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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Somewhere in the African Savannah, Chris organizing their adventure gears, Jimmy lying on a hammock, and Koki doing something on top of the Tortuga.

Chris: Oh yeah. Just what I needed. Finally, a day to get all our adventure gear organized. Kayaks polished, climbing ropes coiled, down sleeping bags washed and hung out to dry.
Jimmy: I know what you mean Chris. Today is my most productive day ever. I've already caught up on like my napping, my snoozing, I've even got time left for some beauty sleep.

SCENE: A honeyguide flying around and landed on the box that Aviva is holding.

Aviva: I love birds. All kinds of birds. Today, I'm gonna take a break from inventing and just do a little bird watching. (pulls out a binocular and watches as the bird fly off)

SCENE: Aviva saw Koki doing something with the Tortuga while Martin is lying down. Koki saw Aviva watching her and waves hi.

Koki: Nothin like a clear, sunny day to tune up the solar power function of the Tortuga's side panels.
(Martin whistling)
Martin: So what do I feel like doing today? Hawk. Falcon. Eagle. Vulture.
(Koki noticing Martin naming what mind of bird they are)
Koki: You can't tell the difference. You're making this up, right?
(Martin goes to Koki to tell her the difference)
Martin: No way. Check it out. You can ID birds of prey from their silhouettes in the sky. Hawk has wide wings and soars. Eagle is very similar but way bigger. Falcon has long, thin wings like boomerangs, and a long, thin tail. (Gasping) Vulture. Wings are held up and they wobble when they soar.
Koki: Yeah, right. The only way I'd believe that is if you rounded them up and showed me. Martin: That's it! Great idea Koki. That's what I want to do today. A raptor round up!

SCENE: Martin, not knowing that he is on top of the Tortuga, falls down to Chris' things that he is organizing. After falling and down towards Chris, both of them are all covered with feathers.

(Chris, growling at Martin)
Martin: Uh-oh.
(Chris chasing Martin)
Koki: Is that a raptor round up?
Aviva: Well, they're going round and round, and they have feathers? Oh hey, this is the perfect time to test out my portable power fan.
(Chris and Martin headed to the fan and flew off to Jimmy)
Jimmy: Is it morning already? Martin: Yeah and it is time for all of us to get going on a raptor round up. (Jimmy spins that hammock which releases Chris and Martin) Jimmy: Dinosaurs! Aviva: What? Jimmy: Looking for velociraptors?

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