Python Power gives its user the abilities of a python.


  • Flexible body
  • Slithering
  • Snake tongue 
  • Constriction strength


"The Food Chain Game"

Python powers first appeared in The Food Chain Game where Chris accidentally attracted one while pretending to be an injured gazelle to attract blur the cheetah but a Python wrapped around him so he activated python powers.He then was attacked by lion cubs and activated lion powers.

"Bad Hair Day"

Martin used the suit to free He Who Breathes fire from a African rock Python so he could get to his pride. But Martin and the snake got tangled and it took a while for him and the snake to get free.

"To Touch a Hummingbird"

Although Python Power was not uses in "To Touch a Hummingbird", the Suit's design was altered into the programming of the Eyelash Viper Power Suit.