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Season 5 (Starting Janarary 5)

Episode 1

Clam Clappers- Clams

Episode 2

Squirl Chasers- Squirl Monkeys

Episode 3

SpongeBob The Sponge- Sponge

Episode 4

Cheesecake- Arctic Shru

Episode 5

Chase Of The Evil Seaweed- Seaweed

Episode 6

Tube Worm Of The Depth- Tubeworm

Episode 7

Chris the Cracker- GroundSquirl

Episode 8

Not The Howling Wolf- Wolf Spider

Episode 9

Snapping Steve- Snapping Turtle

Episode 10

Zach Attack- Anaconda

Episode 11

Jimmy and his dog- Bulldog

Episode 12

Spots on the Rescue- Dalmation

Episode 13

Husky And Wolvo - Siberean Husky

Episode 14

Pug Martin- Pugs

Episode 15

Cutie Sundae- Labradoor

Episode 16

True Dog- German Sheapherd

Episode 17

Bowling With Beagles- Beagle

Episode 18

Powerline pup- Rotweiler

Episode 19

Poodle Play Pal- Poodle

Episode 20

Pit And Bull- PitBull

Episode 21

Doggie Theaver- Shih Tzu

Episode 22

Cheetah Fast- Grey Hound

Episode 23

Clouded Jungle- Clouded Leapords

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