asian Elephants. Zach wants Those Elephants to Tear The Tortuga apart. Donita also wants The Elephants Tusks for Decoration. With The updated Elephant Discs done. It's up to The Kratts to save Those Elephants and Koki and Aviva.

Animals Featured: African Elephant, Asian Elephant

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments:

Animal Names: Trumpet, Toothbrush

Elephant Power

Creature Power Challenge 2

The Kratts wanted to find out more creatures who are superior to others. Zach tries to mess them up again, but can't because Aviva completes the ring chip. They try it on the savannas of Africa again. Zach creates a program that makes the creature power suites not have the same creature powers at once. Can the bros find creatures that can help them stop Zach?

Animals featured: Secretary bird, Banded mongoose, Giraffe, Gerenuk,Vulture, Hyena, Lion, Leopard

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: creatures competing for the same resources

Animal Names: Stomp, Snakivore, Necktie, Tall tale, He who breathes fire

Gerunuk power, Secretary bird power, Mongoose power, Lion power, Giraffe power


The Wild Kratts are having fun time in the rainforest of Borneo, but they soon see someone or something has snuck into the Tortuga and has practically ransacked the place. They soon discover that it was a Binturong aka bearcat, never hearing of such a creature the Kratt Brothers decide to show everyone that this unusual animal does posses remarkable creature powers.

Animals Featured: Binturong, Proboscis Monkey, Orangutan, Draco Lizard, Cockatoo, Clouded Leopard

Binturong Power

Swimming With Wolf Fish

In the waters of Brazil, the Kratt bros are looking for one of South America's most mysterious fish, the wolf fish. Martin explains that the wolf fish is such a mysterious fish, that very few people have ever seen it in person. Aviva decides to make a wolf fish power suit for the bro's. But they need to hurry, because a baby wolf fish named Jungle got separated from his family. So now the bro's have to use wolf fish powers to find & protect Jungle from all the dangers of the Amazon Rainforest.

Wolf fish power

River Wolves

In the Amazon River in Peru, the Kratts are snorkeling when they bump into some Giant Otters, also known as river wolves. The Kratts watched a pack of Giant Otters taking Down A Black Caiman because Giant Otters Have been known to Hunt in Packs. The Giant otter has creature powers Sensitive whiskers, crushing jaws, swimming. But Gourmand has other plans.

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments:

Animals Featured: Giant Otters, Black Caiman, Green Anaconda, Red Bellied Piranha

River otter power

Ringed Seals

In The Arctic Circle, the Kratts are skiing and snowboarding when they stumble upon a group of Ringed Seals, the polar bear's favorite prey. They decide to figure out about these creatures so Aviva can make the ringed seals power suit. But when a polar bear, killer whales, Greenland sharks & arctic wolves endanger the group the brothers must use ringed seal powers to save the seals or become food for the predators.

Ringed seal power

Bats Cave In

In the caves of Texas, the Wild Kratts crew explore the caves covered in bat guano, when Jimmy stumbles upon a swarm of Mexican free-tailed bats. Unbeknownst to them, however, the caves contain high levels of carbon dioxide. But the Mexican free-tailed bats have amazing creature powers, able to withstand such high levels of carbon dioxide. Upon discovering this, Zach, seeing an oppurtunity to finally rid himself of the Wild Kratts and their inteferences, attempts to trap them in the cave, effectively killing them. As Aviva has begun working on a Mexican free-tailed bat Creature Power Suit, the carbon dioxide has begun rising to dangerous levels. The Mexican free-tailed bats suit is completed, however, with the caves close to collasping, the bros are then left to find their way out before it's too late.

Animals Featured: Mexican free-tailed bat

Creature Power: Bat Power (Mexican free-tailed bat)

Search For The One-Horned Rhino

In the grasslands of Nepal, the Kratt bros look for the one-horned rhino AKA Indian rhino. Then they find one. It reminded Martin of Nubs' mother, so he names the rhino Horny. Then an Indochinese tiger jumped out of the bushes and attacks the rhino. Suddenly Paisley Paver shows up wanting to bulldoze the rhino's habitat to build a factory there. Can the Kratt Bros activate one-horned rhino powers before it is too late?

Animal names: Horny

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Rhino fending off snow leopard

Animals featured: One-horned rhino, Snow Leopard

Indian Rhino Power

Mysteries of The Bahamas

The Wild Kratts Crew Koki & Jimmy Z invite All The Wild Kratts Kids Around the World including Wild Kratts Kids in the Bahamas to a Pool/Beach Party. While Martin & Aviva Study Sharks around the Bahamas Caribbean Reef Sharks, Great Hammerhead Sharks, Lemon sharks, Tiger Sharks, Nurse Sharks.

Hammerhead shark power, Tiger shark power

Biggest Baddest Sea lion

The wild kratts team tries to find to find out why the Steller sea lion is so vicious.

Steller sea lion power

Diving With Bull Sharks

In the shallow waters of the caribbean , Martin, Chris, & Aviva decide to adventure with bull sharks. While the bro's gather info, Aviva makes a bull shark power suit for them.

