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Chris and Martin go adventuring in the Kalahari desert and find an oryx baby.They think he is alone but they soon find out that they are encircled by the adults. Martin calls Aviva on his creature pod and she makes an oryx creature power suit. Martin and Chris use it to blend in with the other oryx. Zach is watching them and decides the oryx is a horse with horns. He wants to use it to make it run and it will be his next vehicle.The Kratt brothers encounter Zach and argue that oryx need to be living free and in the wild.The oryx stampede and a Zachbot steals an oryx without anyone noticing. Martin notices the oryx he named Hornso was missing and sneaks to Zach's plane with Chris and tries to get Hornso back.Unfortunately,they got locked up too. Chris uses his horn to unlock the lock.He does it for Martin too. They search and find Hornso and charge. Hornso's cage was broken.Martin and Chris ram the Zachbots.Zach comes in and says "You can not stop me!" but then gets rammed by the Kratt brothers and says "You win!" and flies away in his plane. Then Koki, Aviva, Jimmy Z, Martin, and Chris say "Living free and in the wild!'.

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