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Robo-Arm-Wild Kratts
The Robot Arm is an invention of Aviva which first debut in season one episode, Whale of A Squid. It was originally designed for deep sea exploration as an attachment for the Amphi-Sub, but has since been use by the Wild Kratts for a number of uses during there creature adventures. It is resistant to water pressure over 600ft deep. The Mik has a smaller built-in version of the arm.
  • In Whale of A Squid, Aviva used the arm to save Chris and Martin after the amphi-sub took a collision with a giant squid. Later it was used again by Aviva to free Bumpers mom from a ghost-net.
  • In Raptor Round Up, Gourmand broke into the Tortuga, hoping to steal the remaining rescued raptors, and ended up being trapped by Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy, Aviva with the use of the robot-arm, now attached to a portable backpack.
  • In Prairie Who?, the MIK version of the arm was used by Aviva again to save herself, Koki, and Martin from a stampede of bison.
  • In newer version was used by Jimmy Z in Where the Bison Roam in an attempt to retrieve the teleporter ring, but it ended up being trampled by a herd of spooked bison.
  • In Search for the Florida Panther, Jimmy used it again to scan the injured limb of Florida panther, as well as take a blood sample, and later, to attach a medical cast to the panthers leg. But every time ended up getting swatted by the cat's massive paws, severely damaging it.