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Roadrunner is the 57th episode of Wild Kratts, and the 59th episode to air. It was written and directed by Martin Kratt.


Chris and Martin are chasing a mystery lizard through the Sonoran desert, but obstacles stop them from finding out its identity.

Back at the Tortuga, Koki is doing a supply count and realizes that the Tortuga needs to get resupplied. Later, the Kratt brothers come back, and they beg Koki to let them stay. Koki agrees and gives them half an hour.

After another failed attempt to identify the mystery lizard, the Kratt brothers discover a roadrunner. Impressed by its running abilities, the Kratt brothers contact Aviva and they convince her to take along her Mobile Invention Kit so that she can make roadrunner powers for them, and that way they can easily track down the mystery lizard. She quickly arrives at the Kratts' location. But Koki calls and she says their half hour is up. To buy more time, Martin throws Chris into a cactus. After explaining that it would take a long time for Chris to get all the spines out, Koki gives them another half hour. Later, Chris gets all of his spines pulled out, Martin names the roadrunner Speed Limit, but Aviva finishes only one roadrunner disc. Not willing to have a single disc erased, the Kratt brothers argue. But since Martin pushed Chris onto a cactus, Chris gets the roadrunner disc, and Martin instead chooses his rattlesnake disc.

Later, Chris finds a roadrunner, and with his Creature Pod's projector, Chris gets the roadrunner to come to him. He activates Roadrunner Powers, and begins searching for a mystery lizard.

Not far away, Martin sneaks up to rattlesnake, grabs its shed skin, and activates Rattlesnake Powers.

Chris finds a mystery lizard, and is chased and then captured by a coyote. Chris deactivates in time. Roadrunners find and attack Martin, so he deactivates. Chris then gives Martin the roadrunner disc and Martin activates the powers, running around afterwards.

Koki calls, but she is mad because Aviva programmed them a disc. Martin then finds a Gila monster, thinking it is a mystery lizard. Martin deactivates, but the Gila monster bites him in the foot. Koki sounds the Tortuga's alarm, and she and Jimmy wrap Martin in gauze and take him back to the Tortuga, even though Martin says the Gila monster did not bite through the boot. Chris reactivates Roadrunner Powers and he takes Aviva to the Tortuga. They arrive in time before Koki gives an anti-venom shot. Koki, now realizing that the Kratt brothers are all in the Tortuga, initiates lock-down and engages flight mode. Luckily for the Kratt brothers, Chris is able to get his hands on the mystery lizard-a collared lizard. The team then has to turn around and release the lizard back into the wild.




Key Facts and Creature Moments

  • To run fast, a roadrunner uses sprinting legs and a flattened-out upper body, which makes it more aerodynamic.
  • A roadrunner uses its speed to outmaneuver predators and catch fast moving prey.


  • When Chris mentions that he heard from somewhere that roadrunner's are too fast for coyotes, he was making a reference to the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons from Looney Tunes. Martin then tells Chris that in real life, coyotes can catch roadrunner's.
    • Several references were shown at the beginning of the episode when the Kratt brothers chased after the mystery lizard, including the classic falling off the cliff scene.
    • Another reference was when Chris and Martin attempt to reach the other side of a gorge using a slingshot to launch them to it, which obviously failed.

Watch Episode

Wild Kratts S02E16 Road runner26:54

Wild Kratts S02E16 Road runner


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