Bull shark power

The Art of Disguise 

The kratts are off the coast of Australia, were Aviva and Jimmy Z are out testing some repairs to the amphi-sub while the brothers and koki are discussing which cool australian animal to adventure with next, should it be a land creature or an ocean creature. While testing the sub repairs Aviva and Jimmy run into a Australian Giant Cuttlefish.Surprised and amazed by this strange creature (not knowing exactly what it is) they call the kratts back at the HQ. The kratts are ecstatic that they found a cuttlefish and immediately set out to join them. While waiting for them, Aviva and Jimmy notice the cuttlefish is able to instantly change the color and texture of its skin making it able to hide and camouflage incredibly well in the reef. Inspired, Aviva goes out to examine him to try to find out how he does it and also wonders how he can hover in place when squids can't.

Animals Featured: Australian Giant Cuttlefish, Great White Shark, Saltwater Crocodile

Animals Names: Cuttles, Razor Mouth(From " Stuck On Sharks ")

Cuttlefish power

Wobbegong Shark Camo

The bro's are in a coral reef when they stumble upon a wobbegong shark. The wobblegong has amazing creature powers of staying out of sight from predators. Zach over hears them & decides to steal the sharks for carpets. Not if the bro's have anythings to say about it. Now the bro's have to use wobbegong shark powers to stop Zach.

Animals Featured: Wobbegong Shark, Mullet fish

Animals Names: Carpet

Wobbegong shark power

Barracuda Flash

The bros go snorkeling for one of the Fastest fish the Barracuda. The Barracuda has creature power the Speed. This give the idea of barracuda powers. Martins names one flash, after their lighting speed. But by the time Aviva finishes the suits, the bro's need it more then ever. A mako shark endangers the school of barracudas. Now will the bro's use barracudas powers to save the barracudas, or be eaten by the shark?

Animals Featured: Barracuda, Mako Shark, Mullet Fish

Animals Names: Flash

Barracuda power

Flightless Down Under Assassins

The Kratts are in Australia, when Jimmy Z gets chased by two of Australia's flightless, dangerous birds, the Emu and the Cassowary. These Birds have some Creature Power Running & Dagger-Like Claws on their foot. So Aviva decides to make cassowary & emu powers. But Gourmand want's to make chicken wings out of these birds. So now the bro's must use cassowary & emu powers to stop Gourmand and save their bird friend.

Animal Featured: Emu, Cassowary, Dingo

Never Before/Rarely Seen Moments: Emu & Cassowary defending them self from dingo

Animals Names: Emma, Cassy

Emu power, Cassowary power

Synchronizing Capybara

The Wild Kratts travel to The llanos of Venezuela, Koki & Aviva are practicing in order to perform Synchronized Swimming in a big event. But they stumble upon a group of capybara, the planet's largest rodent.

Animals Featured: Capybara, Spectacled Caiman, Green Anaconda

Capybara power

Amazon Terror

The Kratts & Koki Are kayaking in Guyana when Martin's kayak is tipped over in the river by an Arapaima, which is one of South Americas weird fish. But Gourmand wants to catch the Arapaima in order to cook his Arapaima Sticks.

Arapaima power

Termites vs The Tongues II

The Kratts are in the Grasslands of Guyana, when Koki gets shrunken by the Miniturizer. This time in another Termite mound. Aviva & Martin follow one South Americas Termite Predators, The Giant Anteater the Largest Anteater in the World. While they follow it, they find out about this anteater. The Giant Anteater has creature power: Smelling, Claws that can rip open termite Mounds & digging up ant hills.

Animals Featured: Giant Anteater, Puma, Vicuna

Animals Names: Long Snout

Anteater power

Giant Spiders

The Kratts & Aviva travel to South America, their on the search for the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider. This Spider eats Insects, Lizards, Small birds, Frogs, Rats, & Mice. This Spider has Creature power Hairs for Defense. This is Spider can be large as a dinner plate.

Spider power

Vulture Cleanup

The Wild Kratts team are on shore leave in New York (from their Falcon City adventure) and Chris and Martin are recovering from there previous adventure and rapidly deciding on there next. Meanwhile, Zach is producing a new line of spybots and decides he needs a creature to help the power saving problem for his robots. He finds out that vultures are great at conserving energy for gliding. With the Kratts in New York, he quietly sets out to the West Coast to find California Condors for his high-flying spybots.

Condor power

Save The Morelet's Crocodiles

The Wild Kratts Catch, Tag, & Release Endangered Morelet's Crocodiles in Mexico. Varmitech & Donita team up to Kidnap Jimmy Z & Koki. It's too Aviva & Martin to save them using Morelets croc suits & Aviva's new Exoskeleton.

Crocodile power

Antler Showdown

The Wild Kratts travel to Yellowstone, where they witness two male Elk fighting in the rutting season. While Aviva Works on The Elk Power Discs, Kratts Watches one of The Elk Herd getting Attacked by one of their Natural Predators The Gray Wolves. While the wolfs attack the herd, a little calf named Bucky gets seperated from the herd. Martin realizing this tells the others then him and Chris activate Elk powers and searches for Bucky. When they find him, they are surounded by the wolf pack, now Martin and Chris must save him. Will they save him or get eaten by the wolves?

