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Plot Summary

Location: China

The Episode begins in the live-action segment where chris and martin are in China. The Kratt brothers and the whole team go expedition to China to study pandas and making a count because they are endangered, and Aviva gets very happy because she loves pandas. But as always, they have to deal with the wicked Zach Varmitech, who is stealing pandas and wants to convert them into live robotic stuffed animals. And with our heroes left without power to operate the vehicles, they are inspired by the panda to find alternative energy.


  • Chris Kratt
  • Martin Kratt


  • Zach Varmitech


  • Giant Panda

Animal Names

Used Creature Powers

Key Facts and Creature Moments

  • A panda has a special thumb called a panda's thumbs a special wrist bone.
  • Panda's have a short digestive tract unlike other herbivores who have longer ones.


  • The hint of the upcoming panda-episode was first given by the kratts during the live-action ending to episode Back in Creature Time.


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