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Crocodile Power is a Creature Power featured in the PBS Kids show Wild Kratts. It was first shown being used in the Season One episode Mom of a Croc.

DNA Sources



  • Snapping jaws
  • Swimming


None known


Season One
  • In Mom of a Croc, Chris and Martin used Crocodile Powers to protect Crocodilla's hatchlings from predators. (Since Aviva hadn't programmed the Crocodile Power Discs yet, the bros used their Gharial Discs to activate) However, the transformations didn't hold up for long; since the Power Suits had been activated with Nile crocodile DNA, which wasn't fully compatible with the Gharial Power programming, the suits deactivated after a short time.
  • In Kerhonk, Chris activated his Creature Power Suit using his Crocodile Disc and false gharial DNA. However, since Chris didn't use crocodile DNA to activate, the Power Suit he used is considered to be Gharial Power.
Season Two
  • In Bad Hair Day, Chris activated Crocodile Power to help He Who Breathes Fire escape from a mid-river battle with a crocodile and a hippo, while Martin activated Hippo Power for the same purpose. Using their Creature Powers, the Kratt brothers carried He Who Breathes Fire across the river. When the lion ran off to reach his pride, the bros followed; however, because Aviva hadn't programmed running speed into the Crocodile and Hippo Suits, Chris and Martin couldn't keep up and had to deactivate.
  • In Creature Power Challenge, Martin activated Crocodile Power for a swimming race against Chris (who activated Hippo Power). Martin didn't have Crocodile Power for long, though-Zach Varmitech's Disruptobots hacked the bros's Creature Power Suits, causing Martin to get Tarsier Power and Chris to get Monarch Butterfly Power. Later in the episode (after Aviva had removed the Disruptobots from the Power Suits) Martin was shown using Crocodile Power again and beating a Hippo-Powered Chris in a swimming race.
Season Three
  • In Crocogator Contest, Chris used Crocodile Power to swim (while carrying Koki) back to the Tortuga, where Jimmy Z was caught in the middle of a battle between a crocodile and an alligator. Chris and an Alligator-Powered Martin Miniaturized and lured the crocodilians out of the Tortuga. Chris, pursued by the crocodile, managed to escape by deactivating and jumping up a tree.


  • Crocodile Power was the first Creature Power Suit shown in Wild Kratts, appearing in the show's first episode (Mom of a Croc). However, since Aviva hadn't yet made a Crocodile Power Disc, Chris and Martin used their Gharial Discs to activate.
  • The Crocodile Power Disc was first shown in Kerhonk. Oddly, Chris used the disc to activate Gharial Power, not Crocodile Power (even though Chris already had a Gharial Disc). This may be because the species Chris touched to activate, the false gharial, was formerly classified as a crocodile.
  • In Bad Hair Day, the Creature Power Disc Chris used to activate Crocodile Power was mistakenly shown as being the Hippo Disc.



Mom of a Croc

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