Animals Featured: Gray Wolf, Elk

Animal Names: Bucky, Elk Boss

Elk power

When Bighorns Collide

While exploring the Rockies, Chris & Martin watch two male Bighorn Sheep fighting. Which inspires Aviva to create Bighorn Sheep Powers, but while head-butting Martin accidentally loses the keychain Aviva gave him that summons his and Chris' Power Suits and to make matters worse Zach shows up and wants to find it so he can destroy it. Now its up to the Kratt Bros to use their new creature powers to find Martin's keychain before Zach.

Animals Featured: Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Lion, Golden Eagle

Bighorn Sheep power

Fishing for Black Piranha

The Wild Kratts Crew enter another River in South America with Dead Trees, Koki & Martin meet The Largest Piranha The Black Piranha.

Piranha power

Leafy Sea Dragon & Seek

In the coral reefs of Australia, Martin & Aviva are scuba diving when Aviva Stumbles upon a Leafy Sea Dragon a relative of the Seahorse. The Leafy Sea Dragon has some Creature power the ability to blend into the Seaweed habitat. But Donita has kidnapped Koki into her New Underwater Lair with new Fashion Designer Troop.

Leafy sea dragon power

Giant Hornet Battle Stations

The Wild kratts crew get a call from some Wild Kratts kids Japan. They are invited over to a picnic. While Jimmy Z, Chris, & Koki prepare the picnic, Martin & Aviva explore the the Fields when Martin shrinked crashes Avivas New Helicopter Backpack into a Beehive and watches a colony of Honey Bees Roasting at the largest wasp in the world the Japanese Hornet. The Japanese Hornet has Creature power to Kill Honey Bees. But Zach plans to catch these Hornets.

Hornet power

Amazon Frights

In the caves of Venezuala, Aviva, Koki, and Chris go Searching for the Giant Scolopendra Aka Giant centipede.

Centipede power

Blood Drinkers

The Wild Kratts Crew get a call from A Wild Kratt kid in South America, Cows are losing blood and Chris guess is a Vampire Bat the only bat that drinks blood from cows. Vampire Bats have creature powers that stops blood clots.

Bat power

Marsupial Round up

Animals Featured: Kangaroo, Koala, Bushy-tail opossum, Ring-tailed opossum, Virginia Opossum, Tasmanian devil

Kangaroo power, Tasmanian devil power, Opossum power

Trick or Ghost Bat

The Wild Kratts Crew and Kratt brothers invite the Wild Kratts kids around the world to a Halloween Party including Wild Kratts kids Australia & Tasmania. When Koki saw a mysterious Bat that was eating Birds Chris Tells Koki that's a Ghost Bat. Ghost Bats are the only bat that eats other bats.

Bat Power

Serval Tennis

The Kratts crew are practicing for the Tennis Tournement in Africa, when a Serval grabs one of the Tennis Balls. The Serval has some creature power just like the Caracal This Cat has Enchanced Jumping, Agility. but Donita Plans to Catch This Cat for Her New Fall Collection.

Serval power, Caracal power(flashback)

Conger Eels

The Kratts & The Wild Kratts Crew travel to the United Kingdom.

Conger eel power

Skydiving Kestrals

The Kratts get a call from some Wild Kratts Kids in London, England to have a royal banquet. While Jimmy Z & Martin prepares the banquet, Koki, Aviva, & Chris explore to find one of the UK's smallest raptor, the kestral. The kestral has some creature powers, like excellent eye sight and folding wings into a dive position. Meanwhile, Zach has gathered Donita, Gourmand, & Paisley Paver to steal the Tortuga HQ as well as the Crowned Jewels.

Macaque Spa

The Wild Kratts crew get a call from most Wild kratts kids in Japan, when a troop of Japanese Macaques are relaxing in a volcanic Hot springs as a Hot Tub & Spa. But Paisley Paver plans to build a 3 Star Resort plus have revenge on Kratts for foiling the last time.

Japanese macaque power

When Foxes Fly

The Wild Kratts crew get a call from a wild kratts kid in Australia. Bat power

Gliders Down Under

Sugar glider power

Yellow Anacondas

In the swamps of Brazil, The Kratts meet zoologist Nigel Marven to help him search for the Yellow Anaconda, a rare species of anaconda.

Anaconda power

Slow Loris

Chris & Koki go take Aviva's New Safari Van for a joyride in Thailand, when they stumble upon the worlds venomous primate, the Slow Loris. This inspired Aviva to make a slow loris power disc. Slow loris power

Chomping Turtles

Martin, Chris, & Aviva are in the swamps of North America. When Martin gets snapped at by an alligator snapping turtle. It chases them out of the marsh. Aviva is stunned by it's power to snap to protect itself. So while the bro's gather info, Aviva makes snapping turtle powers. But, Zach steals all of the turtle's except for one which Martin names Snappy. With the disk done, the bro's must use alligator snapping turtle powers to save the turtles & stop Zach.

Animals Featured: Alligator Snapping Turtle, White Tailed Deer, Fish

Animals Names: Snappy

Alligator snapping turtle power

The Siberian Tiger

The Kratt Bros & Koki are in Siberia, looking for the Endangered Siberian Tiger. But Donita plans to make a new line of Winter Sports wear with Siberian Tiger fur.

