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To Past,again Part 1

Aviva is fixing the trampoline for time travel again, but in the night, Zach ends up sending the Tortuga to the past. They return will 155 million years ago in the Upper Jurassic find where several herds of sauropods, so they decide to explore the region, but get in trouble when they arrive in the territory of a Allosaurus with a nest. In Tortuga, Jimmy Z and Koki are chased by two Ceratosaurus. Meanwhile, Zach plans to grab as many animals in this. Chris Martin and Aviva realize that her mother was killed by a Saurophaganax and use the powers of Allosaurus in the testing phase and Aviva uses the Brachiosaurus powers to find Jimmy and Koki.

AnimalsFeatured: Allosaurus,Brachiosaurus,Diplodocus,Ceratosaurus,Saurophaganax,Camarasaurus,Pterodactylus.

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Late Jurassic Dinosaurs,Allosaurus fighting a Saurophaganax,Allosaurus eggs hatching,Diplodocus fighting for mating,Ceratosaurus eating other Ceratosaurus

Animal Names: Brake,Allie

To Past,again Part 2

At present, Zach goes to North America, but is Gavin and Ronan and they rescue some forest animals, like Buddy and his family and Slider and your family and can contact other junior officers as Nina, who with his family took Shadow, his mother and SplashClaw.

  In the past, Kratts brothers can protect the nest and Aviva can save Jimmy Z and Koki, and witness cannibalism among dinosaurs. Then the brothers think that the mother was not dead. Aviva opens another portal and they take scales samples.

Advance million years in the Cretaceous, which realize that the end of this dynasty is near and know Dromm, a young Dromaeosaurus and his band.

 Investigating the past, they discover the important fact, they are small because they live under threat of Tyrannosaurus Rex then go to China where they found other small carnivores but one Quetzalcoatlhus hits the Tortuga and they fall in Alaska where they find a group of Troodons that is hunting Pachyrhinosaurus and discover their cleverness to caçar.Aviva makes Troodon discs, but a giant meteor fell in Mexico and begins the apocalypse of dinosaurs, so they need to leave the Arctic and let Smartooth and his family.

 Back in the present, realize that Zach stole many animals in the world and Aviva shows his new inventions, the creature power suit for children and the Tortuga attack so that can send robotic animals. 

Animals Featured: Beaver,Otter,Raccon,Blue Jay,Basilisk Lizard,Jaguar,Dromaesaurus,Tyrannosaurus Rex,Torosaurus,Troodon,Pachyrhinosaurus,Quetzalcoathlus,Edmontosaurus,Daspletosaurus,Gigantoraptor. 

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs,Dromaeosaurus and Troodons hunting in flock,Tyrannosaurus Rex fighting a Dromaeosaurus flock,Troodons hunting Ceratopsids,Fall of the meteor in Mexico Gulf. 

Animal Names: Smartooth,Dromm 

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