The Ring Chip is an invention first built by Aviva in season three episode Chameleons on Target.


It is supposed to be programmed into the Creature Power Suits to supposedly cut down on the change of a creature power suit malfunction. In the episode, Aviva claimed it took a year to construct, and has yet to have been tested. It was taken by an Aye Aye in the episode and ruined by juice from a fruit the Aye Aye was eating. Upset, Aviva thought possibly the kratts put the Aye Aye up to taking the ring so she would program them Chameleon Powers to try and get it back. In the End of the episode, Aviva stated that she should get started on a new one, entitled Ring-Chip 2.0, hinting that the new one might be used in future episodes.

Ring Chip-Wk
Chameleon-Wild Kratts

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