Tiger power

Turbo Sailfish

In the oceans off of Mexico, the Kratts are snorkeling when they are almost struck by the Indo-Pacific Sailfish, the fastest fish in the ocean. The Kratts follow the school and observe the fish as they round up a school of sardines to feed on.

Sailfish power

Toxic Frogs

The Kratts are in the amazon, when they see an poison arrow frog.

Poison arrow frog power

Beluga Choir

The bro's are snorkeling in the Arctic ocean, when they see a pod of beluga whales.

Beluga whale power

Oceans Toxic

The Wild kratts crew travel to Australia.

Hammerhead Detectors

The Kratts & Aviva are in the Ocean, swimming with one of the weirdest sharks the great Hammerhead Shark. The Great Hammerhead Shark has some Creature powers detect electrical currents like a metal detector.

Hammerhead shark power

Tigerfish Frenzy

In the Okavango Delta, the Kratts go snorkeling for Tigerfish.

Tigerfish power

Mystery of the Lakes

In The Okavango Delta, The Kratts & Aviva take the AmphiSub to dive.

Marsupial Carnivores

Tasmanian devil power, Quoll power

The Margay

The Kratt Bros are in South America, looking for the Endangered Margay. But a new Villain is out to hunt Koki. The Margay has great creature powers climbing

Margay power

Termites vs The Tongues III

The Wild Kratts crew travel to India, when Jimmy Z accidentally get shrunk by the Miniaturizer and is carried away by termites and gets slurped by another termite predator; the Sloth Bear. The Sloth Bear has Creature powers: like all bears sense of Smell & can rip Termite mounds. Elsewhere, Gourmand plans to cook Hindi curry by poaching Sloth Bears.

Sloth bear power

Monitors of The Outback

Kratts are in Australia, every species of Monitors in Australia has been caught.

Monitor lizard power

When Squirrels Fly

In The Forests of North America, Koki Crash lands Her BuzzBike in a Flying Squirrel Hole. Flying Squirrels have creature powers Gliding.

Flying squirrel power

Call of the Indri

The Kratts are zip-lining in Madagascar searching for one of the largest lemurs in the world; the Indri, famous for its unique call. Can they find it before Paisley Paver tries to pave over the rainforest to build a shopping center?

Animals Featured: Indri

Animal Names: Ninja

Indri power

Termites vs The Tongues IV

While collecting some more smells in Australia, Koki and Jimmy Z get Miniaturized and almost got slurped by another Termite Predator and Egg-Laying Mammal The Echidna. The Echidna has some Creature powers such as smell, giant claws for digging, and spines for protection.

Echidna power

Cold-blooded Australians

Camels in the Outback

Wallabies that bounce Rocks

Return of the Time Travelers

The Wild Kratts were in Madagascar and imagined how would be with a Megaladapis or a Paleopropithecus in the Trees. So they go to Aviva because they want use the Time Trampoline again, but it's destroyed. Suddenly a Blue Lightning Portal opens and a robotic Velociraptor named Cyberclaw comes out. He heard what the Kratts said and has got a upgrade for the Tortuga. Now the whole Tortuga can travel through time up to the year 1500 A.D. A job for the extinct creature spinner, and this time there going to the Megaladapis.

Animal Featured: Megaladapis, Sifaka lemur

Never Before/Rarely seen Wildlife Moment: The Megaladapis

Animal Names: Mega

Caspian Tigers

The Wild Kratts are in Central Asia in the 1800s and met Caspian Tigers. But a ancestor of Donita wants to make a Caspian Tiger coat in order to build a Fashion Empire. In the Meantime CyberClaw tells the Team that he is from the Year 5074 A.D. where descendants of Martin and Chris cloned all Extinct Animals. CyberClaws idea was to jump to the year 2014 A.D. to make Time Travels with the First Wild Team.

Animal Featured: Caspian Tiger

Never Before/ Rarely seen Wildlife Moment: Caspian Tigers on the hunt

Animal Names: Caspian, Caspia, Caspian Junior

The Golden Amphibians

The Wild Kratts Team is Traveling to Central America into the 1700s and search for Golden Toads. Meanwhile Aviva, Koki and Jimmy meet Ancestors of Splash-Claw, Beast, Flash, Figgy, Grabsy, Orbit, Shadow, Chillax and Spaceship. After finding the Golden Toads Martin and Chris meet some Inhabitant People that are accidentally activate their Creature Power suit with Jaguar Power. Will they survive that?

Animals Featured: Golden Toad, Jaguar, Harpy Eagle, Spider Monkey, Plumed Basilisk

Jaguar power

Auk Adventure

The wild Kratts team traveled to Islands of the North Atlantic in 1685 and have a Great Auk Adventure. Aviva has programmed two new Creature Power Suits. One for Koki and One for Jimmy so they can all use Auk Power to explore those Penguin like Birds

Animals Featured: Great Auk

Great auk power

Okapi Hide & Seek

The Team are Walking through the African Rainforest with Gorilla Power and discover some Okapis. The Bad thing is Gourmand has a idea for Okapi Steaks and tries to steal some of them. Will the Team stop him ?

