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"Panda Power Up!" is the second episode of Season Four of PBS Kids show, Wild Kratts. It was written and directed by Chris Kratt. It is the ninety-fourth episode of the series overall and premiered on July 19, 2016.


The Wild Kratts travel to China to conduct a population survey of one of Aviva's favorite animals: the giant panda. However, Zach Varmitech has plans to capture the pandas and make them into robotic toys. When Zach discovers that the Wild Kratts have arrived in China, he has his Zachbots drain the power from the team's technology, leaving the Wild Kratts stranded in the bamboo forest. To make matters worse, Zach captures Martin, who is testing the new Giant Panda Creature Power Suit, along with the real pandas. The Wild Kratts will need to use the bamboo-digesting secrets of the giant panda to convert bamboo into energy, "panda power up" their technology, and rescue Martin and the pandas from Zach.


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Production Notes

  • A panda has a special thumb called a panda's thumbs a special wrist bone.
  • Panda's have a short digestive tract unlike other herbivores who have longer ones.

  • The hint of the upcoming panda-episode was first given by the kratts during the live-action ending to episode Back in Creature Time.

Wild Kratts Panda Power Up! Full Episode26:26

Wild Kratts Panda Power Up! Full Episode

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