Animals Featured: Okapi, Mountain Gorilla , Chimpanzee, Leopard, African Forest Elephant

Animals Names: Oka

Okapi power, Gorilla power

Hawaiian Trigger Fish

Trigger fish power

Nurse Sharks

In the coastal waters off of Florida, the Bro's are snorkeling when they come a nurse shark.

Nurse shark power

South American Elephants

The Kratts are in the Amazon Rainforest, when they see a tapir entering the water.

Tapir power

Leopards In The Snow

The bro's are skiing down a hill, when they see a snow leopard hunting a herd of yaks.

Snow leopard power

Leopards in the Shadows

In the forest of Asia, the bro's are swinging through the tree in orangutan powers. When they see a clouded leopard hunting an proboscis monkey troop.

Clouded leopard power

Wild Dog Rescue

The Wild Kratts have returned to the prairie where they meet up with their Coyote friend "Tracker" who now has a family. But Donita Donota shows up and cuts their reunion short, when she kidnaps Tracker along with a few other wild dog species from all over the world to find out which one will make the best throw rug? Can the Wild Kratts save them in time?

Animals Featured: Dingo, Grey Wolf, Red Wolf, Jackal, African Wild Dog, Coyote, Dhole, Red Fox, Arctic Fox, Jack Rabbit, Bison

Animal Names: Tracker, Daisy, Scruffy, Sniffer, Chewy

Jackal power, Dingo power, Coyote power

Sea-Lion the lion fish

The bro's are snorkeling in the pacific oceans, when they see a lion fish. This gives martin the idea of naming him sea-lion. They watch sea-lion protect himself from a moray eel. This gives the idea for lion fish powers. Zach over hears and Decide to use these fish fins for poisonous arrows. The bro's must use lion fish powers to save their fish friends and stop Zach.

Animals Featured: Lion Fish, Moray Eel, fish

Animals Names: Sea-Lion

Cone Snails

Gary The Gharial

The Kratts are in Asia canoeing when they see a gharial, the strangest crocodile in the world.

Kiwa The Kiwi

A New update from CyberClaw has allowed them to travel to the year 3.733 B.C. so they can Travel to New Zealand before Humans came their. They planed to visit some New Zealand Birds like Moas and Kiwis. Aviva got New Ideas for Creature Power Suits.

for Martin: Kiwi

Chris: Kea

Aviva: Haast Eagle

Koki: Giant Moa

Jimmy: Eastern Moa

Animals Featured: Kiwi, Moas, Haast Eagle, Kea

Rarely/Never seen before: Haast Eagle hunting Moas

Animals Names: Kiwa

Numy The Numbat

Martin, Chris, & Aviva are looking for Australia's weirdest marsupial, the Numbat.

Numbat power

Wolly The Wombat

Wombat power

Iguana's In The Ocean?

The bro's are swimming in the Galapagos islands sea, when they bump into a marine iguana looking for some seaweed.

A Blue Footed What...?

The wild Kratts are on the Galapagos islands, when they see a blue-footed booby. This rare bird only lives on the Galapagos islands. This gives the bro's an idea for blue-footed booby powers. But Gourmand overhears them talking and decides to steal these birds for chicken wing & feet. So this time the bro's are going to have to use blue-footed booby powers to save their bird friends & stop Gourmand.

Animals Featured: Blue-Footed Booby

Animal Names: Blue-Feet

The Snakebird

The bro's are swimming with alligator powers, when they see an anhingas, aka the snakebird. This bird has unusual powers for surviving in it's swamp land habitat. So Aviva decides to make snakebird powers. But need's to hurry because here comes trouble. An alligator decides to evade Annie's nest. So now the bro's must use snakebird powers to stop the alligator from eating Annie's eggs.

Animals Featured:Snakebird, Alligator, Bass

Animal Names: Annie

Fish Like Ice

Pink Birds

The Kratt's are having a picnic near a Chilean flamingo. They watch as he sway his beak, looking for something. Aviva decides to make flamingo disc. While the disc are being made, the others follow a male flamingo, on his way home. This gives martin the idea of naming him Sway-Sway, after the way he sway their beak. They must protect him from the predators like lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, and olive baboons. With the disc done the bro's with their power suits, must use flamingo powers to help Sway-Sway home. After that, they find out why their so pink. Their's special krill in the water that turn them pink as if magic. Now they solve the mystery of how flamingo's turn pink.

Animals Featured: Chilean Flamingo, Krill, Lion, Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Olive Baboon

Animals Names: Sway-Sway, Swan, Sway-Sway jr

Flamingo power

Aye-Aye 2: Lemur from 300

The Team goes to madagascar of the year 300 A.D. and meet not only ancestors of their lemur friend like Zoboo they also meet the Giant Aye-Aye a relative of the regular Aye-Aye. To activate the Aye-Aye Power suit this Lemur can be used to. At the same time Jimmy is using Paleopropithecus power to relax.

Animals Featured: Megaladapis, Coquerel sifaka, Paleopropithecus, ayeaye, Giant ayeaye

Mammoth Mayhem

Aviva has find out that Wooly Mammoth didn't go extinct 10.000 Years ago, but in the Year 1780 B.C. their was the last Heard. Martin and Chris got a new Mission. A Mammoth Adventure ! so they traveld to the Year 2500 B.C. 720 Years before they gone Extinct. in this time in Siberia they meet descendants of Manny from Ice Age.

Animal Featured: Wooly Mammoth, wolf, siberian tiger, Cavemen

The Kawekaweau effect

Saber Toothed What...

CyberClaw has installed the next time Level. now the Team travel can travel to the Year 10.939.B.C. and the Smilodon died out 7.180.B.C. so they Traveled to La Brea 10.000.B.C. and meet the Last North american Pride of Smilodon because the Smilodon died out in Brazil. CyberClaw is getting back to Work for the Next Time Level: 11.083.B.C. and in the mean time the Team is using Saber Toothed Cat Power

Animals Featured: Smilodon, Wooly Mammoth, Wolf, Pronghorn

Animals Names: Smuthered, Katana, Sword

Holly Quoll

The bro's are on Tasmania, when they see a spotted quoll.

Quoll power

Mr.Wedgie the wedge tailed eagle

Wedge tailed eagle

Giant Eagles

Animals Featured: Haast Eagle, Moa

Animals Names: Wing Giant

Animal Names: Bo, Mama B

Villain Showdown

Wombats are giants

48 hours after the bowhead whale adventure CyberClaw has unlocked enough levels to travel to the year 620.000.B.C. that means for the Bros= MEGA BEAST ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They traveled to Australia in the Year 70.000.B.C. to meet the Diprotodon. A Giant relative of the wombat. But they also meet the Largest Reptile since the Dinosaurs, Marsupial Lions, Thunderbirds and Giant Kangaroos.

Animals Featured: Diprotodon, Megalania, Thylacoleo, Procoptodon, Thunderbird, Giant Echidna, Giant Koala

Stella the Sea Cow

This time the Kratt Brothers make a Stellers Sea Cow adventure.

The Spike tailed Armadillos

this time the Kratt brothers are making a Doedicurus adventure. On their Mission they meet a 3 meter tall bird with a sharp beak called Titanis. There see a Smilodon on the hunt for Macrauchenia.

Raging Chillax: The Megatherium

The crew head back 30 thousand years back in time to visit Chillax the Sloth's cousin, the Megatherium. They arrive in what appears to be prehistoric North America but just a few thousand years back and very different. The habitat of this giant ground sloth has barely got any trees, which is a good thing, since Giant Ground Sloths couldn't climb. Then they have a too close encounter with a giant ground sloth. Martin, seeing his rage decides to call him, Raging Chillax : The Megatherium, Raging Chillax for short. As Aviva is making the disk, they realize Raging Chillax isn't a he, it's a she. Because they see a young Sloth next to her. But their not the only ones who see him, a short-faced bear see's the youngster and wants to make a meal out of the little sloth, who Martin didn't name yet. So to help the mother, who's paw was hurt, Martin and Chris activate Megatherium powers and fend off the bear. But as the battle was about to start, the little sloth comes between the fight and slashes the bear in the leg, and the injured bear limps away. After that surprising battle, Martin names the sloth Slashing Chillax: The Megatherium, Slash for short.

Rarely/Never Before Seen Moments: Prehistoric North American Mammals, Megatherium vs Short-Faced Bear

Animals Featured: Megatherium, Short-Faced Bear, Hipparion, Dire Wolf, American Lion

Animal Names: Raging Chillax, Slash

Stomp on home 2 Titanis version

Hispaniola Monkey Mayhem

Pooh: The Short-Faced Bear

Mom of a Voay

Dire Wolf Treasure Hunt

Woolly Rhinos Roll


From Mastodons and Mammoths

Walking with Moas

Hippos from Madagascar

Rodrigues the Saddle back Tortoise

The Unicorn Rhinos

Speaking Baijinese


Ground Sloth of the Carribean

Teratornis Vulture

Dr.Hugo's Great Cousin: The Gigantopithecus

Pouched Wildcats

Animals Featured: Thylacoleo

American Lions

Animals Featured: American Lion, Mastodon,Smilodon, Short faced bear

Ride on Glyptodon

Ice Age Super Beavers

Animals Featured: Castoroides

Tarpan Rider

Cobra's That Spit

Spitting cobra power

The Antlered Giraffe

Animals Featured: Sivatherium

Giant Fossa Palooza

Pelorovis Stampede

Bears in Africa

Animals Featured: Atlas Bear

Auerochs Rider

Quagga Style

Tiger Convention

Animals Featured: Javan Tiger, Caspian Tiger, Bali Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Sumatran Tiger

Elephant Birds

Neanderthal Team Up

Lucy: Mother of Man Kind

Chalicotherium Conquest

The Kratt Brothers are going to the Oligocene and meet some of the strangest mammals ever existed. Walking like Gorillas, Eating like Pandas but relative of the Horse. the Chalicotherium.


Raging Entelodons

Darwinius Jumping

Phorusrhacos Wildkratticus

Leptictidium Village

Andrewsarchus: the sheep in Wolf cout

Embolotherium Rumble

Mammoths in Small size

Purussaurus Records

Age of the Killer Whales

When the wild kratts travel to Antartica to Adventure with Killer Whales

Creature power suits. Orca power

animal names: spot, white-eye

Rarley Seen Nature Moments: Orca Pack hunting Webbel Seal, Orca Giving Birth

Animals Featured: Orca, Leopard Seal, Humphack Whale, Emperor Penguin, Webbel Seal,

Villains: Gourmand, Zach

Bear Dog Boom

Megafauna Round-Up

Evolution of the Horse

Hanging out with the first Apes

Sicilian Thornsly

A Paraceratherium for Aviva

In Mongolia of the Oligocene time period, the bros are exploring the the largest land mammal that ever lived: the Paraceratherium and Aviva wants to join this Adventure and with the Minituraizer she is Growing 50 Meters Tall and that causes some problems.

Welcome to The Time of The Dinosaurs

Animals Featured: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Alamosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Troodon, Anatotitan, Edmontosaurus, Nanotyrannus, Pachycephalosaurus, Dracorex, Stygimoloch, Torosaurus, Didelphodon, Purgatorius

Mamenchisaurus Treasure Hunt

Aviva tells CyberClaw about the broken Time Boots and reminds the Kratt Brothers to go back 160 MYA B.C to visit Longnecky again

Dimetrodon Fight

The bros are going to the Permian Time Period to meet the most Dangerous ancestor of the Mammals. The Dimetrodon.

Wild Kratts Kids to the Bear Rescue

When the Wild Kratts are exploring the forest of Alaska to find the different species of Bears, they come across the Wild Kratts Kids Gavin and Ronan camping in the forest. However, during their journey, they witness black and brown Bears getting kidnapped by Donita and Dabio, so she can make lovely winter coats out of their fur. When the Kratt brothers try to save the Bears without the aid of their Creature Power Suits, they are also kidnapped and held captive by Donita. With the brothers captured and Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy Z miles away fixing the Tortuga to help, it's up to Gavin and Ronan to use the Creature Power Suits and the new Black and Brown bear powers to save the Kratt brothers and rescue the Bears and bring them home.

Animals Featured: Black Bear, Brown Bear, Blue Jay, BaldEagle, Red Salmon, Gray Wolf, Moose

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Black and Brown Bear fight each other, Brown bear take down a moose, Black Bear fight off Wolf pack

Animal Names: Smokey, Grizzly, Mountain, Tree Trunk, Wild Fire, Ash, Brownie

Anaconda Trouble

The Wild Kratts, along with some Wild Kratts Kids, are exploring the rarainforests, when they come across a green anaconda, wishing to follow it and learn more about it. So they ask Aviva to program a Creature Power Disk with Green Anaconda Power. When she finishes with the programming, she decides to test the suit for herself before the boys start hogging it and it works out perfectly. However there is a problem with the suit, as it making her extremly hungry and she begins to eat all the food in the Tortuga. When its all gone, she then sets her sites on Koki and Jimmy. Meanwhile, the Wild Kratts and Wild Kratts Kids must use their other creature powers to stop Paisley Paver from destroying the forest for her plans to build a new hotel.

Animals Featured: Green Anaconda, Jaguar, Camian, Electric eel, Harpy Eagle, Cabaybara

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Green Anaconda hunting Camians,

Animal Names: Victoria, Scaley, Shadow

The Kinkajou Triplets

While on a mission with kinkajous, three kinkajou babies befriend the Kratt Brothers and Martin names them Kiki, Kiko, and Kinky. But meanwhile, Donita Donata and Dabio snatches all the kinkajous for some kink a boas. Now it's up to the Wild Kratts and the KinkAJou Triplets to save the kinkajou colony from Donita.

Animals Featured: Kinkajou, Fig Wasp, Hummingbird, Honey Bee

Animal Names: Kiki, Kiko, Kinky, Flash, Figgy, Bee-st

Kinkajou power, Bee power

Ringtailed Rescue

Martin and Chris are in Texas, staying at a ranch with new Kratts Kids Tommy and Dana, riding horses. Unfortunately, a beautiful ringtailed cat catches not only the brothers' eye-but also that of Gourmand. While rescuing the kidnapped ringtail, Dizzy, the Kratt brothers end up captured,too. Tommy and Dana must team up with a family of ringtails to rescue Dizzy and save the brothers,now with ringtail powers.

Animals Featured: Ringtailed Cat, Paint, Arabian, and Quarter Horses, Coyote

Animal Names: Dizzy, Speckle, Crystal, Bourbon, Spinner

Ring-tailed cat power

Termites vs. Tongues: Prehistoric Edition part 1

Still in Texas, Follower the Mamenchisaurus wants to travel back in time; the Kratt Bros ignore him. Follower then sneaks into the Tortuga, pushing the newly installed "Random Time Travel" button. CyberClaw then wonders what is happening. Just then, the crew goes to Mongolia 75 MYA in the Gobi Desert! Follower then meets a Mononychus who Martin names Bugclaw. Bugclaw's mom, who Martin names Insectclaw, stared at Koki, Jimmy, and CyberClaw. Later, a Velociraptor attacks CyberClaw, who Martin names Sickle. Suddenly, Insectclaw is taken by Donita for a scarf and Sickle's pack is taken by Gourmand for an entrée. Bugclaw and Sickle is brought to the Tortuga to make Mononychus Powers and to protect Sickle. While the crew waits while Aviva programs the Creature Power, Bugclaw and Follower play together.

Animals Featured: Mononychus

Other Animals: Velociraptor, Mamenchisaurus

Animal Names: Bugclaw, Insectclaw, Sickle, Follower (from Long-necked Mamenchisaurus)

Termites vs. Tongues: Prehistoric Edition part 2

Zach then appears and takes Sickle for his new "Claw Bot". Martin activates the new Mononychus Powers to save Sickle. Donita Donata then takes Martin for another scarf. Donita reveals her plan to Martin that she will take every adult Mononychus to make a chain of scarves called "Miraculous Mononychus", and Martin was going to be 1 of them! Just then Aviva programed Follower's new Creature Power Suit, so Follower and Chris go and rescue Martin using Mamenchisaurus Powers; can they?

Javelina Sandwiches

The Wild Kratts have just received word from their friend Javier that Gourmand is in the Sonoran Desert rounding up javelinas to make javelina sandwiches. So they quickly rush to the desert to help, when they get there they come across a javelina piglet who was left behind in the javelina chaos they name "Oinker" who almost gets attacked by a coyote. So with "Javelina Powers" the Wild Kratts must save Oinker's family before the become barbecued.

Animals Featured: Javelina, Coyote, Turkey Vulture, Spotted Skunk

Animal Names: Oinker

Javelina power

Squamous and Non-Poisonous

The Kratts brothers go to the Brazilian central plateau, where several deadly snakes live there and begin to explore, but Zach convinces citizens that snakes that kill people in the region, so Aviva shows new power suit creature is Koki and Jimmy. Then they transformation in the most dangerous snakes in the region. (Martin- common water snake, Chris-Anaconda, Koki and Jimmy-Coral snakes) But an error causes the suits get stuck in original size, and then it is up Aviva will use the power the jaguar to rescue them, but it is secured so the Wild Kratts rescue her and convince the population that preserge Zach. When Aviva fix the suits, they continue their adventure with Aviva becoming the annellated coral snake, a poisonous snake.

Animals Featured: Annellated coral snake,Common water snake,Anaconda,Coral snake,False coral,Yacare caiman,Iguana

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Anaconda fighting a yacare caiman,false coral escaping from an opossum using staining,common water snake fishing,jaguar eating an iguana

Animal Names: Zebra, Tricky, Throttle, Kingo

Tiger's Brawl

Chris is up at night, still working on the Wild Kratts Life List; upon seeing a report on the disappearence of the remaining Bengal tigers, he and the crew decide to go to India to investigate. The Brothers Kratt, in accordance with Indian conservationists and the local authorities, begin to locate and track the remaining ones. While on the mission, Chris comes across a duo of suspiciously-dressed men (whom he suspects to be poachers). He follows them and discovers that they were apparently used as a cover by Zach as he was collecting the tigers. One of the poachers sneaks up behind Chris, knocking him unconscious. Martin, upon noticing his brother's abscence, goes in the Createrra to Chris' last known location. Chris wakes up to discovers he's inside Zach's jet. To his suprise, however, the younger Kratt is actually confronted by an old associate of his; Benjamin Dahmes, a former head figure of Conservation International, as he reveals he is the one responsible for the tiger's disappearence. Benjamin begins to explain his reasoning for his actions to Chris, as he refers to him by his middle name, Frederick. Martin, apparently unable to get a reading on Chris' location, is now in the Tortuga, as Aviva is preparing a Benghal Tiger Creature Power Disc.

Animals Featured: : Panthera tigris tigris (Bengal tiger)

Mission: Extinction

A new Wild Kratts bad guy is introduced: Dr. Dino, a former paleontologist who got dropped out for his rejected ideas of recreating dinosaurs and other extinct creatures through extracted DNA (similar to Jurassic Park). He has managed to make his own Time Trampoline-like time machine/portal to bring back real live dinosaurs from the past, put them under his control, and use them to dominate the Earth (with him dominating over them). Can the Kratts liberate the many dinosaurs he collected from all across the Mesozoic Era and save each and every one of their species (especially their own) from total extinction?


Dr. Dinosaur has returned, and now teams up with Zach to capture various pterosaurs from North America during the Late Cretaceous, planing to split them amongst themselves for different plans. The Kratts must discover the secret of pterosaur flight and use Pterosaur Powers to uncage the biggest flying animals in history.

Animals Featured: Quetzalcoatlus, Pteranodon, Nyctosaurus

Big Bird

The Kratt Brothers explore Africa to see the secrets of the ostrich and all the records it breaks, while Gourmond plans to use them to break the record for the world's biggest drumsticks. (Big Bird himself makes a special guest appearance in the live action sequence)

Animals Featured: Ostrich, Cheetah

Animal Names: Big Bird

Clouded Leopard Of My Dreams

In China, Yi and Du Yi befriend a baby clouded leopard cub and they name it Cirrus after some cirrus clouds they were watching from the skies. Meanwhile, Donita Donata plans to make furry coats out of the clouded leopards and the Wild Kratts must now save them and Cirrus' family before it's too late.

Animals featured: Clouded leopard

Animal names: Cirrus

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